Tips of Feng Shui

Feng shui is a science that studies and applies the environment in life, in order to contribute to creating a more suitable and comfortable living space for human beings.
Feng shui originated in China.But when it was spread, the application of each country was slightly different, creating a local feng shui culture.
Feng Shui basically means Water and Wind. Using water, regulating the wind in the most suitable way, creating the most favorable environment. When living in a favorable environment, people, animals and plants all have the best growing conditions.
In feng shui, there are many branches, including outdoor feng shui – feng shui outside the house, internal feng shui – feng shui in the house.
Another aspect of feng shui that needs to be considered in order to regulate and properly apply is the human horoscope. Each person has a horoscope, from which the layout and application will be somewhat different depending on each person.
This is the section where you will find the tips for sharing and synthesizing about feng shui and horoscopes that Vietnamese people often use in life.


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