Tiger Year Horoscope: 2022 may give more difficulty to the Tiger ages

Tiger situates in the third position in the twelve zodiac animals, before the Cat year and after the Buffalo year. The horoscope of people born in the year of the Tiger can have various changes and face many difficulties in 2022.

But, the tiger ages also have good chances to improve the status and get luck in a few months of the year.

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tiger year horoscope

Which years belong to the year of the Tiger?

Vietnamdrive would like to give you the table of the lunar calendar of Tiger Years to compare with the solar years, so you can check if you belong to the Tiger horoscope.

A top notice is that 2022 will welcome the year of Tiger again in the circle of the 12 zodiac animals, starting on 1st Feb 2022 and ending on 21st Jan 2023 following the solar calendar.

Tiger YearSolar Year
Starting – Ending Date
Five Elements
20221 Feb, 2022 –  21 Jan, 2023Metal
201014 Feb, 2010 – 02 Feb, 2011Wood
199828 Jan, 1998 -15 Feb, 1999Earth
19869 Feb, 1986 – 28 Jan, 1987Fire
197423 Jan, 1974 – 10 Feb, 1975Water
19625 Feb, 1962 – 24 Jan, 1963Metal
195017 Feb, 1950 – 05 Feb, 1951Wood
193831 Jan, 1938 – 18 Feb, 1939Earth
192613 Feb, 1926 – 1 Feb, 1927Fire

The lucky colors of people born in the year of the Tiger

Many people believe the suitable colors create good lucks when they are used correctly following the five elements.

Here are the suggestions that you may check:

  • Metal Tiger people have lucky colors of Yellow, Brown, and White.
  • Wood Tiger people have lucky colors of Black, Blue, Light Blue, and Green.
  • Earth Tiger people have lucky colors of Red, Orange, Purple, Yellow, and Brown.
  • Fire Tiger people have lucky colors of Red, Orange, Pink, and Purple.
  • Water Tiger people have lucky colors of White, Black, Blue, and Silver.

General personality of the Tiger-year people

The majority of people born in the year of the Tiger are very stubborn, what they do not finish will not stop. Most of them work enthusiastically, but mainly like to do big things, and have great ambitions, and seek progress.

Resilient, decisive, courageous, daring to do difficult work to help others.

Have a strong sense of independence, not wanting others to lead them. Have the virtue of optimism, dare to think, dare to do, love innovation.

One of their special virtues is simplicity and naturalness.

Tiger horoscope in 2022 for all aspects

1. Business of the people born in the year of the Tiger

In 2022, the majority of people born in the year of the Tiger have many things to think a lot. Doing business, in general, is difficult.

The first half of the year is the time when the business of the Tiger has a big change, changing jobs or expanding into other fields. But no matter what, there are many disadvantages. By the second half of the year, the work is somewhat less difficult, but to achieve great success or have a new promotion is hard to get.

In 2022, the Tiger limits cooperation because it is easy to cause conflicts, lawsuits, and disadvantages when working as a business cooperation.

Particularly, business people and traders can cooperate with friends but avoid combining with relatives. At the same time, it is necessary to separate work as well as clear interests to avoid disputes.

tiger year horoscope

2. Love of the year of the Tiger

The love of the year of the Tiger in 2022 is not good. In the house there is a lack of harmony, the family is unstable around the worries, so be careful to avoid quarreling with husband, wife, and children. When going out, also notice to reduce conflict in social relationships.

For single tiger people, the relationship is not very favorable. Although there is still a chance to date or through matchmaking, only maintaining is a short-term relationship, which is difficult to get good results. In the family, it is also easy to have conflicts with parents or brothers, making the mood unstable, easy to fall into bad habits.

Couples who are in love and thinking of getting married can meet the big opposition, leading to being difficult. You should calmly try to convince your loved ones rather than protest vehemently to avoid unpredictable consequences.

3. Tiger’s horoscope 2022 about health

In general, the Tiger’s health is quite good, without serious diseases. However, a few people will go through a lot of trouble to take care of work and life, so their health will decrease, most of which are related to digestive diseases and the nervous system.

Whether you are a man or a woman in the year of the Tiger, you should not be negligent about traffic problems to prevent unexpected car accidents. In addition, it is necessary to watch out for fires, typically in the 4th, 5th, and 6th lunar months.

year of tiger

Check the Tiger horoscope of twelve months of 2022

Below is a general prediction of luck and bad throughout the 12 months of 2022 for Tiger people.

  1. Horoscope for the first lunar month of 2022: Busywork, thinking too much becomes stressful. However, the work can be bright, meeting noble people to support business.
  2. Horoscope for the second month of 2022: Work pressure is great but colleagues can help. Good fortune in business and investment this month.
  3. Horoscope for the third month of 2022: Mental instability, wasted strength, notice to avoid getting ill. The business is not satisfactory, there are signs of obstruction and destruction.
  4. Horoscope for the fourth month of 2022: Try to avoid theft or fraud. In addition, pay attention to fire safety and avoid fire. Possibility to leave the country, go to work, or go to school.
  5. Horoscope for the fifth month 2022: Good people can support the Tige ages. Works become smoother, and opportunities to improve come, but you need to take the initiative. Wealth is good, but it costs a lot to family and relatives.
  6. Horoscope for the sixth month 2022: Business is thriving, but beware of legal disputes. Health declines, pay attention to move to avoid falling.
  7. Horoscope for the seventh month 2022: Luck decreases, signaling a month of many fluctuations, even the most volatile of the year comes. Act cautiously, pay attention to every word you speak.
  8. Horoscope for the eighth month 2022: The bad luck gradually dissipates, the luck comes, can welcome much fun in business and profitable investment. It is worth noting that old diseases recur.
  9. Horoscope for the ninth month of 2022: It is possible to get an opportunity to increase more profit in business or improve personal status.
  10. Horoscope for the tenth month of 2022: Prevent being stolen.
  11. Horoscope for the eleventh month of 2022: Possible to open a business, and build or repair houses. Good health, if get sick, it can be lucky to see a good doctor stop it quicky.
  12. Horoscope for the twelfth month 2022: The love has progressed after being prevented for a long time.
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