Tiger Year Horoscope to Know about Destiny

In the table of 12 zodiac animals, the year of the Tiger ranks third, right behind the age of the Ox and before the age of the Cat.

People born in the year of the Tiger will have a horoscope associated with the general characteristics of the Tiger Ages. At the same time, being influenced by each year creates the destiny of each age.

This article will introduce the characteristics of the Tiger-Year people, including personality, love, fame, fortune, and ages that conflict with them.

tiger year horoscope

1. What year were people born in the year of the Tiger?

Vietnamdrive would like to give you the table of the lunar calendar of Tiger Years to compare with the solar years, so you can check if you belong to the Tiger horoscope.

Solar Year
Starting and Ending Date
3/02/1926 to 01/02/1927
09/02/1986 to 28/01/1987
Bính Dần- Tiger in ForestFire
31/01/1938 to 18/02/1939
28/01/1998 to 15/02/1999
Mậu Dần- Tiger going over the mountainsEarth
17/02/1950 to 05/02/1951
14/02/2010 to 02/02/2011
Canh Dần- Tiger going down the mountainsWood
05/02/1962 to 24/01/1963
01/02/2022 to 21/01/2023
Nhâm Dần- Tiger going through ForestMetal
197423/01/1974 to 10/02/1975Giáp Dần- Tiger building the countryWater
Which year do you belong to?
tiger age

2. General characteristics of Tiger-Year people:

The tiger is considered a symbol of strength, self-respect, and the lord of the jungle. People born in the year of the Tiger will also possess these basic personality traits of this animal, including courage, patience, high independence, always aiming for glorious victory, and love of power. They have leadership abilities and dare to overcome all difficulties for great success.

However, love relationships for Tiger-Year people are generally not very favorable. Due to their independent, adventurous, and assertive personalities, it is difficult for them to maintain their relationships in good conditions. Most people born in this year are better off getting married late.

For career, the Tiger ages can easily achieve high positions in the power race. Thanks to their patience, love of management, leadership, and willingness to face risks and overcome challenges, these people can often reach the final finish line of authority.

For finance, Tiger-Year people don’t have to worry too much about their daily living needs. It is possible to say that all their efforts do not aim at money, but they mainly promote status and reputation. The glory they achieve will help them reach financial fulfillment.

year of tiger

3. Famous world leaders born in the Year of the Tiger:

There are many famous world leaders own the Tiger Ages in their horoscope, including:

  • Queen Elizabeth II: She is a famous leader, receiving love and respect from many people around the world. She was born on April 21, 1926, in the year of the Tiger – Tiger in the forest, with the Fire element.
  • Former Chinese Supreme Leader Jiang Zemin: He was born on August 17, 1926, in the year of the Tiger and Tiger in the forest, with the Fire element.
  • Former Secretary General of the United Nations Kofi Annan: He was born on April 8, 1938, in the year of Mau Dan – Tiger crossing the mountain, Earth element.
  • Female President of Liberia – Ellen Johnson Sirleaf: She was the first black female African president and was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2011. She was born on October 29, 1938, in the year of Mau Dan and Tiger going over the mountains, Earth element.
  • 15th Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi: He was born on September 17, 1950, in the year of Canh Dan – Tiger descending the mountain, Wood element.
the year of tiger

4. The fortune of Tiger-Year people following their year

4.1. Binh Dan born in 1926; 1986

People born in 1926 or 1986 belong to Binh Dan (Binh Tiger) and have the destiny of Lu Trung Hoa – Fire in the furnace. The heavenly stem Binh with the Fire element and the earth branch Dan with the Wood element combine to create the image of Son Lam Chi Ho – Tiger in the forest, of the year Binh Dan.

When a Tiger is in the forest, it takes on the title of lord of the jungle. Therefore, possibly, this is a model of talent, freedom, strength, and affection. People born in Binh Dan are often ready to face all difficulties and challenges to reach the highest position of power. They have leadership characteristics, perseverance, and a desire to master their space.

Their biggest weakness hides inside their hot-tempered, sometimes stubborn, and conservative personality. This personality can help them create their own path to success but also causes them to fail in many relationships.

Despite that, Binh Dan people prioritize emotional issues as a top priority. Once this age group gets into emotional trouble, they almost no longer have any desire for either status or money. But if they find happiness and love, they can bounce back strongly, and then, failure almost does not exist in the dictionary, leading to fame for the Binh Dan people. Because after each fall, they stand up stronger, more confidently, and more certainly.

Regarding finance, the more the future goes, the more prosperous people born in 1926 or 1986 are. Maybe, in the period before 30, they encounter many difficulties, but those difficulties quickly become the driving force to support this age group to reap many successes later.

The age of Binh Dan is incompatible with the following people:

  • Canh Than was born in 1980, 1920
  • Nham Than was born in 1932, 1992
  • Quy Ty was born in 1953, 2013
  • Tan Ty was born in 1941, 2001

Advice for people born in the year of the Tiger: Control your emotions well and avoid making hasty decisions. Listen more and minimize mixing and integrating emotions and feelings into all your plans and actions.

4.2. Mau Dan born in 1938, 1998

People born in 1938 and 1998 belong to the year of Mau Dan (Mau Tiger), with the destiny horoscope Thanh Dau Tho – meaning Stronghold Land. The heavenly stem Mau belonging to the Earth element, and the earth branch Dan belonging to the Wood element combine to create the image of Qua Son Chi Ho – Tiger passing through the mountain.

The image of a Tiger climbing over a mountain represents courage, majesty, steadfastness, and skillfulness. These ages are, therefore, considered intelligent, courageous, and steadfast in everything. However, the happiness and sadness of the Mau Dan people are erratic. They may be sad, but in the next second, they can become happy again.

The career of the Mau Dan people in the early stages is not very smooth. They often have to go through many changes and upheavals to reach success. However, steadfastness, intelligence, ingenuity, and passion for power will help them achieve the desired fame. From 35 years old onwards, their career will be more favorable, and they can attain remarkable targets.

The love of the Mau Dan people is often a sad problem. Their emotional fluctuations make them hard to understand in the eyes of others. At the same time, although independent personality and self-improvement can help the Mau Dan people easily achieve career achievements, this can distance them from their spouse and family.

Therefore, to have a good marriage and happy family life, it is required that people with this fate must listen, be close, and care more about the relatives around them.

The money of the Mau Dan people is usually not too abundant. They have to go through many turbulent years in their youth. However, if these people know how to harmonize and find support from their family, and they can build their development about both material and virtuous, then they can gradually have stable financial resources.

The age of Mau Dan is incompatible with the following years:

  • Nham Than was born in 1932, 1992
  • Giap Than was born in 1944, 2004
  • Quy Ty was born in 1953, 2013
  • At Ty was born in 1965, 2025

Advice for the Mau Dan people: You need to be harmonious in relationships with family and work. Listen and care more about your loved ones. Only when they have a stable family foundation can people of this age easily reach success in career, wealth, and fame.

4.3. Canh Dan born in 1950, 2010

People born in 1950 and 2010 belong to the age of Canh Dan (Canh Tiger), with the Tung Bach Moc destiny horoscope – meaning the strong Tung (Pine) trees and the healthy Bach trees. The age of Canh Dan is a combination of the heavenly stem Canh carrying the Metal element and the earth branch Dan carrying the Wood element, creating the image of the Tiger coming down the mountain.

The Tiger coming down the mountain gets a majestic image, but at the same time, this is the time when the king of the forest leaves his territory, facing many difficulties and challenges ahead. From here, it can be seen that the personality of people born in the year of Canh Dan is confident, decisive, and highly progressive. They are intelligent, mature, and careful in almost all actions but very hot-tempered and constantly fluctuating emotionally. Their happiness, sadness, anger, or satisfaction become harder to know.

The career of the Canh Dan people is relatively favorable, and achievements come to them early, and they quickly develop. They can easily reach the pinnacle of power.

Love and family have never been easy for Canh Dan people. If they can starkly get a successful career, the problem of building a happy marriage and family life becomes difficult. They have to go through obstacles, several breakups as possible, and even family turmoil to find peace in marriage.

Finance for Canh Dan people is considered to develop in parallel with fame and career. Their biggest goal throughout life is power and fame. Therefore, when they reach the power peak, their money becomes full and abundant. The closer the future is, the higher the financial stability of the Canh Dan people.

The age of Canh Dan is incompatible with the following years:

  • Binh Than was born in 1956, 2016
  • Giap Than was born in 1944, 2004
  • At Ty was born in 1965, 2025
  • Dinh Ty was born in 1977

Advice for Canh Dan people: Spend time and energy to reconcile career and family, and share your time and success more with those around you. Marrying late is also one of the solutions to reduce obstacles in marriage at this age. Control your erratic emotional outbursts, including anger. It is because the stronger the relationship with family is, the easier it will be for the career of these people to reach glorious heights.

4.4. Nham Dan born in 1962, 2022

People born in 1962 or 2022 belong to the year of Nham Dan, with the destiny horoscope of Kim Bach Kim – meaning a block of pure gold that has gone through the metallurgical process. The heavenly stem Nham with the Water element and the earth branch Dan with the Wood element combine to create the image of the Qua Lam Chi Ho – the Tiger walking through the forest for the year of Nham Dan.

Intelligence, love of authority, decisiveness, creativity, and somewhat stubbornness are outstanding personalities of people born in 1962 or 2022. They dare to think and dare to do things, and once they do it, they are determined not to stop until reaching their successful destination. They are also quite enthusiastic, open-minded, and straightforward in relationships.

The career of Nham Dan people is considered relatively favorable. They spend their lives aiming for fame, leadership, and high positions because they are intelligent, sophisticated, talented in leading and planning strategies, and persistent and courageous. Therefore, they almost always have smooth sailing on the road to power.

The love relationships of Nham Dan people can go through a couple of times of failure, and it is difficult to have a happy result. Although these ages are romantic, sophisticated, and sensitive, they are also hot-tempered, independent, individualistic, and conservative. They want the other person to obey their subjective opinions, while they themselves rarely express or share their personal feelings. Therefore, they can often encounter beautiful and dreamy love relationships, but the result is still separation.

The finances of the Nham Dan people usually do not have too much to worry about. Even in the most difficult times of fortune, there is still enough to eat and wear. Although they face many struggles, they soon build a career and a house for themselves. And, most likely, Nham Dan people are self-made and have difficulty relying on relatives, family, or friends throughout their lives.

The age of Nham Dan is incompatible with the following ages:

  • Binh Than was born in 1956, 2016
  • Mau Than was born in 1968
  • Dinh Ty was born in 1977
  • Ky Ty was born in 1929, 1989

Advice for Nham Dan people: Share and express your emotions with those around you more and more clearly. Don’t expect the people around you to understand you, but tell them about what you like and need. You need to control your anger well and lower your ego.

4.5. Giap Dan was born in 1974

People born in 1974 belong to the year of Giap Dan (Giap Tiger), with the destiny horoscope Dai Khe Thuy – meaning Water in a big stream. The ages of Giap Dan include the combination of the heavenly stem Giap with the Wood element and the earth branch Dan with the Wood element, from here creating the image of Lap Dinh Chi Ho – meaning the Tiger building the country.

In terms of personality, the Giap Dan Ages are considered to be virtuous, willing to help others, strong-willed, talented in leadership, and easily win the hearts of those around them. They are also highly progressive people, always striving persistently to achieve their goals in life.

The careers of Giap Dan people can be good with many advantages and prosperity. They soon achieve admirable achievements and suitable positions. However, they are also quickly satisfied with their current situations, so in terms of the future, the career of Giap Dan people has not had many changes. They find peace in their own territory.

The Giap Dan Ages are considered the most stable in their relationships among those born in the Tiger Years. It is because they are emotional and warm people, willing to sacrifice everything for their family and relatives. The ages of this group are skillful in cultivating happiness and family. However, before middle age, they can also go through many changes in love and marriage. From their middle age onwards, family life gradually becomes stable. The future can be happy, and the children can be faithful and full.

Giap Dan people’s money is not too abundant but not lacking. In bad times, they still have enough to cover their daily lives. If they strive to accumulate material and blessings, their future life can be lighter and more peaceful.

The Age of Giap Dan is incompatible with the following ages:

  • Canh Than was born in 1920, 1980
  • Mau Than was born in 1968
  • Tan Ty was born in 1941, 2001
  • Ky Ty was born in 1929, 1989

Advice for the Giap Dan people: You need to persevere in your efforts on the chosen path. At the same time, you keep calm in making decisions and avoid letting emotions influence important issues in life, reputation, and career. All the saving and building family happiness of Giap Dan people have weighty effects on their whole lives.

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