7 Bad Feng Shui In A House That You Need To Avoid

Owning a home is the dream of most people. However, lots of them who have just finished building a house have to sell it or face unforeseen difficulties in life and their career.

The interior feng shui in the house can create prosperity if the layout is good, and bad design can cause damage.

We invite you to take a look at the feng shui mistakes inside a house that we have chosen to present in the following article. We hope to contribute to helping you avoid bad luck, and accumulate a lot of luck.

Let’s go deeper!


1. The house is sealed on three sides.

The first interior feng shui mistake that is sealed on both sides and back has become common in houses in big cities, especially in Vietnam where long and narrow houses are located on expensive streets.

The houses are built close to each other, leaving no ventilation behind and on both sides.

It’s a planning error or a subjective mistake of the owner, both of which can be harmful to the people living in this building.

Feeling uncomfortable and cramped no matter how big or small the house can come. Then, it creates an irritable and short-tempered owner. Whatever he does can face difficulties and think about business ideas easily to get confused.

The fix is quite complicated with solidly built houses. With houses that can be repaired, creating a cool space, do not build up all the residential land to avoid having your walls rub against the walls of other houses.

2. The stairs are in the middle of the house.

According to modern designs, you will recognize countless houses with stairs in the middle. Sometimes, the architecture takes the stairs as a decorative highlight. But with the internal feng shui, this is a point that should be eliminated even if it is lavishly decorated.

The staircase in the middle of the house appears when it is located horizontally in the center of the house. You can see a cross-sectional staircase leading up from the main door. It is not good if you can see each step and handrail from the front gate.

Why is it not good? Stairs will be the place to circulate air, good qi (or good energy) usually goes up, and bad qi settles down. The place where the air circulates in the middle of the house is like a sharp knife stuck in the center. You will know what will come out? Unless your own aura is very good, you can hold out for a while; otherwise, you may soon sell your home or move to another area. If staying for a long time, surrounding troubles may occur.

How to fix the stairs in the middle of the house: Firstly, if you can’t repair or move right away, use green plants for the internal, and place them where you can on the stairs to reduce unlucky air. Second, if repair is possible, put the stairs up and down along the wall. However, every job is carefully considered, creating feng shui and aesthetics when correcting it.

3. Many columns, rows of columns divide the house into halves.

Many pillars in the living area will feel uncomfortable because it is entangled. According to the internal-home feng shui, they may hinder fortune and advancement if the columns are messy and incorrect in the places.

In particular, having columns dividing the house in half or the feeling of separating the house in two can cause many problems, such as bankruptcy or family separation that may occur.

With many old houses in Vietnam, for example, you see lots of pillars, forming a feeling of entanglement, and difficulty to arrange living space. But fortunately, these pillars are usually made of round wood, which is one of the ways to neutralize bad air circulation.

Therefore, the way to fix many columns in the house is simply to make the pillars round, not square, especially not to make a triangle. Next, limit the pillars to as few as possible. And then, build the pillars against the wall, or hide them in the dividing walls to reduce the column visibility.

4. The kitchen is in the middle of the house.

By looking at several modern homes, especially townhouses, we’ve noticed that kitchen layouts in the middle of the building are becoming more and more popular. Many homeowners think that it is convenient to have the kitchen near the living room to easily communicate with both family and guests.

However, having the kitchen placed in the house center creates a taboo in feng shui. The kitchen must be placed in a bad arc in the overall building layout. The center becomes a good condensation point, from which it spreads to the whole living space. Fire when burning, dirty water when washing food, and the smell of food will form bad energy for the entire home space.

As mentioned above when the house is sealed on all three sides, placing the kitchen at the end or in the middle of the building is almost the same. It is because the bad energy generated during the cooking process and washing still lingers from back to front, spreading to the entire living space.

Correcting the kitchen in this problem will follow the following factors. Place the kitchen in the worst part of the house (choosing an arc, you should consult a feng shui expert), place it in a well-ventilated place (the distance from the kitchen to the ventilation section is as close as possible), the kitchen heat should be collected by machine if possible or allowed to fly outside the house – do not roam around the house. Of course, avoiding placing it in the middle of the house is obvious.

5. Young couple’s bedroom is located close to the worship area.

The small space of some houses makes it difficult to arrange a good bedroom according to feng shui. Therefore, many houses accidentally build a bedroom for a young couple right next to the worship area, even though there is a wall, which is also not good.

Similar to the above, the bedroom arranged on the second floor, right above the worship area should not be.

Because the worship area needs to be quiet, airy, and dignified. The worshipping activity needs to stay away from the negative energy that may arise.

The solution to the bedroom error in this case is no better way than to move the young couple’s bedroom to another place far from the worship area. How far is suitable? Normally, 3 m horizontally is considered good. If there is not enough space to move the young couple’s bedroom, then relocating to another house should be thought of as a method to solve this issue.

>> Please see more: Top rules to Feng shui bedroom.

6. Stuff puts to mess around in the house.

When entering the house, you will feel that there are furnishings everywhere and messy living space. One corner has a hat, one corner has a coat, and another has miscellaneous things. It all creates a room full of things that are out of order.

With such a mess, it will affect your smart thinking in work and life, which leads to negative thoughts, trouble in business, and unsettled thoughts. It is through these cluttered things that bad qi arises, often referred to as negative qi clinging to dirt.

The way to overcome this point is considered the easiest in the interior feng shui errors mentioned above. Just throw away unnecessary things and tools that you will not use or do not know when to use, and do not regret. Next, categorize similar items in the same place, such as raincoats – umbrellas – coats should be in the same area.

When the house becomes neat and tidy, you will certainly feel comfortable and at ease. Gradually you will receive the amount of yang qi – good qi circulating, which helps you to be more active in work and life.

7. The roof is leaking.

The roof represents the head of the family, usually, the man who takes an important family role. Therefore, in terms of feng shui inside the house, when the roof leaks or seeps in water, it affects the leadership and the main role of the owner.

From there, it will cause many unnecessary disturbances, such as children not listening to their parents, the health of the family leaders being affected, and other members often getting stressed – worried about getting wet on the floor and items. It will cause health and business in general not to be smooth.

Therefore, the repair of leaky roofs always requires immediate implementation. It is a way to restore order in the family and contribute to improving health and business for homeowners and other members.

So luckily if you have a good house fixing perfectly the internal feng shui. On the contrary, you have to check and test to correct errors in the building, then you can reduce facing difficulties that you do not know in advance.

Check step by step with the suggestion above to create a lovely living place. One important to know is whether your house is good or not, by entering any room, you have warm and airly feelings and a comfortable mind; that is great. However, to recognize these feelings, you need to have a sensitive mind and good eyes. If not, inviting a feng-shui expert is a perfect choice.

Good luck to you!

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