Dragon Year Horoscope in 2022: A Limit Comes Due to Tam Tai Blocking the Way

Here is a complete overview of the Dragon year horoscope 2022 in all aspects of life. With a clear and feng shui basis, these predictions promise to be useful for the people born in the years of the dragon.

dragon year horoscope

Which years belong to the Year of the Dragon?

Checking in the table of the 12 zodiac animals, only the dragon is not a real animal but takes a very important role in spiritual life in the Vietnamese. The dragon stands at the 5th position in zodiac signs, behind the cat year and before the snake year.

Please see the list of dragon years to know if you belong to this destiny.

Lunar Year of DragonSolar Year
Starting and Ending Date
Five Elements
202422 Jan, 2024 – 28 Jan, 2025Fire
201223 Jan, 2012 – 12 Jan, 2013Water
200005 Feb, 2000 – 23 Jan, 2001Metal
198817 Feb, 1988 – 05 Feb, 1989Wood
197631 Jan, 1976 – 17 Feb, 1977Earth
196413 Feb, 1964 – 01 Feb, 1965Fire
195227 Jan, 1952 – 13 Feb, 1953Water
194008 Feb, 1940 – 26 Jan, 1941Metal

Overall, the Dragon horoscope in 2022 is not really ideal, although there are signs of improvement compared to last year because this age has entered the year of Tam Tai (three consecutive bad years) starting from 2022, luck is more or less affected.

 The business has expanded, but start facing difficulties. Wealth is better than last year but lost much money because of ​​having a more comfortable lifestyle; enough money to spend; no debt; and good fortune in business.

Pay more attention to the health of the elderly and children in the family. The health of the dragon-year people is nothing to worry about except for minor illnesses and a few diseases caused by thinking too much. If this problem is fixed, things will gradually stabilize again.

The couple’s relationship has improved but should avoid conflicting too much. And, typically, in the last 3 months of the year 2022, travel by river should be limited to avoid disaster.

The horoscope of the Dragon zodiac animal in the year 2022 in all aspects

1. Business of the year of the Dragon in 2022

In the year of the Tiger in 2022, the Dragon meets the Tiger with peace in the situation, telling that the business will not change much.

Those, who are salaried and have a stable job, show signs of promotion or a slight increase in salary in the second half of 2022 due to the support of Thien Quan. Should take advantage of the first half of the year to strive constantly, one day they will get a good result.

Business and trade are more favorable towards the end of the year. However, due to the great competition, the dragon ages have to think a lot, which leads to loss of sleep, loss of appetite, and physical weakness. Business cooperation has a destructive omen due to the impact of the fierce Thien Sat (bad star), so recklessness is an instant failure.

Entering the first year of the Tam Tai term, there will be certain obstacles, the Dragon age limits doing big work. For those who intend to start a business, it is advisable to take steps to explore the market more and prepare the potential to deal with difficulties as well as accept new opportunities. speed of jobs is not achieved as the desire, whatever you do, you need to keep this in mind!

2. Fortune of Dragon people in 2022

Despite being restrained by Tam Tai (three bad years), the dragon people are supported by the good five elements of the year of Tuong Sinh (lucky elements) and is supported by the Thuc Than (Food God), so the fortune in 2022 is not bad, even the total income is much better than last year.

However, Thuc Than also activates new thoughts, causing these persons to change their way of life, tending to enjoy more. So, money is earned a lot but it is difficult to accumulate because of big consumption, most of which to satisfy personal needs.

If you intend to invest in the short-term, the year of the Tiger is not the right time because of more disadvantages, possible losses, difficulty to recover capital. This time should learn to get more experience, work and learn, build a sustainable knowledge base, avoid the psychology of the crowd.

3. The Love of Dragon in the Year 2022

For single men and women in the year of the Dragon, the year 2022 opens up many good relationships, promotes predestined prosperity. The couples find each other and have interesting experiences together. The emotional life is, therefore, richer; many people come and many go.

In the year 2022, for the female, it is easy to have a predestined relationship with someone younger than her. Although men in the year of the Dragon can meet people of the opposite gender, the relationship is difficult to maintain.

Regarding the family, in 2022, there is a harbinger of unlucky things come by two fierce stars, Tang Mon and Thien Khoc. The relationship between husband and wife has problems due to various life concerns (money, business, health…). The two sides who do not learn how to share will arise psychologically bored, which is a threat to family happiness.

dragon year people
The inherent strength of the Dragon people often turns difficulties into good things. Photo: tillahrens/pixabay

Horoscope of the year of the Dragon in 2022 by year of birth

Horoscope of Dragon year born in 1964

At the age of 59, people born in the year of the Dragon in 1964 still play an important role in their work. Most of the people in this age group can still bring great benefits to the company thanks to their own capacity and efforts, thereby also receiving the rewards they deserve.

Wealth in the year 2022 is quite prosperous, but there are also many needed things to spend, most of which are due to temporary desires, so the money goes quite easily.

Although at this age, most people do not have to shoulder the burden of their children’s lives, they should still have a sense of saving for old age. At the same time, you should also be cautious in investing, especially not participating in stocks because the risk is too high.

The horoscope for the Dragon ages born in 1976

The career of people born in the year of the Dragon in 1976 will develop quite well in this year 2022. Business is more and more advantage when every day regular customers are coming in, making money is so good.

The love of this age in the year of the Tiger is also very beautiful, surrounded by butterflies and bees.

Your risk of meeting bad love people is also higher, please pay attention to maintaining reason and appropriate distance from the opposite gender. At the same time, pay more attention to family, otherwise, it is very easy to have another lover, causing harm to the family.

In 2022, you also have to increase your exercise and sports and minimize drinking and smoking, otherwise, your body is prone to serious problems. If conditions permit, it is possible to conduct a comprehensive examination to detect and control diseases in time.

Horoscope of dragon-year people born in 1988

The luck of the year is quite large when you are supported in work. Although there are still a few problems, they are all resolved satisfactorily in the end.

In terms of relationships, single people will be introduced by family members to find partners who are suitable in many aspects. Although the other party leaves a good impression, you should also pay attention not to burn the stage, otherwise, it is easy to lose the freshness of love later.

In addition, the dragon people may face economic pressure this year, especially families with sick elderly people, which can spend a lot of money on medical treatment, so they need to be more prepared.

Horoscope of the year of the Dragon, born in 2000

The process of finding a job after graduation of the born-in-2000 people may not be very smooth in the year 2022. It is because of not much experience, plus pride, it is easy to be tricked, taken advantage of, and even do illegal things without even knowing it.

In order not to put yourself in dangerous situations, you must learn to look at people carefully. And at the same time control your ego, don’t fantasize. Only by working hard and keeping a positive attitude can you avoid a lot of trouble.

Horoscope of the dragon people born in 2012

 Entering the year 2022, Nham Thin (people born in 2012) is a naughty and very stubborn age. If studying is not regularly urged by parents, it is easy to fall into a state of negligence and laziness.

 The advantage is that the point of view of right and wrong of this animal is quite clear. When they realize they have done something wrong, they will promptly acknowledge and correct them, so it requires parents and teachers to do a good job of teaching, educate and guiding these young people to have the right perception in everything.

If you want to improve your academic performance early, you need to make more effort. Especially on weekends, don’t always think about eating and having fun, but spend time on enriching knowledge more diligently.

year of dragon
At the same dragon year, but the luck can come not to be the same for everyone. Photo: Vietnamdrive

See the Dragon horoscope for 12 months in 2022

If there is an important plan to make at a specific time in the year of the Tiger 2022, the Dragon year people should refer to the overall good and bad forecasts of the 12 months below.

Horoscope January 2022: The business is quite favorable, the fortune is bright, the business is profitable. However, health declines, prevention of digestive diseases.

Horoscope February 2022: The situation of Tuong Ha (bad conflict) is affected, the Dragon age is highly wary of the petty people who throw stones and hide their hands. Communication needs to be more skillful to avoid opposition, obstructing the way to progress.

Horoscope March 2022: Facing Thai Tue (bad star), there will be dangers surrounding. Work meets obstacles that easily give rise to a depressed mentality and want to change the environment.

Horoscope April 2022: Work difficulties are gradually removed, meet elderly nobles for support, have a promotion, or a slight salary increase.

Horoscope for May 2022: Spend a lot of money on both businesses as well as satisfying personal needs or interests. Beware of theft or fraud.

Horoscope June 2022: Start signals is a quite lucky month, it is lucky to get help. Business cooperation or investment cooperation is profitable.

Horoscope July 2022: Thanks to the support of Tam Hop (three relative elements), the love life of the Dragon ages is noticeably improved. The couple’s conflict is resolved, can receive good news about the children in the house. Money is also abundant, do not have to worry much.

Horoscope for August 2022: Health can be reduced, and minor illnesses are constant. This month may bring up important decisions such as building a house, getting married, or moving to another place.

Horoscope September 2022: It can be difficult at work. This month is quite tiring, thinking a lot, losing money.

Horoscope October 2022: Work is a lot of pressure, there is a bad influence. If working at a far place can become bad. Health shows abnormal signs, proactively go to the doctor for timely treatment.

Horoscope November 2022: The month near the end of the year is busy, stressful, but in return for smooth work, favorable business cooperation, and abundant money. Happy love, easy to meet like-minded people.

Horoscope December 2022: Spend a lot of money on family matters. Be careful when traveling, to avoid car collisions or bone and joint problems.

Dissolve bad luck according to feng shui for the dragon people in 2022

The year 2022 is not the ideal time for Dragon people to achieve great success in business or finance. Therefore, if you want to get better, do not forget to apply feng shui skills in daily life. As follows:

1. To make business more convenient, focus on the Northwest direction

The Northwest direct is the position of management of career fame and promotion. Therefore, it is advisable to decorate yellow or red utensils here; or put the yellow fish tank. These items promote good luck, favorable work, increase opportunities for advancement.

A good time to apply this rule is from October 8 to November 6 of the solar calendar.

2. Inviting money to flow into the house, caring the Northeast direction

The star of the god of money and finance flies to the Northeast. Here, it is recommended to strengthen the elements of the Fire or Earth element such as raising goldfish, placing red candles, arranging red roses, spreading red carpets… to activate wealth, money is easily invited into the house and business.

A good time to adapt is from August 7 to September 6 of the solar calendar.

3. To get better love, focus on the direction of the North.

The star of love will fly in the direction of the North. This place should arrange more elements of Thuy (Water) or Kim (Metal), such as placing water bowls, planting more green trees… These items promote love relationships, making it more favorable, family harmony.

The most favorable time is from 6 June to 6 July of the solar calendar.

4. For strong health, pay attention to the southwest direction.

To be healthy, with less sickness and disease in 2022, the owner of the Dragon year should focus on the layout in the southwest direction of the house. It is because this place has a bad star of health, which can easily cause bad effects on health.

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