Phu Quoc Island: A Complete Guide To Visiting Vietnam’s Largest Island

Belonging to Kien Giang province, the beautiful Phu Quoc island locates in the Gulf of Thailand, currently the largest tourist island in Vietnam. The Pearl Island covers the charm of a sunny tropical paradise.

With a long coastline, white sand and clear water, the beautiful Phu Quoc beaches are highlights to attract plenty of tourists in Vietnam and all around the world.

Located in the northwest of the island, Bai Dai (Long Beach) is an indispensable factor in the tourist development there. The beach with golden sunshine, clear water, and blue poplars once ranked number one of the most beautiful and unspoiled beaches in the world voted by ABC News (Australia) in 2008.

Meanwhile, many visitors rate the most beautiful beach in Phu Quoc as Bai Sao (Star Beach). Nestled in the arms of two mountain ranges, Bai Sao impresses visitors by the pure white sand color, smooth as cream, especially the appearance of lovely starfishes scattered along the shore. And, Rach Vem beach brings the charm of a quiet fishing village, outstanding with its wild and unspoiled beauty.

Besides the beautiful beaches in Phu Quoc, the island also captivates the guests with a long list of exciting and fascinating experiences. You can learn about the traditional culture in the making-fish-sauce villages at 200 years old, and taste the great local food of Phu Quoc.

Dinh Cau Temple is associated with mysterious legends. The majestic Ho Quoc Pagoda with its back against the mountain and facing the sea is an important spiritual tourist destination with beautiful scenery. You can also find many big entertainment places, such as Vinpearl Phu Quoc.

Besides, the small islands of Phu Quoc with pure and wild beauty such as Thom island, Gam Ghi island… are places where you can have fun in the cool water, get scuba dive to see corals, explore the strange-shaped cliffs, and find yourself a relaxing feeling to forget the troubles of a busy life.

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