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phu quoc national park
Phu Quoc National Park


Phu Quoc National Park in the northeast of Phu Quoc Island belongs to the communes of Bai Thom, Cua Duong, and Ham Ninh, Phu Quoc District, Kien Giang province, Vietnam.

From Duong Dong town in Phu Quoc Island, travel along with Duong Dong – Ham Ninh route, you will come to Ham Ninh Village. From there, going back to the north about 10km, you will come to Phu Quoc National Park.


beautiful stream in phu quoc national park

Phu Quoc National Park is one of the rare National Parks in Vietnam that still retains the original old forest intact. The park also converges many beauties of the various landscape of forests, sea, waterfalls and mountains.

Phu Quoc National Park was established in 2001. This area includes Bac Dao Nature Reserve, Ham Rong Mountain, Ganh Dau and Cua Can.

With a total area of ​​over 31,422ha, Phu Quoc National Park is divided into 3 functional subdivisions, namely: strict protection zone 8,786 ha, ecological restoration subdivision 22,603 ​​ha, and administrative subdivision – service – scientific research 33 ha.

Phu Quoc National Park is a rare place that still preserves precious primeval vegetation and tropical jungle. With a diverse and unique ecosystem, this park is the highlight of Phu Quoc tourism.

Besides, Phu Quoc national park has about 60km of coastline stretching with lovely views. The marine part of the National Park owns beautiful coral reefs with rare species of flora and fauna, such as sea turtles, sea cows, grouper, butterflyfish.

Traveling to this park, along the trekking paths, you will encounter rare herbs. Also, you will have a fascinating experience to see various species in the sea.

Animals and plants

animal in phu quoc national park

Phu Quoc National Park is a natural forest with various types of lush vegetation cover: primary forest, sparse forest, forest on rocky mountains, dry forest, coastal ordinary forest, and flooded salty forest, Trung Nham forest, Myrtle forest, Melaleuca forest including Melaleuca trees and Melaleuca bush.

Due to diverse topographical features and favorable climate, creating conditions for the formation of rich biodiversity resources, Phu Quoc National Park owns 1,164 species of higher plants, belonging to 137 families and 531 genera, including many precious timber trees, 155 species of medicinal plants, and a lot of wild orchids.

Especially, 12 species of endemic plants, which are found only in Phu Quoc and not found elsewhere. There are also 9 endangered species of forest plants and animals listed in the Vietnam Red Book that need to be prioritized for protection.

Regarding animals, there are 210 species belonging to 125 genera, 78 orders, including:

  • 30 species of mammals
  • 119 species of birds
  • 47 species of reptiles
  • 14 species of amphibians and hundreds of species of insects
  • 152 species of marine fish
  • 132 species of mollusks
  • 32 species of echinoderms and coral reefs and vast seagrass beds.

In which, there are many rare and precious animals listed in the Vietnam Red Book (2007), IUCN Red Book (2018).

animal in phu quoc national park kien giang

Besides wild species and genetic resources, the Phu Quoc ecosystem also has plant and animal resources that not only have great economic value but also have the meaning of preserving indigenous genetic resources, such as Phu Quoc ridgeback, Sea cow (Dugon).

This is an extremely valuable natural and man-made resource not only for the Phu Quoc island but also for Vietnam and the whole ASEAN region.

Therefore, do not miss a good chance to explore the nature of mountains and oceans when traveling to Phu Quoc National Park.

What to do in Phu Quoc National Park

Although Phu Quoc National Park is protected very strictly, you can still visit the allowed areas.

There are many ways to explore Phu Quoc National Park in which tourists often choose the following two main ways:

The first way, many Vietnamese tourists use motorbikes to explore the areas in the North of the island, especially in the Ganh Dau region, where owns almost the forests of the National Park.

The second way is to trekking through the tree-lined trails, learn about the ecosystem there. This is usually accompanied by local guides or forest rangers. We recommend you go with the second way because you will have time to immerse yourself in beautiful nature.

Trekking Phu Quoc National Park

Because the road is difficult to travel in Phu Quoc National Park, and still wild, with the desire to preserve the integrity of nature, trekking is always the best choice.

phu quoc national park
Go trekking in the national park is an interesting activity. ©Lôi Đỉnh Phú Quốc

Trekking in Phu Quoc National Park gives you great feelings if you are a nature and photography lover. This is an exciting experience because you will encounter giant ancient trees, rare species of plants, and beautiful scenes of desolate nature. How great it is when you have the opportunity to explore the primeval vegetation!

And of course, if you are a new visitor to Phu Quoc for the first time, trekking in the national park should go with a guide or forest specialist for guidance to fully discover the nature and beauty of the forest, especially avoid getting lost.

> Please check the forest survival skills when lost in a tropical jungle.

Conquering Mount Heaven Phu Quoc

Conquering Mount Heaven Phu Quoc on the range of Ham Ninh will be a very attractive challenge when participating in Phu Quoc tours.

You will walk through tropical forests, valleys, and streams to reach Heaven Mountain with an altitude of 565m, which is considered the roof of the island.

From the top of the mountain, you can zoom out into the distance, observing all the beauty of the island. It is the village, the sea, and the primeval forest of Phu Quoc National Park.

In the distance is An Thoi archipelago, and Hai Tac island. The feeling of standing in the air at the top of Heaven Mount will be an unforgettable experience for you when traveling to Phu Quoc.

Please note that when exploring Heaven mountain, you should wear suitable clothes for trekking: a pair of sports shoes, and lightweight comfortable clothes, bring little food and drinking water. And, you should go in groups with a local guide.

Swim in the stream of the national park

Besides the mountains, forests, and the coast, Phu Quoc National Park also has beautiful streams, typically Tranh Stream, Da Ngon waterfall, and Da Ban stream.

stream in phu quoc national park
A beautiful waterfall in Phu Quoc Forest

As for Tranh stream and Da Ban stream, you should go in the rainy season because in the dry season, these streams are dry and there is no running water.

But don’t worry, Phu Quoc National Park also has a beautiful 7-storey Da Ngon stream like a fairyland flowing all year round, from day to night without tiring. This is also one of the most beautiful streams on pearl island.

Da Ngon stream has wonderful beauty like a fairyland. This is a great place to bathe in streams and enjoy nature with your family.

Pro tip: when swimming or walking at wet stones, you need to go slowly and mind your steps carefully to avoid falling down.

Explore phu quoc national park wildlife

Called a national park, the wildlife in Phu Quoc National Park is extremely rich. When trekking in the forest, you can go slower down to explore old trees and animals on low mountainous terrain.

an old tree in phu quoc national park
An old tree in the national park. ©Lôi Đỉnh Phú Quốc

You can easily come across large species of big trees, precious and beautiful orchids, as well as rare herbs such as ha thu o, licorice, peas, etc.

Birds and animals are still there, but it is hard to see them. You need to follow the forest rangers and get more time to wait to see these animals off the beaten tracks.

Wildlife will be the top thing to do when going back to nature. At the National Park Phu Quoc, the natural jungle is waiting for you.

Taking pictures of nature

Surely, the trip is indispensable for beautiful photos to bring back.

national park in phu quoc

If you are an enthusiast of landscape and nature photography, a journey to Phu Quoc National Park cannot be complete without a camera.

Lots of opportunities for you are to create beautiful photos with nature or record the activities of wild animals as you are lucky to encounter.

And always remember to bring backup batteries, good lenses to be able to focus on beautiful scenes or distant butterflies, which you can’t get close to.

Notes when conquering Phu Quoc National Park

Like exploring other national parks in Vietnam, you need to read the general regulations of the park before entering any forest.

If you trek, you need to equip yourself with comfortable clothes, especially sport shoes. Besides, it is necessary to prepare a small amount of food, snacks, and drinking water.

If you travel with a motorbike, you need to fill up with gas and wear protective clothing. You should hire a local to ride you around.

Bring some medicines and medical supplies, just in case, typically repelling insect spray, and anti-mosquito spray.

Conquer National Park of Phu Quoc is suitable for group travel of friends, avoid going alone.

During the journey, always prioritize caution and safety. It is better to follow the instruction of the local guide.

If you travel in the forest in the afternoon, carry a thin raincoat will be a good thing to escape sudden rain.

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