Ham Ninh Fishing Village Where To Find Peaceful Life

Starting from the center of Duong Dong town, going back to the northeast for less than 20km, you will arrive at Ham Ninh Fishing Village.

The ancient village is nestled at the foot of Ham Ninh mountain range with hundreds of meters high.

ham ninh fishing village
The beauty of Ham Ninh Fishing Village. @hungvu_21

The Highlight of Ham Ninh Fishing Village

  • Location: Ham Ninh Village, Phu Quoc District, Kien Giang Province, Vietnam
  • The area of the village: 70.29 km.
  • The population: around 5,000 people.

Ham Minh fishing village is one of the famous tourist places in Phu Quoc attracting a lot of visitors every year. Especially, the fishing village still retains the simple, pristine look of the countryside that has not been affected much by tourism activities.

Perhaps no one can answer that question when this simple village of Phu Quoc appears; just know that when people discover the pearl island, the villagers there have been engrossed in fishing, with small houses to shelter from the sun and rain by the sea.

And this village has witnessed so many changes of heaven and earth, how many times the sea rises and sinks, and plenty of times when storms came, but the fishing village Ham Ninh is still stable until today.

ham ninh village
Peaceful life at Ham Ninh Fishing Village. @julianong84

The right time to visit Ham Ninh fishing village

For the period of a year:

In fact, except for the rainy season from July to August and bad weather days with rain, almost any time is suitable to come to Ham Minh.

Despite that, especially from October to March next year is the best time to visit Phu Quoc as well as Ham Ninh fishing village on the island; specifically, at the end of December.

At that time, the scenery becomes calm and it is the season of seafood, so you have more chances to taste the best food there.

For the suitable time of day:

In addition, we recommend you to go early in the morning or at sunset, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery, in which the bridge on the sea is so lovely!

Sunrise at Ham Ninh Village
Beautiful sunrise at Ham Ninh Village. @namtakej

What to do in Ham Ninh:

When coming to Ham Ninh Village, you can get a peaceful moment, and a lot of opportunities to enrich your holidays.

  • Enjoy fresh seafood at a super low price: When visiting Ham Ninh village, you will be surprised with plenty of seafood types at low prices. Fresh seafood is caught on the same day and processed into plenty of extremely tasty dishes.
  • Get an ideal place to watch sunrise or sunset: If you don’t want to go too far from the town center to see the beauty at dawn or late afternoon, rent a private car to Ham Ninh fishing village to enjoy the picturesque scenery.
  • Spend time to relax on the beach in Ham Minh will be a great moment for your holiday to this island. Maybe, having fun with various activities on the beach, or organizing camping with friends, and grilling seafood near the sea, which is also good suggestions.
  • Follow the boats of fishermen to go fishing on the sea. However, you also need to contact the boat owner in advance so that you can join them on the boat and experience an exciting sailing trip like real fishermen.
  • Visit the pearl farming area in the fishing village: If you have a strong passion for jewelry and exquisite crafts from nature, you should also visit a pearl farm. This area cultures various types of pearls with diverse sizes and extremely eye-catching colors.
ham ninh seafood
Tasting fresh seafood is one of interesting things to do in Ham Ninh Village. @tmcarmenn

FAQs before visiting Ham Ninh fishing village:

1. Can I travel to Ham Ninh fishing village on my own?

Yes, you can. When traveling by yourself to Ham Ninh, you can visit the fishing village and take pictures.

But, when you want to join with experience such as grilling seafood on the beach or going fishing with the locals, you have to travel with the tour guide or a local person.

2. Should I swim at the beach of Ham Ninh village?

It is okay to swim there, but it is hard to see safeguards on the seashore. So, instead of swimming at Ham Ninh beach, you should take your time swimming at other beautiful Phu Quoc beaches, such as Star or Long beaches.

fishing village ham ninh
fishing village ham ninh. @bee_sumo

Although it is not an ideal destination for diving to see Phu Quoc corals or swimming and sunbathing on the white sand beaches, Ham Ninh fishing village seems to never be a missing attraction in the journey to Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam.

And, do not forget to enjoy the rare tranquil space in the fishing village before returning to start new journeys of work in bustling life.

It must be said that Ham Ninh is really an amazing site in Phu Quoc that you should not ignore.

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