10 most beautiful fishing villages in Vietnam

Vietnam owns countless majestic landscapes, typically the coastal fishing villages are always the priority destination for explorers.

Discovering the life of the fishing village is one of the favorite tourist types of young people and photographers.

fishing villages in Vietnam
The peaceful life of the fishing village in Vietnam | ©Quangpraha/pixabay

Join Vietnamdrive to visit the beautiful and romantic fishing villages ranged from South to North Vietnam as below!

Ham Ninh fishing village, Phu Quoc

ham ninh fishing village
The way leads to floating restaurants in Ham Ninh fishing village. | @h.khanhtrang

Ham Ninh fishing village is located at the foot of Ham Ninh mountain, in Ham Ninh commune, Phu Quoc District, Kien Giang province.

The village stays next to the idyllic roofs, the silver color of the ocean waves, and the coconut palms in the wind. All play a symphony of heaven and earth on Phu Quoc Island.

Coming to Ham Ninh fishing village, you can enjoy the majestic beauty of Ham Ninh mountain at the height of 300 m. Mossy rocks lay between the two green colors of the mountain and the sea.

When staying at Ham Ninh Phu Quoc fishing village, you will integrate into the peaceful life of the fishermen, watch the sunrise and sunset on the sea, and see the moonlight at night. That is really a dream life in the ancient village of Ham Ninh.

Familiar images of the fishing villages in Vietnam are nets, baskets, and the boats waiting for. Not only attracts visitors with beautiful and charming landscapes, but this place also gives fastidious diners a variety of seafood cuisines.

The prices for fresh food are also very affordable, with different types of the fishes, crabs, shrimps, and squids.

The salty taste of the sea, the gentle villagers, and the peaceful life in Ham Ninh fishing village creates the stories of thousands of years that make visitors love it so much.

Phuoc Hai fishing village, Vung Tau

phuoc hai fishing village
The fishermen prepare the fishing net in Phuoc Hai fishing village. @chan_1800

Located 16 km from Vung Tau city, Phuoc Hai fishing village has a wild natural beauty with a vast space with clear seawater, smooth sand, and lovely waves.

Hundreds of years ago, people lived along the coast to catch seafood, creating a tranquil fishing village of Phuoc Hai.

Nowadays, Phuoc Hai is near a new town, next to beautiful relaxing beaches such as Lan Rung, Ocean Nami, and the Nuoc Ngot tourist area. But, Phuoc Hai fishing village has still a beautiful, pristine and clean beach.

After swimming, you can buy seafood from fishermen such as crab, shrimp, squid, octopus… and then process right on the beach.

It will be a great feeling to enjoy fresh seafood in the salty space of the sea, by rows of poplar trees whispering in the ear.

To get the panorama of Phuoc Hai Village, you may climb up the top of Dinh Co (or Minh Dam Mountain). This fishing village will appear in the beautiful blue color, being the endowment of nature for the sacred land of Ba Ria – Vung Tau.

Although there is a lot of potentials to develop tourism, this area has not been exploited. Therefore, Phuoc Hai is one of the few fishing villages that still retain wild and natural beauty.

Mui Ne fishing village, Phan Thiet

Mui Ne fishing village
Mui Ne fishing village is bustling in the morning, but peaceful in the afternoon. @hocvientiktok

Stayed on the coast about 1 km, the fishing village of Mui Ne in Phan Thiet City (Binh Thuan Province, Vietnam) has calm waves all year round, so it is an extremely good location for ships to shelter.

It is great to come to Mui Ne fishing village in the early morning to enjoy the pristine atmosphere, and see the daily fish exchange here.

The scent of the sea is blending with the gentle breath of the wind, the green coconut palms and the people’s smiles here. The image of small boats is bobbing beside the fishing boats that are busy carrying back the results of working hard on the sea. All becomes a perfect picture waiting for your exploration.

If the early morning is busy with fishing boats and traders, the late afternoon of Mui Ne fishing village owns the peaceful and magical coastal life.

So, that is great to spend your moment with poetic sunset in the fishing village and get beautiful photos in that place.

Son Hai fishing village, Ninh Thuan

son hai fishing village
Fishermen correct the boats in Son Hai fishing village. ©nhandan.com.vn

Located at the near end of Central Vietnam full of sunshine and wind, Ninh Thuan is naturally favors awarded for a very beautiful pristine landscape.

And, the fishing village of Son Hai in Ninh Thuan emerges from the beauty of the sea, sand, and sunshine owning a wild beauty.

Coming to Son Hai (Phuoc Dinh commune, Thuan Nam district, Ninh Thuan Province, Vietnam), you seem to enter the charming land of moutains and seas as its name. Son is a mountain, Hai means the sea. It is because one side of the village borders the mountain the other is the blue sea.

Maybe you are a person who likes to explore or even needs rest in a peaceful place. This coastal fishing village has all sorts of interesting things that will give you a sense of peace, an experience for life.

In a charming mountainous place, wandering steps like being lost in the fairyland make you feel like a dream when you traveling in Son Hai.

The stretch of sand with the waves, the steps imprinted on the soft sand, what a romantic place is! Also, the clear blue water keeps flapping, making you excited to jump down and swim right away.

The bustling life can make you crave a little natural peace in a coastal fishing village. Traveling to So Hai village, you will get it.

Bich Dam fishing village, Nha Trang

bich dam fishing village
Nice scene in Bich Dam fishing village. @zoethejourney

Bich Dam fishing village is the largest island commune in Nha Trang, located in the group Hon Tre island. Typically, the village has green clean water all year round.

If you want to find a peaceful place to relax your soul, away from the noisy city, Bich Dam fishing village is the ideal destination in Nha Trang to come.

The wildness of nature, the simplicity, and the honesty of the fishermen will give you unforgettable impressions.

To reach this attraction from Nha Trang City, you move to Cau Da port where the only boat to Bich Dam is departed at 11:30 am. In about 2 hours, you will reach the island. And, the ship leaves the island to come back to the mainland at 6:00 am.

If you want to see the fishing village from above, you just walk along the water’s edge to reach Gieng Mon mountain. Here, you can admire the blue sea in front, behind is the mountain, above in the forest of trees fluttering in the wind, below are the shrimp cages on the sea, and basket boats. All like a beautifully natural picture.

To enjoy a tranquil night in Bich Dam village, you have to ask for a temporary sleep at a local house or bring a tent to camp on the island, because the services are very primary in that area.

Ninh Thuy fishing village, Nha Trang

ninh thuy fishing village
Ninh Thuy fishing village | @irashinshilla

Ninh Thuy fishing village is nearly 50km from the city center of Nha Trang. What impresses every visitor when coming to this place is the special village gates.

Although the gates are not too wide and tall or elaborately decorated with many unique patterns, they still have their own beauty in pale pink. You also see a short sentence on the gate, which tells the wish of the villagers.

Slowly walking on the narrow roads of Ninh Thuy, you can find the walls built of stucco corals – the special material of the sea to build. The traces of time are imprinted on those rough faded-coral walls, where it has endured so much strong wind and too much sun.

Visiting Ninh Thuy fishing village, you explore the familiar images in the daily life of indigenous people. And, you will meet the innocent smiles of children and the friendly eyes of the locals.

You can also enjoy local dishes that are extremely cheap in those small alleys, such as a bowl of fish cake soup, a plate of grilled banana, or a glass of apple sweet soup.

Coming to Ninh Thuy fishing village, watching the peaceful life there, the noise and hardships will fall behind. You will be able to get relaxation in your soul. That is what makes Ninh Thuy so attractive. Visit that fishing village along the green coast is a good chance to return to simple life.

Hai Minh fishing village, Quy Nhon

hai minh fishing village
Hai Minh fishing village | @_wondyne_

Considered as a small village located on the Phuong Mai peninsula of Quy Nhon city (Binh Dinh Province, Vietnam), Hai Minh fishing village is a nice destination to see the Tran Hung Dao statue and beautiful scenery of the sea village.

When visiting this village, typically when a ship lands, you will feel the bustling scene of fishermen that will make you feel excited, being a sign of wealth in a fishing village.

However, along the path of winding roads into the village, you can find this place like a completely different world. The village also has a peaceful life.

Pictures of small houses along the two sides of the road and poetic images will bring you back to the tranquility to enrich your impressive journeys.

If you come to the beautiful coastal city of Quy Nhon, do not forget the fishing village of Hai Minh. The village will give you different feelings of fishing life during your time to explore Vietnam.

Lang Co fishing village, Hue

lang co fishing village
Amazing beauty of Lang Co fishing village @doe_samui

Lang Co fishing village (Phu Loc district, Thua Thien Hue province) is picturesque with a white sand beach stretching for tens of kilometers, clear blue sea, creating a poetic and lyrical scene, which becomes one of the beautiful beaches in Vietnam.

High-class resorts have been sprouting around, but the fishing village with indigenous residents still keeps the rhythm of a peaceful life hidden at the northern foot of Hai Van Pass.

With the harmony in the nature of the mountains and the sea, and the enthusiastic hospitality of the people of Hue, this place always leaves a lovely impression that never forgets in the hearts of visitors.

Perhaps it is not necessary to introduce much about Lang Co fishing village because this place is so famous for many photographers.

From above, you will admire the beautiful scenery of Lang Co beach like a silk ribbon winding between the two passes, Phu Gia Pass in the North and Hai Van Pass in the South.

Lush trees, turquoise water, red roof houses, clouds covering the top of the mountain create a charming and serene landscape.

Over hundreds of years old, nestled on Lang Co Bay, the fishing village has an amazing beach with purity.

Lang Co fishing village embraced by one side is high mountains and the other is immense seawater. And, a peaceful village with simple and kind fishermen is the ideal destination for tourists to visit and relax.

Cai Beo Fishing Village, Cat Ba, Hai Phong

cai beo fishing village
It is very peaceful in Cai Beo fishing village. @chennthanh

In Cat Ba, the most famous one is the Cai Beo fishing village. Not as exciting as a pier to Lan Ha Bay, but Ben Beo has a variety of ships and boats ready to take guests to explore the serene beauty of the oldest fishing village in Vietnam.

A special feature of Cai Beo fishing village is that the natural landscape here is associated and in harmony with the natural islands. Favored by nature with poetic beauty, it attracts plenty of tourists, especially so lovely every evening.

Out of the bustling life, the fishing village of Cai Beo always allures visitors with a delicate blend of dreamy and realistic beauty.

If traveling in a group, you can rent a boat to learn about the life of coastal residents. There is nothing more exciting than sitting on a boat and let your soul vendor around the fishing village.

While exploring the beauty of Cai Beo following the sound of the paddle splashing the water, you can listen to interesting sharing about the fishing village through the boatman’s stories. And, you can also stop by the households there to see various seafood species.

Cai Beo fishing village attracts more and more domestic and foreign tourists to explore. Through the tours of 3 days 2 nights to Cat Ba Island, you will have enough time to see the Cai Beo fishing village with poetic features from dawn to dusk.

Cua Van fishing village, Ha Long

cuu van fishing village
The beautiful island combines with sea and peaceful life in Cuu Van fishing village. @wong_yung_yee

Cua Van fishing village is in the heart of Ha Long Bay that has been recognized by UNESCO as a world natural heritage. The village becomes one of the attractive destinations for domestic and foreign tourists.

Many visitors coming to Ha Long Bay not only see the beautiful islands and incredible caves of Vietnam but also experience the local life in the fishing villages of Cuu Van. That possesses simple and pure charm.

Cua Van is one of the most beautiful fishing villages in Vietnam, attracting more and more tourists.

Coming there, you not only enjoy in calm space, admire the charming natural scenery, but also learn how to row a boat, set up a net to catch fishes.

The very hospitable villagers are also highlights that tourists appreciate when traveling there. Cua Van fishing village will become one of the indispensable destinations in the itinerary of tourists when visiting Ha Long Bay.

Do you feel curious and excited about these beautiful and idyllic fishing villages? 

Please range your time to discover and experience the life of the rustic fishermen there. You will have the most enjoyable and relaxing holidays.

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