9 most beautiful beaches in Vietnam to spend your time

With the wonderful terrain bestowed by nature, Vietnam has a long and beautiful coastline, stretching up to 3,200km. Since then, many stunning beaches have been created attracting both locals and tourists to visit, swim and relax.

vietnam beaches
Vietnam has lots of beautiful beaches. Photo: Quangpraha/pixabay

Across the country, plenty of provinces and cities have charming coastlines. Vietnamdrive has selected the best beach in each place to introduce to you to save your time choosing.

And, we range them following our own favorite order of the best coming the first.

1. My Khe Beach in Da Nang

my khe beach danang
Relaxing in My Khe is very exciting. ©Vietnamdrive

The top of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam is My Khe beach in Da Nang City. Located along Vo Nguyen Giap Street, in the city center, this location has a strong attraction for all beach lovers.

The attraction of My Khe beach comes from the long and white sand beach. Besides, its shallow water is ideal for fun and swimming activities.

The period from May to September is when this place has the most people coming to have fun. In particular, dawn and late afternoon are the peak hours with the largest number of visitors.

In addition to the beautiful beach, the My Khe area also has many tasty seafood restaurants for dining and hotels to serve the accommodations and rest needs of tourists.

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2. Lang Co Beach in Hue

lang co beach in hue
Lang Co beach looks like a girl still sleeping. ©Vietnamdrive

60km south of Hue city center, Lang Co beach is right at the foot of Hai Van pass. In 2009, Worldbays Club voted this place as one of the most beautiful bays in the world.

It can be said that Lang Co Beach is an ideal place for people who are passionate about taking photos and checking in. Especially at the moment of sunrise or sunset, surely the stunning natural scenery here will not disappoint you.

However, up to now, Lang Co is still compared to a “sleeping girl” because there are many strengths here to develop tourism; however, all are still in potential form, not yet fully exploited.

Traveling to Lang Co Beach, you can choose to rest in beach resorts, enjoy fresh seafood at the floating restaurant on Lap An lagoon, and admire the breathtaking scenery of this place.

3. An Bang Beach in Hoi An

an bang beach hoian
Many tourists travel to Hoi An and choose An Bang beach to relax. ©Vietnamdrive

An Bang Beach is among the top places in Vietnam chosen by tourists as a favorite place to rest and swim. This region is about 3km northeast of Hoi An ancient town center, next to the Truong Sa route connecting Hoi An – Da Nang.

An Bang Beach has a gentle, pristine beauty with a fine sand beach stretching more than 4km. Its primitiveness becomes a memorable feature in the hearts of visitors. And, the restaurants and bars here are organized neatly, and not noisy or crowded.

A plus point for this beautiful beach in Hoi An is that there are no 5-star hotels or resorts because they are almost built on nearby ones: Cua Dai and Ha My beaches. Because there are no big hotels at An Bang, it can help you feel completely free to own this beach.

Therefore, many tourists like to come to An Bang Beach in the afternoon to swim, rest, and enjoy meals until late at night.

4. The Central Beach of Nha Trang

nha trang central beach
Very impressive with the green park along Nha Trang beach. ©Vietnamdrive

Nha Trang Beach, right in the city center of the same name with the long white sand, has made a mark in attracting tourists to this locality.

The green rows of coconut trees and willows in the parks along the coast contribute to making this place more attractive.

Besides, a system of large and small islands located right at the beach entrance has created perfect wind-blocking walls. Thanks to that, the waves crashing on the shore are always gentle, suitable for the whole family to have fun and soak in the cool water.

With the advantage of being located right in the city center, Nha Trang Beach at night is also an ideal spot for dating, strolling, and getting some fresh air. However, we encourage you not to go to dark places to ensure your safety.

5. Cua Lo Beach Nghe An

cua lo beach nghe an
So lovely sunrise in Cua Lo Beach. @nguyen.duy_95

With a length of 10km, the lovely Cua Lo Beach is 16km from Vinh City further northeast, belonging to Nghe An province, and it is always ranked among the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam.

The highlight of Cua Lo Beach lies in its long and smooth sandy beach, blending pristine beauty with artificial modernity.

Every early morning, the beach becomes vibrant with the rhythm of fishermen with their nets and fresh catches of fish just landed.

At night, enjoying the sea breeze while enjoying seafood or sipping a few cans of Vietnamese beer brands right on the beach will help you dispel all the fatigue and noise of the city.

6. Ky Co Beach in Quy Nhon

ky co beach quy nhon
A peaceful Ky Co beach in Quy Nhon. @thaomieee9782

Located in Ly Nhon commune, Binh Dinh province, 25km southeast of Quy Nhon city center, Ky Co Beach has three sides surrounded by rocky mountains. The other side is a beautiful beach, where golden sand and blue water reign.

The beautiful scenery that nature has bestowed on this place, over time, has retained its wild features and has become a well-known tourist attraction to Ky Co. Also, you can choose the appropriate time to visit this sea from February to September of the year.

The disadvantage is that Ky Co beach is located on a peninsula, which makes the road to get here relatively tricky. First, you have to move to Eo Gio. Here, you can choose to rent canoes or motorbikes to continue moving to Ky Co. Of course, we do not recommend using motorbikes because, with this option, you need to cross mountains on dangerous roads. Please consider this feature to make your trip fun and safe!

If you are an international tourist, traveling with a local person or tour guide is a good choice for visiting this beach.

7. Ninh Chu Beach in Ninh Thuan

ninh chu beach ninh thuan
The locals try to keep Ninh Chu beach clean. @nasu_1203

Ninh Chu Beach is one of the cleanest and most beautiful beaches in Vietnam. Its address is located in Binh Son village, Khanh Hai town, Ninh Thuan province, 5km east of Phan Rang City – the biggest city near it.

Thanks to the firm management and the deep awareness of the local inhabitants, the 10km length of this beach is always clean and clear.

Another plus point for Ninh Chu Beach lies in the planning management work of the local government. Most hotels and resorts are built according to a strict plan, ensuring airy space, and they are not allowed to occupy any beach for themselves. All beaches belong to everyone.

With a wide sandy beach, Ninh Chu Beach becomes an ideal location for team-building activities or company parties.

This beach has become well-known to Vietnamese travelers for a long time; however, it has not been popular with international tourists.

8. Ho Tram Beach in Vung Tau

ho tram beach vung tau
Stay overnight in a nice resort on Ho Tram beach is wonderful. @_ng.anhngoc_

20km northeast of Vung Tau city center, Ho Tram is blessed with a peaceful beach and deep green forest, creating a wonderful resting space for all visitors.

Ho Tram Beach is beautiful because of its cool, clear water and rows of casuarina trees that cast gentle shade along the coast. The immense beauty of the sea combined with the relatively wild natural scenery here makes Ho Tram filled with a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere.

Thanks to its location close to Ho Chi Minh City, with an estimated distance of nearly 120km, taking 2.5 – 3 hours to travel by car, Ho Tram is usually crowded on weekends or short official national holidays. Therefore, if you are planning to go to Ho Tram, consider choosing a suitable time and plan to book services early to avoid running out of hotel rooms.

Staying at a luxury resort in Ho Tram can be an exciting experience with your private space worthy of the service at a high price.

9. Long Beach in Phu Quoc

bai dai phu quoc
Not miss visiting Bai Dai in Phu Quoc island. @kd.rabbit

Bai Dai is 15km long in the Northwest of Phu Quoc island, about 20km from Duong Dong city center. This is the longest beach among the beaches on Phu Quoc island, so the locals call it Bai Dai, which means Long Beach.

The beauty of Bai Dai comes from the phenomenon that the water color will change depending on the shallowness and depth of the tide.

In addition, the long stretch of smooth white sand and the primeval forest nearby have contributed to the beauty of this place, so it is worthy of being an ideal place to play, swim, and rest.

Currently, you can find many hotels and resorts at Bai Dai of Phu Quoc Island serving the accommodation needs of tourists. Therefore, to fully enjoy the beauty of this pearl island, please choose a reasonable place to stay and enjoy a wonderful vacation here!

These beautiful beaches in Vietnam have been introduced with the hope of helping those who love beach travel more easily plan their trip.

Whether your trip is in North, Central, or South Vietnam, there are lovely beaches for you to comfortably soak in the cool water or relax on the soft white sand.

Of course, it’s difficult to explore all those beautiful beaches on the same trip. Therefore, detailed programming is necessary, which helps you fully enjoy the charming features as well as moments of complete relaxation at the beautiful beach at your destination.

Different seas will have different characteristics of depth and shallow water level. Therefore, to ensure safety when swimming, you should only bathe in permitted areas and observe carefully before entering the water.

In addition, the weather factor is also an issue that profoundly affects your beach trip. Make sure you check the weather clearly before packing for your vacation!

If you need assistance in planning the perfect program, please contact us! We are always here to support you.

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