6 beautiful beaches in Da Nang Vietnam

Da Nang beaches have typical attractions for both domestic and international tourists. With the length of more than 60-km coasts, Da Nang is always listed in the top of beach travel in Vietnam. Da Nang beaches own soft white sand, clean water, sallow level of seawater, and warm temperature all year round. The tourist services along the beaches also get high quality such as good roads, many excellent seafood restaurants, both luxury resorts and budget homestays, and safeguards for swimming. All these help beaches in Da Nang become more and more popular.

So, tourism in Da Nang chooses beach travel as its main topic to develop tourist activities for visitors. Now, we will check the list of beautiful beaches in Da Nang, which you should visit when traveling to this city.

1. My Khe Beach

my khe beach in da nang city
My Khe Beach in Da Nang City. ©Vietnamdrive

My Khe Beach is the most beautiful beach in Da Nang. It used to be ranked among the most charming beaches on the planet. My Khe owns a long coastline with fine white sand and a system of luxurious hotels and resorts. Also, this beach is located in the city center at the corner of Nguyen Van Thoai and Vo Nguyen Giap Street. My Khe beach is always on the top list of beaches in Da Nang City.

During the Vietnam war, My Khe beach was managed by the US military, chosen as the right place for relaxation and recreation. So, many people also call this beach R&R beach. The main area has a length of up to 900m with extensive sand coast and shallow sea. Today, My Khe is the busiest beach in Da Nang, attracting millions of visitors and the local people coming here on summer days for swimming.

2. Non Nuoc Beach

Non Nuoc beach near the Marble Mountains is located in Hoa Hai ward, Ngu Hanh Son District, Da Nang City. If we see Non Nuoc beach from a far distance, it looks like white silk hugging the foot of the Marble Mountains.

This beach is 5km long, connecting with other beaches in Danang City, including Bac My An Beach on the north, and Ha My Beach and  An Bang Beach on the south. All these beaches become a long one.

The top highlight of Non Nuoc Beach is the impressive wild beauty of sunrise and sunset. Besides, it attracts visitors to the gentle beauty with lovely white sand, cool water in the summer, and warm in the winter.

3. Bac My An Beach

bac my an beach danang
The location of Bach My An Beach is on Google Maps.

Bac My An Beach is also called T20 beach because it is situated near the old T20 military base of American. In the north is the famous beach – My Khe and the south is Non Nuoc Beach. These three beaches of Da Nang become a system of incredible tourist paradise with many luxury resorts, such as Vinpearl Luxury Da Nang, Furama Resort, Fusion Maia, Hyatt Regency Danang…

With the length of 4 km, this beach is far away 7km from the city center of Da Nang, on the road from Da Nang to Hoi An. So, it is very convenient to come here by taxi, a private car, or motorbike. Although Bac My An beach has long coast, most of the resorts block the ways to go to the beach. Thus, tourists have to find the correct public distance to use freely, which is over the Crown Plaza Resort. At that place, the wide land and public beach are still available for everyone for swimming.

4. Lang Van Beach

lang van beach danang
Lang Van Beach in Da Nang City. ©Vietnamdrive

Lang Van Beach is the wildest beach in Da Nang City. For us, this beach is worth listing as the most pristine and beautiful beaches in Vietnam. Lang Van Beach has fine white sand, very clean and green water, and charming landscape of the mountains and village (Lang Van village).

However, not many visitors come here for swimming and relaxing. The main reason is that the ways to this beach are complicated. The guests have to hire a boat from Nam O village to come there. But, we can see many beautiful photos of Lang Van beach, because a lot of tourists take its pictures from Hai Van Pass (ocean-cloud pass).

We can now locate this beach right at the foot of Hai Van pass, north of Da Nang City, taking 15 – 20 minutes by boat from Nam O beach. Lang Van Beach seems separated from city life. Actually, this place was a leprosy village. The old people here used to be suffered leprosy. Year by year, their children goes to the city center to live. The village, therefore, has a few families living here.

Lang Van Beach is suitable for explorers who love to explore and experience wild destinations. Watching the sunset, dropping your soul into the space of heaven and earth, breathing the sea breeze here makes visitors feel comfortable and peaceful after the stress of busy days.

An enjoyable camping night here will be an unforgettable memory, which is the top activity to come here. If you are a real explorer, you should come there before Lang Van beach becomes a private resort area.

5. Xuan Thieu Beach

xuan thieu beach da nang
Xuan Thieu Beach in Da Nang. ©Vietnamdrive

Xuan Thieu beach is located in Hoa Hiep Ward, Lien Chieu District, Da Nang City, the beginning of Nguyen Tat Thanh Street. Xuan Thieu beach is also known as “Red Beach,” which makes visitors come here curious about this name.

There are two stories to tell about the “Red Sea.” The first is that when coming here for the first time, the US military saw the seawater with red color during the rainy season. This was caused by the red silt flowing from the mountains following the Nam O River, making this area of the sea red, so Red Beach or the Red Sea was named for this beach (because US soldiers did not the local name of the beach).

Another story told that many visitors saw it become red color when the sunset and sunrise. Thus, they called it the “Red Sea.” For anyways, we are inclined to the first explanation.

When coming to Xuan Thieu Beach, tourists will see an eco-tourism resort of Xuan Thieu. They can choose to taste seafood food, go swimming, and spend overnight at this place.

Xuan Thieu Beach owned the famous history in 1965 when the US Military landed to Da Nang city.

Click to read more about the landing of the US military in 1965 in Da Nang.
“On February 8, 1965, the US sent a Hawk rocket battalion of US Marines to Danang. Exactly one month later, at 9am on March 8, 1965, Battalion 3, belonging to Marine Corps 9, landed on the beach of Xuan Thieu (now in Lien Chieu District, Da Nang). In the afternoon of the same day, the Battalion 2 of Brigade 9 was airlifted from Okinawa Military Base (Japan) and landed at Danang Airport. The total number of troops from the US landings was about 3,500 soldiers.
Xuan Thieu Beach - Red Beach in Da Nang 1965
The first US troops landed on Da Nang beach 1965 (Xuan Thieu beach) with modern weapons. Photo: Da Nang Museum

The US chose Da Nang to land because this is a strategic military position, quickly separating the two South-Northth regions; at the same time, taking advantage of the deep-water port, and shortened a certain distance to the North of Vietnam to build military bases to attack the North by air and navy. In Da Nang, US troops occupied Da Nang airport and the Northwest region (Hoa Vang district), built field camps.

American soldiers deployed to occupy Hai Van pass, Phuoc Tuong Mountain. And, they built bunkers and artillery fields, installed modern radar system on Son Tra peninsula to control the airspace. Da Nang airport and the two other helipads of Nuoc Mam and Xuan Thieu had been quickly built. The US set up Gia Long police station, the town hall, the military, the consulate house in Da Nang … The defense system inside the city was taken over by the Republic of Vietnam army, the US military was outside.”

6. Nam O Beach

nam o beach danang
Stones covered by moss are the highlight of Nam O Beach. ©Vu Le/Pixabay

Nam O Beach is located in Hoa Hiep Ward, Lien Chieu District, Da Nang City. The beach is 17 km from the city center on the way from Da Nang to Hue City. Guests can quickly come here by car, taxi or motorbike. Tourists can see Nam O beach in a lovely location if standing from Xuan Thieu beach.

“Nam O” name means “South of Chau O” which was the ancient Chau O where the Cham people lived before 13th century. The village on the Nam O beach is a famous place for making the fish sauce in Da Nang City.

The pristine beauty of the rocks hiding behind the waves makes Nam O beach more attractive. This beach is an exciting destination for taking pictures; so many young people come here to save their poetic and charming photos with Nam O beach.

In conclusion, beautiful beaches in Da Nang are always lively and attractive. Traveling to Da Nang City, tourists will have a wonderful time with families and friends on the beaches. And, they can also taste the excellent flavor of the food at many famous seafood restaurants near My Khe beach or Xuan Thieu Beach, or visit well-known Ba Na Hills. Now, check and book accommodations in Da Nang beach to enjoy your pleasure holidays.

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