Non Nuoc Beach in Da Nang City

Non Nuoc Beach is around 10 km southeast of Danang city center, a few minutes of walking from the Marble Mountains.

Address: Moc Son 7 Street, Ngu Hanh Son Son District, Da Nang City, Vietnam

non nuoc beach da nang city
Beautiful sand at Non Nuoc Beach. ©Vietnamdrive

This beach is convenient to travel by car or taxi because it is near the big Truong Sa Road that connects Da Nang airport to Hoi An City.


  1. With a length of 5 km, this beach is like silk winding at the foot of the Marble Mountains. When standing on the top of Thuy Mount of the Marble Mountains, you can enjoy the beauty of Non Nuoc Beach.
  2. Non Nuoc Beach brings strange beauty, a poetic picture of nature based on the sea, sand, and mountains.
  3. You can find many high-standard resorts built to serve tourists to have leisure and recreation.
  4.  Although it has developed tourism for a long time, this beach retains its inherent beauty.
  5.  The white sand beach and clear blue seawater here attract many people coming for swimming in the summer (May to Sep) and go surfing in the rainy season (Nov to Jan)
no swimming in non nuoc beach
The beach can close because of the strong wind.

Please note that the summer is busy and crowded with the local people going swimming in the late afternoon. But, the beach is nearly empty in the rainy season because the locals cannot surf and do not like the cold water.

non nuoc beach in danang

Activities to do in Non Nuoc Beach

  1. Coming to Non Nuoc Beach will be an ideal opportunity to enjoy peace and relaxation because this beach is less busy than the other beaches in Da Nang City.
  2.  The locals often play football, volleyball, or fishing on the beach during summer days.
  3.  Spend your time enjoying a can of local beer in a restaurant here.
  4.  Most tourists combine spending time in Non Nuoc Beach and visiting the Marble Mountains, which are famous for caves, temples, and carving marble statues.
lifeguard in danang non nuoc beach
You should swim when there is a safeguard and the beach allows you to do so.

The restaurants in Non Nuoc Beach

Non Nuoc Beach has big projects for resorts, making the public sections for restaurants leading to the beach smaller than it used to be.

When we came here, we found only two restaurants to taste a cup of beer and find food for a hungry stomach. It is because the food in Danang city center or Hoi An is much more tasty, so you can wait until getting to these places to have a meal.

The first restaurant:

restaurant in non nuoc beach
The style of this restaurant is attractive.

The second one:

restaurant in non nuoc beach da nang city
This one looks like a normal eating place, not special.

Resorts to stay at Non Nuoc Beach

Many modern high-ranked resorts have been built along Non Nuoc Beach, which has become one of the top places to stay in Da Nang City.

You can choose them for you and your relatives. They include:

  1. Sandy Beach Resort is the oldest resort here.
  2. Vinpearl Luxury Da Nang Resort is a modern high-end resort in Danang City.
  3. Melia Da Nang Beach Resort has become the luxury accommodations for family travel to this city.

Photos about Non Nuoc Beach:

Below are the beautiful images of Non Nuoc Beach to check:

way to non nuoc beach danang
This sign tells you the beach right here.
way to non nuoc beach
You will go this way, following Moc Son 7 Street.
Moc Son 7 Street leads to Non Nuoc Beach.
Moc Son 7 Street leads to Non Nuoc Beach.
place to wash with fresh water
This location serves freshwater for washing after swimming in the sea.
non nuoc beach photo
We came to the beach on a windy day, and no one swam there.
beautiful non nuoc beach
Sand on this beach is so lovely to walk on it.
stone village in non nuoc
You can visit the stone village on the other side of the road after swimming here.
non nuoc beach danang photo
You see many coconut trees on the beach.
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