4 Best Places to Stay in Da Nang City, Vietnam

Da Nang City has an area of 1,285 km², much larger than Singapore. Therefore, choosing the correct area to stay in is important for your trip to this city. Selecting a hotel area will greatly affect your transportation, dining, and sightseeing.

Near the Dragon Bridge is a lovely place to say overnight.
Near the Dragon Bridge is a lovely place to stay overnight.

In this article, Vietnamdrive’s team will suggest the four best places to stay in Da Nang City for you to choose from. Each area has its own advantages. Depending on each person’s needs, you will decide which place is suitable for your rest.

Under each region, we also introduce to you the top hotels and resorts for a quick choice.

1. Vo Nguyen Giap Street area, from My Khe Beach to Pham Van Dong Beach

We chose this region at the top of the list. It’s because Da Nang has strengths in beach tourism, and beautiful beaches stretching over 20 km become the highlight of this lovely city.

With a length of 20km, we included in the list only 3.5km from My Khe Beach to Pham Van Dong Beach. This is a central area, very easy to access, has many seafood restaurants, long white sandy beach, low sea level of water, suitable for swimming.

my khe to pham van dong beach map google
The map edited from Google map shows the first place to stay.

Thus, we highly appreciate the hotels on Vo Nguyen Giap Street in this section for their location. Many 4-star to 5-star hotels are available here at affordable prices, creating good opportunities for most visitors to book high-end accommodation services. You can choose from many rooms with sea views in front.

One disadvantage is that the hotels are on the other side of the street from the sea, so crossing the street is a challenge for tourists during rush hour.

You can not find hotels on the beach in this section because Da Nang City does not allow building them right on the beach to avoid obstructing visibility and protect the environment.

Some hotels you can choose from are:

  • Muong Thanh Luxury Hotel: the hotel is ranked in the top one of the famous 5-star hotels in Da Nang. With full amenities, you can choose this accommodation for two people, business groups, or large-group tourists.
  • Premier Village Da Nang Resort: with a close-to-nature design, and an area of 15 hectares, this resort fits families and guests for long-term stays.
  • A La Carte Danang Beach Hotel: listed in the popular 4-star hotels in Da Nang City. With modern design and the airy feeling rooms, the hotel gives you a nice time to stay overnight. You can choose many rooms having beautiful sea views. This hotel is suitable for single travelers, young couples, and conference groups.

There are many beautiful hotels in this section waiting for you, but we only introduce a few typical ones.

2. Area along the Han River, on Bach Dang Street

If you do not want to stay near the sea, the hotel area located along the Han River, on Bach Dang Street, will be the perfect choice. We chose the section from Dragon Bridge to Han River Bridge for the second rank in the list of good places to stay in Da Nang City.

cau rong to han river bridge map
The area at the dots in the Google map is from the Dragon Bridge to the Han Bridge.

This section is the central area of the city with many restaurants, near the Han market. And, there is a bus route moving through here, convenient for traveling and eating.

Besides, this place is close to Da Nang International Airport, within only 3 km, so you don’t have to worry too much about transferring to the airport. You can have the receptionist call a taxi for you for a short distance. If you book a private car to travel, the price may be much higher than a taxi; private cars are only for longer trips.

Some hotels you can choose from include:

  • Brilliant Hotel: A 4-star hotel is suitable for business travelers and short trips to this beautiful coastal city. The hotel has many rooms with romantic Han River views; of course, these rooms will have a higher price than the others.
  • HAIAN Riverfront Hotel Da Nang: Located not far from Brilliant Hotel, HAIAN Riverfront Hotel also has a 4-star standard with a unique design that stands out at first sight. The hotel is right at the corner of Bach Dang and Tran Quoc Toan streets, creating an airy feeling because of its two frontages.

3. Non Nuoc beach area to Da Nang Golf course

The Non Nuoc beach area to Da Nang Golf Course has many high-end hotels and resorts, located on the main route from Hoi An to Da Nang and vice versa.

However, we rank this area in the third position in the list of suitable places to spend overnight in Danang City because the location is quite far from the city center, and there are no qualified restaurants outside the resorts to serve tourists.

From the city center and from Han market to this region is 10 – 15 km. Therefore, you cannot stroll to find a restaurant to eat or a small store to buy a drink.

However, many tourists who rest for a long time like to choose the resorts in this place. Of course, the cost of food and accommodation at these resorts is not cheap. So, if you choose a luxury trip for you, your family, or your honeymoon, this is the most wonderful area.

A few resorts to choose from:

  • Hyatt Regency Danang Resort & Spa: This is one 5-star hotel and resort villa complex in the Non Nuoc beach area. The resort provides full services for their guests and full support for conference activities. This place was also honored to welcome US President Donald Trump to rest during his trip to Vietnam in 2017 to attend the APEC conference.
  • Sandy Beach Resort: is one of the first two resorts along the Da Nang coast, in this group along with Furama Resort. Sandy Beach has a gentle classic style, hidden in a casuarina (pine) forest. Therefore, you feel completely separate and relaxed when staying at this resort.
  • The Ocean Villas: This 5-star resort belongs to the Danang Golf Course complex. With mostly villas, this place fits for families or groups with an average of 4 to 6 people.

4. Son Tra peninsula area

Son Tra Peninsula as a screen protecting Da Nang has lots of beautiful beaches, along with beautiful nature. Coming here, you will encounter many types of plants and animals. All these make this place have good conditions to develop resorts and hotels.

However, you won’t find many hotels and resorts here. Restricting the construction of rest and accommodation services aims to protect the water environment and preserve forests and wildlife on the peninsula.

son tra peninsula resort area
The resort area on Son Tra Peninsula is marked on Google Maps.

The accommodation area in Son Tra Peninsula is ranked 4th on our list because of the limited number of hotels and resorts to choose from. At the same time, the travel distance is quite far from 10 – 20 km to the city center.

Here are 2 resorts you can choose from:

  • InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort: This is the most luxurious 5-star resort in Da Nang and Asia. The entire resort leans on the forest and faces the ocean, surrounded by nature, so you will occasionally see a few monkeys from your bedroom here.
  • Son Tra Resort & Spa: is a 4-star standard resort located in a small bay, on a beautiful and peaceful beach. Designed in a single villa style, Son Tra Resort & Spa is suitable for long-term rest guests, and families.

In addition to the 4 main places to stay overnight in Da Nang City we introduced above, you can also choose a beautiful section to rest: Ba Na Hills tourist area.

However, we do not include this region in the list to rest in this city because moving up and down this area takes a lot of time, and is far from the center. Besides, every day there are thousands of tourists visiting the Ba Na Hills and taking pictures of the Golden Bridge here, so you cannot have a quiet resting space.

Now it’s your turn. Which area would you choose to stay overnight in this city?

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