The Golden Bridge Photos in the Bana Hills of Danang City

Golden Bridge, also called Hand Bridge, has become a top highlight in Ba Na Hills.

The bridge has eight spans and is 150 meters long, like a silk ribbon in the sky, creating a unique architectural design and amazing beauty.

The bridge with two hands holding its spans looks impressive, so it is called the Hand Bridge.

To visit the Golden Bridge, you buy a cable car ticket to go up the hills of Ba Na because this bridge is on the top of Ba Na Mountain. Besides, many beautiful attractions here wait for you after visiting the bridge. It takes you around 3 hours to explore all the places here, including the Hand Bridge and nearby attractions.

Below are the Golden Bridge photos to check:

golden bridge in bana hills danang
Choose the correct place to take pictures of the beautiful Golden Bridge. ©Vietnamdrive

Traveling to this place on sunny days is great for beautiful photos, but Vietnamdrive’s team got a cloud day for this time. In spite of that, we are happy with the trip. So, the sky has a white background.

hand bridge in bana hills
Two hands hold the bridge. ©Vietnamdrive

Golden Bridge was built within 1 year, starting in July 2017 and opening to welcome guests in June 2018. The two hands alone took up half of the construction time.

hand bridge in bana
These are the big and impressive fingers of the Hand Bridge. ©Vietnamdrive

And, our team was lucky to travel back to the Hand Bridge with the guests on a beautiful sunny day.

golden bridge bana hills
This position is great for photos of you with the bridge. ©Vietnamdrive

It is not easy to get a photo of the Golden Bridge with a clear background because lots of tourists are present here during the daytime.

take pictures on golden bridge
Many guests visit the bridge every day. ©Vietnamdrive

Early morning is a suitable time to take your pictures on the bridge. To do so, you have to stay overnight at the hotel at the top of Bana Hills, which is a good suggestion.

Below are the beautiful photos and videos of the Golden Bridge collected from Instagram:

Many Instagrammers posted beautiful photos of this bridge after they explored Da Nang City. So, now take a quick look at them!

Here is a nice yellow spot to highlight the bridge:

Rain cannot stop tourists to visit here:

So romantic when hands in hands and walk on the Golden Bridge:

Other perfect shots about this site:

Now is your turn! Let’s come and take more beautiful photos of the Hand Bridge in Da Nang City, Vietnam.

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