The guides to visit Ba Na Hills in Da Nang City

Ba Na Hills is 35 km southwest of Da Nang City, situated 1,500m above sea level, so the climate is extremely cool. With good weather conditions, many French used to build villas for relaxing; now, it has become a top modern tourist destination in Da Nang, attracting thousands of guests to visit here every year.

visit bana hills
Our guest visits Bana Hills in Danang. ©Vietnamdrive

1. What are the first highlights in Ba Na Hills?

  • Traveling to Ba Na, you will feel the 4 different seasons on the same day. As early as in the morning is the spring with cool weather and the mist surrounding here; the sunny time of the noon, like summer, covers the hills but is not too hot; chill in the afternoon, like autumn; and at night, it is cold like winter. This site is unique and hard to find anywhere else.
  •  Ba Na owns beautiful flower gardens in the clouds.
  •  Golden Bridge attracts thousands of tourists to enjoy the beauty of “heaven on the land”.
  •  A long cable car will give you different feelings to see nature and mountains from above.
  •  You can find many places and activities to do here.

2. The best time to visit Ba Na Hills:

The best time to travel to Ba Na Hills is from March to September when it is sunny. You can have a great chance to enjoy a clear blue sky, explore the mountainous nature, and take beautiful pictures.

However, March to Sep is hot, sometimes 35 – 39 Cenciul degrees. From May to Sep is the summer holiday in Vietnam, so many Vietnamese tourists come to Bana Hills during this period.

From October to February is not hot, but you should prepare for the rain and clouds at any time.

The suggestion is to do a Bana Hills tour in the morning. It may rain and get thunderstorms in the afternoon, typically from Aug to Feb. As a thunderstorm comes, the cable car will stop running for a long time until it’s clear again.

visit bana hills da nang city
Lots of guests visit Bana in the summer. ©Vietnamdrive

3. The road map to visit Bana:

You travel from Da Nang City or Hoi An City to the car parking, and then come to the station at the foot of Ba Na Mountains so that you can buy the cable car tickets to go up the top of the hills.

There are lots of the attractions to visit and games to play in the mountains.

>> You may like to see: Travel from Da Nang airport to Ba Na Hills and Hoi An City.

Map from Da Nang International Airport to Ba na Hills
Map from Da Nang International Airport to Ba na Hills

First, you come up the cable car No. 1 to go to Linh Ung Pagoda in Ba Na Hills. Then, return to the 2nd cable car route to the top of Morin, enter the amusement park. Next is walking to the top of the mountain, taking in the view of nature, if it is a clear day, with good eyes -:), you can see the whole city of Da Nang.

Ba Na Hills Map
Ba Na Hills Map – Screenshot from Banahills.Sunworld

4. Transportation to travel to Ba Na Hills

A private car is most suitable for personal journeys to explore Ba Na Hills from Da Nang or Hoi An City. The car price often offers half-day or full-day trips, so you have peace of mind to visit attractions in the hills.

However, when using a taxi or grab, you should be careful to bargain the package price, do not count by km. Especially, its waiting time while you visit Ba Na can cost you much more.

Traveling with a motorbike is economical and more suitable for young people. Although traveling with this vehicle is enjoyable, Vietnamdrive does not recommend it because of safety.

A shuttle bus to Ba Na Hills with a group is another choice. The bus will pick you up from the hotels in Da Nang City to Ba Na Hills. However, traveling by a shuttle bus, you need to share your time with others and can do a few activities you do not like because the itinerary is planned.

5. Tickets to visit Ba Na Hills

To visit Ba Na Hills and Golden Bridge in its region, you have to pay for cable tickets to go up to the top of the mountains. You can book it in advance with your travel agency, or buy it directly at the station at the foot of Ba Na Hills, near the car park.

On weekends or during high tourist seasons (March to August), buying tickets at the ticket counter can make you queue for a long time.

Price of tickets:

  •  Adults and children from 1.4m tall: 900,000 VND (including mountain climbing train)
  •  Children from 1m – 1.4m high: 750,000 VND.
  •  Children under 1 meter tall are free.

You may pay extra for some activities and sites, such as Wine Tunnels, Roller Coasters, and a few games in Fantasy Park.

cable car to visit ba na hills
Use the cable cars to visit Bana. ©Vietnamdrive

6. What to see and do in Ba Na Hills

Play roller coasters

Joining the short game of roller coasters in Bana Hills is an exciting activity. You can be on a coaster for about 10 – 15 minutes, but it can take longer to wait for your turn.

bana hill roller coaster
Play a roller coaster in Bana. ©Vietnamdrive

Get fun at the Fantasy Park

The park has many games to do, including adventurous climbing, century roundabout, slide, ghost tunnel, or crashing king cars. It is suitable for both adults and children.

Experience the Mountain Train

The mountain train departs from Gieng Than station to Dragon Cave station. This one gives you a journey to discover the magical fairyland.

Visit the flower gardens of Le Jardin d’amour

This region is a beautiful place where most guests like to take pictures. This area is divided into 9 various gardens with different kinds of flowers.

flower gadern in bana hills
A beautiful flower garden in Bana. ©Vietnamdrive

Conquer the Bana Peak

The highest place in Ba Na Hills is Lau Chuong – Bell Towner. Standing on the top, you will admire the whole beautiful scenery of the mountains.

Get peace in Linh Ung Pagoda

The pagoda is one of three Linh Ung pagodas, also known as the famous “spiritual triangle of Linh Ung ” of Da Nang City. The pagoda has the typical architectural style and characteristics of Vietnamese temples. A highlight of Linh Ung Pagoda in Ba Na is a white Buddha statue 27m high.

linh ung pagoda in bana
The temple in Bana. ©Vietnamdrive

>> You may want to see a famous Buddhist Culture Museum in Danang City.

Walk around a French village

The complex of French village buildings opened in April 2015. With the inspiration of the famous architecture of France, many buildings were built with the European style of XIX. Walking around ancient buildings, magnificent castles, and gothic iron fences, you feel like in a French village.

Explore the Museum of Wax

Many wax statues simulate famous politicians, scientists, football players, or movie stars, including David Beckham, Albert Einstein, or Jacky Chan. You need to pay an extra entrance fee to visit this museum.

Walk on Golden Bridge

visit bana hills in dasnang
One of our guests walked and took pictures at the Golden Bridge in Bana . ©Vietnamdrive

Walking on the Golden Bridge (or Hand Bridge) is a well-known activity in Ba Na Hills. The bridge has a unique design and is located at a high location, making it unique and famous all around the world.

Discover the Wine Cellar Debay

The Debay Cellar was built by the French, with a nearly 100-year-old in the mountain. The cellar keeps the natural temperature from 14-18 degrees Celsius, creating a good condition to preserve wine. Nowadays, you have to pay tickets to visit this cellar, and its entrance fee includes wine tasting or coconut.

7. What to eat in Ba Na Hills

When you feel hungry or need more energy to continue your exploration here, you can find many tourist restaurants serving different types of food:

  • Buffet: Beer Plazza Restaurant with 4,000 m2, serving Asian and European food, Arapang Restaurant, Four Season Restaurant ( Bốn Mùa), and Taiga Restaurant (Vietnamese food). Their service hours are 10:30 am to 15:00. The ticket price is 350,000 VND (It’s correct in the published time).
  •  Vietnamese Restaurant: This specializes in serving Vietnamese food.
  •  Street food: You can find various street foods on many streets in the French Village in Bana.
  •  Fast food: Lotteria restaurant presents at the French Village as well.

An extra option is to come back to Da Nang City to taste the local food, such as My Quang (or Quang Noodle). You can find these noodles at Tran Restaurant at 04 Le Duan Street or My Ni Restaurant (local style) at 310 Nui Thanh Street.

quang noodle danang
Quang Noodles are great to taste. ©Vietnamdrive

8. Where to stay in Ba Na Hills

Most of the tourists come to Ba Na only one day without overnight. However, when you want to stay overnight here, you may check Mercure Ba Na Hills French Village with 494 rooms, which can give you a romantic atmosphere and a little cold feeling at night.

When booking this hotel, you should keep the booking voucher, which often allows you to go up and down the cable car without an extra fee.

mercue bana hills danang
You can stay overnight at Mercue Bana Hills. ©Vietnamdrive

Besides staying at this hotel, you can check many 4-star hotels in Da Nang City or the charming resorts on the beaches, which are much better for finding local food for dinner and visiting Da Nang at night. You can find lots of nice rooms at Grand Mercure Danang, Pullman Danang Beach Resort, Intercontinental Hotel & Resort, or Vinpearl.

9. Notes to visit Ba Na Hills

  • Daytime in Ba Na Hill may be sunny, but it’s freezing at night, so if you stay overnight at Ba Na Hills, you should bring a warm coat.
  •  Ba Na Hill is quite large, so you should have soft shoes, not high-heel shoes, to travel around more comfortably.
  •  Bring your sun cream because it’s sunny and burning, even though it’s not too hot temperature.
  •  Carry a good camera full of battery to take pictures because you do not want to miss the attraction of the beautiful nature and the incredible Golden Bridge (Hand Bridge).
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