What to Do in Da Nang at Night? You Must Try These 4 Activities

What to Do in Da Nang at Night

Traveling around Vietnam is certainly so much fun. There are so many beautiful spots we can visit around the country. Da Nang is one of the places you must not miss. Here you can find several tourist attractions which offer very beautiful views. For example, there are Marble Mountain, Son Tra Peninsula, Ba Na Hill, and many more. When the night has come, do not go back to your hotel yet and sleep. But, what to do in Da Nang at night? Here are the 4 best nightlife activities you must do there.

1. Bar


If you have no clue what to do in Da Nang at night, then the best place to spend the time is going to the bar. In this city, you will find a number of bars around the corner. Among all of them, we highly recommend you to go to Sky36 Club. Not only is it the highest rooftop bar in the city, but also in Vietnam. This fact enables you to enjoy their cocktail or other alcoholic drinks and music while viewing the beautiful night scenery of Da Nang. You can find this bar at the Novotel Danang Premier River Han on the 36th floor. It usually opens from 6pm-2am.

2. Club


Are you a music lover? Then the place you must go at night here is a club. In this case, New Phuong Dong Club is the place you would like to visit. It is considered to be the largest as well as the newest night club in Da Nang. Here you are able to dance around following the music. Speaking of which, this place offers a wide range of music genre. Besides EDM and disco, they also play genres like rock, jazz, and funk. Furthermore, it also possesses a lounge area where you can relax with some tasty drinks like wines, champagnes, cognacs, etc. This club is usually active from 8pm-3am.

3. Street Culinary

Street Culinary

Your trip will not be complete without trying local food in Da Nang. At night, there is plenty of street food which you can find. You absolutely have to taste them one by one. They are all delicious and, of course, affordable. The food you can try is like Quang Noodle, Sweet soup, Oyster Gruel, and many others.

4. Night View

If you are looking for a peaceful place with a beautiful view at night in Da Nang, we have 2 recommendation for you. Firstly, you can try to go to Rong Bridge. This bridge will amaze you. It has a dragon structure along the bridge, that’s why it is called as Rong (Dragon in Vietnamese). We suggest you come here on Saturday and Sunday at 9PM because the dragon will be illuminating and breathing fire and water. Secondly, you can go to Tran Thi Ly Bridge. It is about 1km from Rong Bridge. This bridge has a form of capital Y in upside down position. When night arrives, the light will be turned on, and the Y will look like sails facing to the East Sea.

night view

So, if you do not know what to do in Da Nang City at night, you can try our suggestion. Of course, the places we mentioned above are only a few spots you can visit. There are still some more bars, clubs, or elsewhere which you can go to. All in all, Da Nang can offer you one of the best nightlife in Vietnam.

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