Central Vietnam

Almost all Vietnamese people can immediately think of the lands suffering natural disasters, too hot in summer, but much rain in the monsoon whenever mentioning Central Vietnam. The land seems to be associated with the hard life, early morning fog, full of rain and sun, the locals are struggling to make a living.

The circle of life in this strip of land is always vicious and cruel. However, Mother Nature is also very generous when bestowing this region with many of the most beautiful landscapes in the country.

It can be said that in the central area of Vietnam from Thanh Hoa to Khanh Hoa provinces, there are countless charming scenery, amazing natural wonders that make many tourists’ hearts flutter even once when they visit.

Charm nature, but in the harshness

Stretching over 1,500 km of coastline, Central Vietnam has an ideal geographical position: located on the North-South national traffic axis, near international maritime and shipping routes. In particular, this area is the endpoint of the East-West Economic Corridor 1,450 km long, connecting Myanmar through Thailand and Laos. Therefore, one of the beautiful nature pictures in comparative advantage with other regions is the sea, which the central region can give the most.

Compare with the beaches in Vietnam, the central region owns wild coastal lines and fresh air, which always attract a lot of domestic and international tourists to visit and relax.

If Sam Son beach in Thanh Hoa is like white silk draped loosely on a young woman’s shoulder; Cua Lo beach in Nghe An is romantic as a beautiful picture of nature with white sand, golden sunshine; Nhat Le
in Quang Binh is gentle and wild; Lang Co beach, known as the beauty of the fishing village, is located next to the charming Hai Van pass, My Khe in Da Nang is one of the six most charming beaches on the planet, famous for its fine white sand, calm sea waves. Peaceful, warm water all year round in Nha Trang beaches attracts plenty of tourists with their lovely coastline and romantic coconut trees surrounded.

Many beaches from Thien Cam (Ha Tinh), Thuan An (Thua Thien Hue), Cua Dai (Quang Nam), Ca Na (Ninh Thuan) or Mui Ne (Binh Thuan) to Van Phong Bay (Khanh Hoa), all year round filled with sunshine and clear jade-colored seawater, are all ideal destinations that nature has carved into this narrow strip of land.

In addition to being swimming in the cool waters or watching the sunrise slowly covering the sea, you can also participate in many other exciting activities such as fishing, squid fishing, scuba diving to see corals, etc. In addition, with many comfortable resorts, it promises to give you peaceful relaxation and comfort.

The dense, green tropical forests or the high mountains are also interesting attractions in the middle of Vietnam.

You will be amazed at a Ngang Pass rushing each other from West to East running to the sea. The majestic and resilient Truong Son mountain range during the years of resistance against foreign invaders still stands majestically in the white clouds and sunshine. Bach Ma Mountain at an altitude of nearly 1,500m with a mild temperature is considered one of the most pleasant climate resorts in Indochina. The masterpiece of the Marble Mountains with 5 mounts rising in the middle of the plain is like a giant hand supporting the developing Da Nang. Or like Ba Na Hills with four seasons weather in one day has become the leading resort of Vietnam; Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park with its fanciful cave system and hundreds of rare and precious species of flora and fauna has been recognized by UNESCO…

Besides, the favor that nature gives to the Central region must also mention the beautiful rivers flowing through the mountains or across the heart of the cities.

It is hard to find another river as the Perfume River in Hue City with crystal clear blue water, the Son River leading to the Phong Nha Caves in Quang Binh, or the beautiful Han River leaning its shadow next to high-rise buildings and shimmering lights of dynamic Da Nang City. And the other rivers such as Thu Bon, Ben Hai, Tra Khuc also become the romantic and intense music, carving the life of each city.

Moreover, many tourists who were surprised know the Creator has created in this land unique natural wonders such as Luong stream in Thanh Hoa where hundreds of fishes live; the immense Tam Giang lagoon in Hue that becomes the largest brackish water lagoons in Southeast Asia; Da Dia in Phu Yen province that is formed from volcanic basalt as if it was carved by a certain artist millions of years ago.

In addition, Son Tra peninsula in Danang and Cham Island in Hoi An have the lovely blue sea, shimmering coral and dense forest; the sweet and spicy aroma of garlic gardens in Ly Son Island in Quang Ngai province; the unique white and red sand dunes in Mui Ne; O Loan lagoon blends with clouds and sky in Phu Yen, etc. all of them create typical pictures that are waiting for you to explore and paint more on them.

Resilient and hospitable spirit

The beauty of Central Vietnam is not only in the landscape but also in the character of the local people. A simple and considerate personality is shown in the behavior, daily communication between people, and against nature.

Perhaps because born in a poor land, suffered the most natural disasters in the country, the people of Central Vietnam no matter where they go, come to the south or north, they know how to overcome obstacles to survive. The strong nuances of people here seem to be created by the both sea breeze and hot sand, making the others remember.

Besides the strong character, the elegant and soft things in the culture seem to want to make balance in the spiritual life of the locals. You can find the soft voice when telling or singing folk songs on the Perfume River; the long elegant purple Ao Dai of Hue girls will attract you in a romantic way; the sweet singing of the girls in Ha Tinh and Nghe An provinces flows with Vi Dam folk songs, becoming a peaceful memory when listening to it.

Although Central Vietnam stays in simple and hard conditions, the people here always remember and love the homeland where they keep their childhood memories and beautiful images of the locals. Perhaps, it is in the places where life is the hardest that the love for the hometown and love for the other people can bloom in the most beautiful ways.

Central Vietnam owns the people who silently endure difficulties and sufferings, but never seldom to sorrowfully complain. Even the natural scenery may know that character of the locals, so it becomes more beautiful and live more lively although the harshness of climate comes and goes. So, this small strip land is loved by plenty of guests once they come here.

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