10 most famous beer brands in Vietnam

Vietnam is among the world’s largest beer consuming countries. According to the latest statistics, Vietnamese people drank more than 4 billion liters of beer in 2019, estimated that one person drank about 43 liters.

beers in vietnam
Drinking beers in Vietnam is so popular.

Especially in the time of the Vietnamese New Year, the amount of beer consumed will skyrocket.

Beer as well as everything else has pros and cons. However, in this article, Vietnamdrive wants to share with you the most famous beer brands in Vietnam.



Ranked at the top can only be Heineken, a classy beer originating from the Netherlands, not only affirming its position in Vietnam but also in the world. 

Since 1873, Heineken has always been proud of being the most famous beer group in the world, with more than 130 breweries in more than 70 countries.

Always a leading brand, Heineken is constantly improving and perfecting not only the quality of beer but also the design to meet all the demanding requirements of consumers.

Heineken always offers its users a new experience full of fun, great creativity that hardly any beer brands can keep up with it in the Vietnam market.

Activities that engage customers with products often happen to make them feel experienced and respected.

In epic music events, international and domestic sporting events, New Year’s events, Heneiken often creates a very impressive image of Heineken to the customers on the Vietnam map.

The world-class brand always opens up a new world of endless passion to deserve just be Heineken.

  • The average Heineken price in Vietnam: 460,000 VND ~ 20USD per 24 cans of 330ml

Saigon beer

Saigon Beer

People who love Vietnamese products seem to love Saigon beer as well. Saigon beer belongs to the Saigon Beer- Alcohol- Beverage Corporation.

Saigon beer is the familiar generic name of different types, including Special Saigon Beer, Saigon beer 333, 333 Premium, 333 Export, and Large Saigon beer. 

Saigon Beer has increasingly asserted its brand not only domestically but also in the world.

Taking product quality as the foundation, constantly changing the design to catch up with the innovation trend, bringing the rich quintessence of Vietnamese land and people into the products.

With a strong marketing network, Saigon Beer is present across the country, ranking third in the most consumed beverages in Vietnam.

With the motto: quality creates trust, consumers will be satisfied with the great taste of products.

  • Average 333-beer price: 275,000 VND ~ 12USD per a barrel of 24 cans 330ml

Tiger Beer

tiger beer
Tiger Beer | @hwayeon_e

Tiger Beer is a famous beer brand in Singapore and presents around the world because of its high product quality, but the price is in the mid-range.

Founded in 1930, Tiger Beer reaching out to more than 60 countries around the world, is increasingly asserting its position in the middle class.

With a modern production line, selected natural ingredients, Tiger Beer has produced golden beer with excellent quality, creating a strange feeling of refreshing for users.

In addition to the traditional Tiger Beer of a brown bottle, the brand has launched a unique product with a luxurious design, transparent glass bottle, tall and slim Tiger Crystal, and a light beer for females.

However, if the Tiger Crystal is chilled, the product is also a challenge for men to conquer. For sure, you will be amazed at how much this beer can give.

  • Average price: 380,000VND ~ 16.5USD per a box of 24 cans 330ml each

Hanoi Beer

hanoi beer

Hanoi beer brand, also called Habeco, is gradually dominating North Vietnam in a unique position for many years. Most of its products are only in the affordable segment.

The main products of Habeco are Hanoi draft beer, Hanoi beer bottle 450ml with a red or blue label, Hanoi beer premium, Hanoi beer in cans, and Truc Bach beer. 

With such a competitive market for both domestic and foreign beer, Habeco continually launches an impressive advertising strategy to reinforce its brand’s position in the hearts of consumers.

At the same time, quality and price are always issues that are concerned by many users in Vietnam. Hanoi beer also chooses to launch suitable strategies to develop its market.

  • Average Hanoi Light beer price: 390,000 VND ~ 16.9 USD per box of 24 cans, 330ml each can
  • Address: 183 Hoang Hoa Tham, Ba Dinh, Hanoi, Vietnam

Biere Larue Beer

larue beer
Larue beer | @luv_soy

Biere Larue Beer is in the low-end segment but still retains its position in Vietnam.

The product is a delicate blend in the traditional characteristic flavor of French Beer, first produced in 1909.

Biere Larue has a dark yellow color, rich taste thanks to the good ingredients in the secret of brewing beer from Europe.

Biere Larue beer perfectly connects friendship, ready to bring you to different levels of emotions.

Over the past 100 years, when mentioning Biere Larue, people will immediately remember the image of a famous tiger with a dark yellow color.

Each sip of Larue has a gentle taste that makes people unforgettable.

  • Average price: 256,000 VND ~11USD per a 24-can box

Huda Beer

huda beer

For nearly three decades in Vietnam, the hallmark that Huda beer leaves in the hearts of consumers is the image of an outstanding quality beer with a fine flavor. 

The combination of European imported ingredients, modern Danish production technology, and 170-year-old traditional brewing know-how from the parent Carlsberg group create delicious taste and eye-catching color for Huda beer.

Huda becomes the pride of the people in Hue City as the first Vietnamese beer brand to receive prestigious international awards.

The main factory of Huda Beer is in Phu Bai industrial zone in Thua Thien Hue Province, Vietnam, near Phu Bai airport. So, when you travel to Hue City in Central Vietnam, do not forget to taste Huda beer.

  • Average price: 280,000 VND ~ 12 USD per 24-can box

Halida Beer

halida beer
Halida Beer | @autumnysk

The name Halida is also one of the famous beer in the northern region in Vietnam, typically in Hanoi. This beer is the combination of Hanoi, Joint Venture, and Denmark, manufactured by Danish technology and equipment.

The experts always select the materials carefully. Thus, Halida beer barley gets a delicious sprouted one, imported from leading European suppliers, under the international standards of the Carlsberg Group.

Thanks to its care, the quality of Halida is stable over time with a refreshing aroma, giving a sweet aftertaste taste.

Besides, the quality of Halida beer comes from a special yeast (Saccharomyces Carlsbergenis), researched and developed at the Carlsberg Group’s laboratory in Denmark.

According to experts, this yeast is the golden key to creating a balanced, rich but not harsh bitterness for every drop of Halida beer. Thereby, it gives a gentle taste to drink and a great sense of refreshment to drinkers.

Halida beer is the perfect fun thanks to its good quality at a reasonable price, contributing to prolonging parties and relaxing moments.

  • Average price: 255,000 VND ~ 11USD per a 24-can box of 330ml each
  • Address: 176B Minh Khai, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi, Vietnam

Corona Beer

Corona Beer
Corona Beer | @toilakevin

A beer from the beautiful country of Mexico has a light alcohol content, only 4.6%.

This beer has a mild taste. Many drinkers can drink directly from the bottle or add a little slice of lemon to create a cocktail with a unique flavor.

This great refreshing drink is for hot summer days by the beach, giving you a fresh experience.

Although Corona beer is one of the most consumed beers in the world, it still struggles to find users in Vietnam.

Despite that, this beer increasingly owns its position in the hearts of Vietnamese customers.

  • Average price: 650,000 VND ~ 28USD per 24 bottles

Budweiser Beer

budweiser beer
Budweiser beer | @t.n.puong

Budweiser Beer is a special type that plenty of Vietnamese people love because of the fragrance when drinking.

The ingredients such as malt and hops are carefully selected and aged in oak barrels, preserving the sweet tropical aroma. Just opening the lid of the can, many drinkers in Vietnam can instantly feel this fascinating flavor.

Budweiser Budvar Beer has an eye-catching design and color with three main colors: red, yellow, and white.

Combined with outstanding quality, many Vietnamese people choose this beer as a good product as a gift.

The product has a soft and mild taste plus a bitter yeast to create a fresh feeling, which is suitable for the Vietnam market.

  • Budweiser beer price in Vietnam: 345,000 VND ~ 15USD per 12 cans of 500 ml each box

Sapporo Beer

sapporo beer

As one of the leading beer brands in the world, Sapporo beer also presents in Vietnam. 

Sapporo is not only famous for its smooth taste and super foam but also stands out with its designs.

Sapporo Brewery is one of the leading breweries with the oldest and most famous history in Japan.

This beer has been produced since 1877. Up to now, it is still sold widely in Japan and many countries around the world, including Vietnam.

If you like to enjoy the rich malt flavor, it is perfect for drinking Sapporo beer.

With a luxurious and polite silver design with an outstanding golden star, lots of Vietnamese people use this beer as a gift to their relatives. 

The unique flavor creating from using barley is absorbed in each superfine foam, making drinkers feel its great moment from the first sip.

  • Average price: 450,000 VND ~ 19.5USD per a 24-can box of 330ml each

Vietnamdrive’s thoughts

Can you choose your favorite beer to enjoy when you travel to Vietnam?

Beers in Vietnam are low price and have different tastes to try. From the local beers to the imported ones can be found in most cities in the S-shape land.

For our recommendation, you should try Hanoi beer in the capital of Vietnam, Huda beer in Hue City, and 333 in Saigon, which are the most popular Vietnamese beers created and produced by local companies.

However, please drink beer with a limit to control the other activities when you visit Vietnam.

Typically, when drinking any sip of beer, you do not drive a motorbike or car to keep safe for you and the others.

Frequently asked questions about beers in Vietnam

When did beer come to Vietnam?

Similar to Banh Mi, beer was introduced to Vietnam in the late 19th century through the French. Specifically, Mr. Alfred Hommel established the first brewery in Hanoi in 1890 to satisfy the beer needs of French soldiers.

Beer in Vietnam has gradually become a favorite drink by the middle class, which helps them sophisticated in the eyes of friends.

When and where do the people drink beer in Vietnam?

Most people drink beer when they join almost parties, for example, traditional wedding, and after working every day from 5:30 pm – 8:00 pm.

A few people drink it when they eat daily meals in their own house, but not much.

Because drinking beer in Vietnam has a strong community culture, so drink alone at meals is not a good choice. So, local restaurants and eateries are well-known places for beer time.

Which food is popular to eat when enjoying a beer in Vietnam?

Most drinkers in Vietnam like to enjoy seafood and barbecue when tasting beer. Besides, dry food such as dry squid, beef or chicken is another choice.

How do the Vietnamese people drink beer?

Drinking beer with other people is the best choice when they can tell together. Therefore, you can find the beer restaurants are very noisy.

100% and 1-2-3-Dzo are common words when the Vietnamese people drink beer.

100% means drinking all of the glass, but you can tell them to finish 50%, depending on your ability.

And, 1-2-3-Dzo means cheer. You should say loudly these words with the other drinkers.

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