Hanoi Beer: Its Price and Different Types

Hanoi Beer belongs to Hanoi Beverage Joint Stock Corporation, called HABECO for short.

In 1890, the first small factory was born with the name Hommel Brewery built by the French, considered the forerunner of the company. And, on May 6, 2003, HABECO was officially established in the welcome of many beer lovers.

class hanoi beer
A classic can of Hanoi Beer. ©Ngoc Ha

With many years of experience in the beverage industry, along with the use of modern technology systems, the products of Hanoi beer have won the love of millions of domestic and foreign customers.

Over the years, the company has developed many different types of beer, but for many people, the name Hanoi beer is for all of the company’s products.

Now, Vietnamdrive invites you to study more about these beers.

Hanoi Bold Beer and Hanoi Light Beer

hanoi bold and light beer
A screenshot from Habeco

As a high-end beer product line aimed at young people, Hanoi Bold and Hanoi Light beers are a twin product pair that is loved and enthusiastically received by the dynamic young generation in this city.

Hanoi Bold has the characteristic strong yeast flavor of fine barley malt and attractive Houblon flowers, conquering dynamic young people who want to devote themselves to the fun. The smooth golden beer with a rich taste attracts all the senses, bringing the ultimate feeling of refreshment.

Hanoi Light with premium malt yeast and noble hops from the Czech Republic blends bitter and pure taste, impressive with dense creamy foam when opening the lid for any excited parties.

Hanoi Bold and Hanoi Light for Hanoi youth to enjoy a beer in a new style, and more dynamic, more personal according to the modern rhythm of life.

Hanoi Bold beer has an alcohol content of 4.7 – 4.9% vol, in a masculine green bottle with a capacity of 330 ml. Hanoi Light has an alcohol content of less than 4.5%, bottled in a transparent yellow beer glass bottle, with a capacity of 330 ml.

The retail price of Hanoi Bold and Hanoi Light beer: 355ml bottle is 15,000 VND, 330ml can is 15,000 VND/can, while 24 cans of 330ml beer cost about 390,000 VND/box.

Hanoi Beer Premium

hanoi premium beer
Hanoi Beer Premium. ©Ngoc Ha

Hanoi Beer Premium with 2 product lines of bottles and cans, with the same capacity of 330 ml, and alcohol content of 4.9%.

While Hanoi Premium bottled beer is aimed at a luxurious and harmonious level for parties, canned beer is aimed at the youth and dynamism of young people.

The beer has an attractive, rich aroma of barley malt, with a hint of noble Houblon flowers from the Czech Republic, bringing a refreshing and creative experience to the drinkers.

Hanoi Premium bottles in plastic boxes of 24 bottles/carton for about 230,000 VND/box, and cartons of 24 cans for about 312,000 VND per carton.

Hanoi Red Label Beer

hanoi red label beer
Hanoi Red Label Beer. ©Ngoc Ha

With two forms of bottling and canning, Hanoi red label beer is one of the famous beer brands in Vietnam that has long been in the hearts of consumers in Hanoi in particular and in the North in general, as a product with the appearance and taste of the classic flavor.

The beer is bright and clear, with a harmonious and mellow bitter taste, and the eye-catching foam layer, deposited aftertaste. And, Hanoi Red label beer has become familiar from the dining table to the banquets of Hanoians.

The Hanoi red label bottle has 450 ml and an alcohol of 4.4%; the can of 330 ml has an alcohol of 4.6%

A plastic box of 20 bottles costs about 160.00 VND / box. 24-can packing costs about 230,000 VND / carton.

Hanoi Green Label Beer

green label beer hanoi
A screenshot from Habeco

The brand was born exclusively for customers in Central Vietnam, where there is a blue sea, golden sand, and typical flavor.

Hanoi Green Label beer combines the unique taste of the Central people with the quintessence of more than 120 years of Hanoi beer to create a product with an unforgettable taste.

Hanoi green label has 2 packaging forms: bottled and canned, with the same capacity of 330 ml, the alcohol content is only 4.2% lighter than the red label. This type of beer brings a feeling of lightness and familiarity to people in the Central region in general.

The box of 24 cans with the green label beer is about 275,000 VND.

Hanoi Draft Beer

hanoi draft beer
Hanaoi Draft Beer – Bia Hoi. ©Ngoc Ha

True to the traditional style of enjoying beer of Hanoi people, Hanoi draft beer has always been warmly received by Hanoi diners, both domestic and foreign tourists.  Many people in Vietnam’s capital choose these products at meetings and parties.

Using the ingredients of water, malt, rice, sugar, Houblon flowers, and brewer’s yeast creates an exciting taste.

This beer has an alcohol content of about 3.5%, is relatively light, feels cool, and is very suitable for refreshments.

Accordingly, the price of Hanoi draft beer with 6 cans of 500ml ranges from 90,000 to 110,000 VND. The price of Hanoi draft beer with 24 cans of 500ml ranges from 345,000 to 380,000 VND/barrel.

Truc Bach Beer

truc bach beer hanoi
Truc Bach Beer. ©Ngoc Ha

Named after Truc Bach Lake – a famous tourist place in Hanoi, Truc Bach beer belonging to Hanoi Beer (HABECO) was the first domestic beer of Vietnam when this product was born in 1958.

Premium beer line is crystallized from the best-imported ingredients such as Saaz hops grown in the Zatec Valley, Czech Republic; and spring barley harvested from the famous areas of France and the Czech Republic.

For drinkers, Truc Bach Beer is likened to a work of art. It is golden yellow and transparent like honey. When pouring, the beer foam is white, thick, and porous, and the sound of the foam slowly melts smoothly.

In particular, when drinking, beer has a slightly bitter taste that slowly turns to the sweet taste of malt. This unique beer taste is the result of a long natural fermentation process, 2-3 times longer than regular beers.

Truc Bach beer has both cans and bottles with 330ml and an alcohol content of 5.1%. The carton box with 24 cans costs around 500,000 VND.

Do you like beer? Which types of these beers would you like to taste when traveling to Hanoi?

You may find them in supermarkets in Vietnam or at Hanoi Beer Street.

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