Ta Hien Beer Street in Hanoi

The nightlife in Vietnam at the tourist streets is often very busy and colorful. If in Saigon, there is Bui Vien Street, in Hue City is Vo Thi Sau Street, in Hanoi, Ta Hien Beer Street right in Hanoi Old Quarter is a famous one. What is fascinating in Ta Hien Street that many people travel here?

 The unique features of Ta Hien beer street

Ta Hien is an ancient street. With a length of around 260m, this road with a harmonious architecture has become a famous destination in Hanoi, giving typical value on ancient and traditional architecture.

ta hien beer street hanoi
It’s busy at Ta Hien Beer Street at night.

Therefore, this old area has attracted many visitors including foreigners. So, many people also call Ta Hien “a tourist street”. At night, this distance is more crowded and bustling. So, the name of “Ta Hien not sleeping” is also signed from here.

Not many places in Hanoi with a unique, vibrant and bustling beauty like Ta Hien Steet when the night comes. The small restaurants, sidewalk beer pubs close to each other sell the delicious street food of Hanoi. This image has become an unforgettable impression for the locals and visitors.

During the day time, Ta Hien Street is quiet and calm like the Hanoians, but at night it is noisy, bustling, and joyful that becomes a lively picture of a modern city. Perhaps, the presence of many foreign tourists here brings a different color for the ancient beer street Ta Hien.

ta hien beer street in ha noi
Ta Hien Beer Street at night is different from day time.

When you visit here, you can be overwhelmed by the busy space with a lot of people. Many young people and backpackers gather to drink beer and chat with each other, creating a strong impression on the guests visiting Ta Hien beer street for the first time.

It seems that the barriers of language, culture, and cuisine have been removed. All guests are harmonious with the bustling and joyful atmosphere, enjoying the breath of Hanoi life at night in each moment.

A short history of Ta Hien

Ta Hien Street is the busiest nightlife area in Hanoi nowadays, with a distance from Ta Hien to Luong Ngoc Quyen – Hang Bac – Hang Ngang to Hang Dao. During the French colonial period, Ta Hien street was originally composed of old streets, named Rue Géraud.

ta hien beer street in hanoi
It’s exciting to come to this beer street. ©Ngoc Ha

But the local people still liked to call it Quang Lac, it is because of there the most famous theater of Quang Lac which was located in the center of the street. Quang Lac theater was recognized as a luxury place to enjoy the dance, opera and singing for the upper class. Near the theater have a lot of restaurants and refreshments serving guests watching and hanging out at night.

With a lot of shops selling porridge, pho (noddles), wonton noodles or beer bars crowded with people, and the street vendors selling tea, donuts, dumplings, all make this street become a living scene at night.

Since 1945, the street has been changed to Ta Hien, named after a leader of Can Vuong movement in Thai Binh Province, Ta Quang Hien (1841- 1893). And, now it is called Ta Hien beer street.

Cuisine in Ta Hien beer street

When telling about Ta Hien, most people immediately mention the typical beers here including fresh beer and normal beer. Once visiting this town, visitors are fascinated with the aroma of delicious, cool fresh beer that can not be compared to anywhere else. Therefore, people often call Ta Hien a beer street in Hanoi.

ta hien beer street in hanoi vietnam
Spending time with friends here is exciting. ©Ngoc Ha

The drinking beer style in Ta Hien has become a unique feature that is hard to be confused with anywhere in Hanoi. It is the soul of the people living in the capital, the union of young people. The cool fresh beer with golden color blending in the white foam bubbles has become an unforgettable image in the hearts of many Hanoians.

Enjoying the great flavor of Ta Hien beer and tasting the snacks, and local Hanoi food is a really interesting experience. Sitting on the sidewalks of beer pubs or small restaurants are simple, not luxurious, but this activity has become the must-do experience in Hanoi.

Ta Hien vermicelli noodle (Bun Bo): this kind of food is a very familiar dish with Vietnamese people. Bun Bo in this street has a little different flavor because the beef is fried with garlic, creating rich flavor. And, the noodles are mixed with other ingredients such as bean sprouts, melons, pineapple.

Chicken legs are a strange dish for foreigners but it is popular for the young Vietnamese. Many dishes are created including chicken feet steamed with onions or lemongrass, fried and grilled, or mixed sweet and sour taste, all have different flavors, attracting eaters coming from different areas.

Bun Moc (Moc vermicelli) at 14 Ta Hien is also a place to taste the great flavor. The image of hot pots creates steaming water ad great smell, making most of the people feel hungry. Bun Moc is sweet, soft mixed with ground meat, mushroom, spices.

Grilled quail with honey: This kind of food is popular in the street of Ta Hien. Many young people like to taste grilled quails with honey while drinking beer. This is not expensive food, with from 50,000VND, you may get a dish of few quails. When passing a shop that is grilling quails, you are surprised by the fragrant smells of this food.

Ta Hien beer street is the most well-known destination at night in Hanoi, it has a combination of Asian and Eastern culture, absorbing with modernity and ancient aftertaste. It is the gentle but harmonious style between the two styles of West and East, making the beer street become the most prominent place at night in Hanoi.

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