Lotte Center Hanoi: the second-highest building in this city

Lotte Center Hanoi is famous for its 65 floors and as the 3rd tallest building in Vietnam. This Lotte Center is a complex building, including a commercial center, serviced apartments, high-class hotels, high-class offices for rent, and many other areas for entertainment, shopping, and eating.

lotte hanoi
Lotte Mart Hanoi

Lotte Center Hanoi

Lotte Center Hanoi building has a total investment capital of more than 400 million USD and is listed as one of the modern shopping centers in Hanoi.

The scale of this 272m-tall building includes 65 floating floors, 05 basements on an area of ​​14,000m2, and a floor area of ​​253,000m2. This center is the second tallest tower in Hanoi after Keangnam Landmark Tower, and it has become the third-highest building in Vietnam.

  • Address: 54 Lieu Giai Street, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi Capital, Vietnam
  • Phone number: +84 4 3333 6000

Different areas in Lotte Center Hanoi

Lotte Center has different areas, now let’s explore them one by one.

lotte mart hanoi
Inside the Lotte Mart

The shopping area of ​​Lotte Center Mall

Lotte Center Hanoi has many booths with eye-catching and youthful designs. Many famous fashion brands present for both men and women, such as Kelly Bui, Elise, Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste, and Balenciaga.

Children’s playground of Lotte Center Mall

The play region for children is on the 5th storey of Lotte Center, where many parents carry their children to have fun. This area is a large and airy space with a colorful design.

Sky Walk Observation Deck on the 65th Floor

A typical position at Lotte Center is the 65th floor, called Sky Walk Observation Deck. All sides here are glass, so you can easily see the entire city.

hanoi sky lotte observation deck
Hanoi Sky – Lotte observation deck

From here, the whole scene of Hanoi city appears. And depending on the time you choose, you will have different feelings here. During the daytime, you can see Hanoi as a vivid picture; and, in the evening, when the street lights turn on, the city shimmering and fanciful.

In addition, the Sky Walk observatory has two walking parts made of clear glass, which makes you feel that you are walking and standing on houses, trees, and vehicles. That is great to enjoy the panoramic view of Hanoi city.

A binocular on the 65th floor is available to observe daily items around you closer.

The restaurant area

Lotte Center also converges famous dining brands with spacious space and modern design. You can find diverse menus to order a tasty meal with relatives and friends.

At Lotte Center Hanoi, in addition to Vietnamese food, cuisine from other countries such as Korea, Japan, and Thailand are available to serve various tastes of different diners.

bakery at lotte mart hanoi
Bakery shops at Lotte Mart

Supermarket area at Lotte Center

Of course, in the building of Lotte Center, a supermarket is built on the ground floor with a large area selling diverse items, such as household items, food, fruit, and various drinks. Almost all products at Lotte Mart are reputable and high-quality with clear origins.

lotte mart hanoi vietnam

Ticket price for the observation deck on the 65th floor

Go shopping and visiting the Lotte Center in Hanoi is free. However, the observation deck on the 65th floor is a charge of money to come here.

You go down to basement B1 to buy entrance tickets for traveling the observation deck, also called the Sky Walk.

Price for adult: 23,000 VND/person

Price for children: 170,000 VND/child, from 3 – 12 years old

Time to sell tickets: 9:00 am – 22:30

Time to experience the Sky Walk observatory: 9:00 am – 24:00.

After buying the ticket, you can ask the ticket sellers to guide you to the elevator to the 65th floor. The elevator runs fast, so you can feel tinnitus for a moment. If you travel with children, they may get this uncomfortable issue.

With this share, hopefully, you will have fun and relaxing moments in Lotte Center Hanoi.

Photo: Ngoc Ha – Vietnamdrive

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