The Beautiful Beaches in Hoi An to Relax

When talking about Hoi An, most people will immediately think of Hoi An Ancient Town, the Japanese Pagoda, and the Hoai River with its classic and rustic beauty, captivating so many visitors but forgetting that Hoi An has many beautiful beaches.

The beaches in Hoi An have white sand and romantic scenery. All blend to create a charming scene that not everywhere can be. Cua Dai spreads along with shady coconut trees while the tranquil area covers An Bang beach.

To make your Hoi An trip perfect, let’s see next to Cua Dai and An Bang beach, are there any more beaches near there?

The Maps of Hoi An Beaches

 Here is the location of beaches in Hoi An, which allows you to have a quick look at the details of each beach below.

1. Cua Dai Beach – beautiful sand with a green coconut farm

cua dai beach hoian
The green trees create highlights in Cua Dai Beach. ©Vietnamdrive

Located 5km from the center of Hoi City, Cua Dai Beach is one of the famous tourist destinations in Hoi An. The estuary near Cua Dai is the convergence of three rivers Thu Bon, Truong Giang, and De Vo before pouring into the East Sea.

Cua Dai Beach attracts visitors from the first moments by the endless stretching of white sand, surrounded by green coconut trees. From Cua Dai Beach, you can look at Cham Island in the sea.

Immerse yourself in the clear blue sea water, lie on the sand sunbathe, and enjoy the cool breeze from Cua Dai beach that will bring you incredible moments of peaceful relaxation.

You can choose to sit at the leaf huts of the local people and pay them a little fee. And, you will feel peace of mind to play some sports activities on the sand.

Cua Dai Beach has a lot of shrimp and fish, including snappers, mackerels, and sardines. Thus, not only enjoy swimming delightfully or participating in beach activities, but you can also have the opportunity to taste the fresh seafood dishes here, such as grilled stingray with lemongrass, fried squid with fish sauce, and grilled scallops with spring onions.

When you choose Cua Dai Beach as your leisure destination, you can stop at the resorts close to the beach. These resorts are built in an environment-friendly manner with typical Vietnamese village architecture, embellishing the charm of Cua Dai Beach.

Palm Garden Beach Resort & Spa nestles in a lush tropical garden overlooking the beautiful sea. Boutique Hoi An Resort in a green and peaceful space is also located near the Cua Dai beach. Golden Sand Resort comes with a modern style, but still a lot of green plants right on the beach.

Note: For a few recent years, Cua Dai Beach has been destroyed by the tropical storm, which took the sand away from the seashore. This reason causes the seawater deeper, so be careful when you swim. But, relaxing on the coconut farm is still a great experience.

2. An Bang Beach – a quiet piece of Hoi An tourism

an bang beach hoi an city quang nam
An Bang Beach. ©Vietnamdrive

Situated in Cam An ward, Hoi An City, An Bang beach is like a paradise for sea lovers. The beach has a peaceful and tranquil beauty, in contrast to the vibrant and bustling Cua Dai beach.

Leaving Hoi An ancient town, looking to An Bang beach, you will walk on the smooth white sand dotted with strips of purple sea flowers, or freely swim in the clear and cool water.

Moreover, the waves of An Bang are big and suitable for those who are passionate about adventure games such as windsurfing and jumping waves. A few shops here have surfing boards for rent, but the price is high. Therefore, you should carry your surfboard if any.

Also, you can hire a canoe or a water motorbike to cruise on the sea and conquer the waves of An Bang, bringing you memorable experiences.

While spending your time leisurely at An Bang Beach, you can visit beautiful restaurants and bars to enjoy fresh seafood dishes. What joyful moments while tasting seafood and local beer and enjoying the fresh breeze from the sea!

Near An Bang Beach, there are many accommodations for you to delight in choosing to enjoy a sweet vacation with your loved ones.

Aira Boutique Hoi An is located next to An Bang Beach, providing comfortable, modern, and 4-star rooms. An Bang Hideaway is just a few steps from the beach, bringing you friendly feelings.

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3. Ha My Beach – one of the most beautiful beaches in Asia

Ha My Beach is located on the coastal route connecting Da Nang City and Hoi An ancient town.

ha my beach hoi an
Ha My Beach is not so famous as An Bang, next to it. ©Vietnamdrive

Ha My Beach is a relatively new name on the tourist map of Hoi An, like a sleeping fairy while remaining intact with pure and pristine features.  

The beach of Ha My fascinates tourists with white sand, clear blue sea water, rows of poplar trees, and shady coconut palms stretching. Perhaps it is the seductive beauty that Ha My Beach was voted one of the most beautiful beaches in Asia.

Coming to Ha My, you will want to lie down all day on the fine white sand to sunbathe or relax under the green coconut trees. You will get great leisure when listening to the whispering waves, and quietly watching the peaceful natural scenery. You will hardly have such relaxing moments at other famous beaches.

Although this place is still quite new and has not been developed much in tourism, you do not worry about where to stay and what to eat. It is because there is everything there to bring you complete holidays in Hoi An.

Do not forget to taste a variety of fresh and delicious seafood at low prices.

Around the beach, there are a few accommodations from budget to luxury for you to choose from.

Four Seasons The Nam Hai Resort – a 5-star resort with a sea view offers airy space, close to nature. LE BELHAMY Resort spreads across 10 hectares facing the ocean. This resort is the perfect choice for those who would like a beach vacation. Ha My Seaside Hoi An Homestay is a unique budget accommodation to spend your night there.

4. Hidden Beach in Hoi An – an escaping place for relaxing

hidden beach hoi an
The way to go to the Hidden Beach Hoi An. ©Vietnamdrive

Hoi An Hidden Beach is a short space between Cua Dai and An Bang beaches. The area is a public beach for the locals, so it seems very peaceful and pristine.

Coming to this area, you can rest comfortably. A daily busy life will go by the waves, and your soul is opened to feel the beauty of a simple life.

Relax and let your eyes get a limitless view when staying at a seemingly non-existent beach in Hoi An for visitors. And, bring a book and sunscreen, you’ll have a great time breathing the fresh air at Hoi An Hidden Beach.

5. The wild beaches on the south side of Thu Bon River

The southern coast of the Thu Bon River has been known only for a few years when the Cua Dai Bridge was inaugurated connecting the two river banks.

wild beaches in hoi an

However, at present, there are not many travelers visiting these beaches and not many services there although Hoi An is trying to develop more hotels and resorts in that area. The prominent entertainment destination in the southern sea area of ​​Hoi An is the Vinpearl Land Hoi An.

So, if you are interested in exploring local features, like pristine beaches, you should cross the Cua Dai bridge to find the beaches in the south of Hoi An ancient town.

And, here are a few beaches in the south area of Thu Bon River you can find.

  1. Hoang Dinh Thi Beach is closest to the river, but the way to reach it is a bit difficult, only accessible by bike or motorbike. So, when crossing Cua Dai Bridge, you turn left and continue to ask the local people to find the way to Hoang Dinh Thi Beach.
  2.  Binh Duong Beach is 9 km south of Cua Dai Bridge. This beach is easier to look for the way than Hoang Dinh Thi beach. Also, there are a few small local restaurants on the beach that serve water for swimmers.
  3.  Duy Ha Beach is about 2 km south of Binh Duong Beach. In the sea area, you can find more dining services. Duy Ha Beach is the busiest place in the coastal area south of Hoi An so far.

Please note that the beaches in the south of Thu Bon River have no safeguards for swimmers. Thus, swimming for tourists is not recommended on those beaches.

Spending time at Hoian beaches makes your holidays more exciting. In the morning, you explore Hoi An ancient town, or My Son Sanctuary, and in the afternoon, after 4:00 pm, it is a good time for you to come to the beach.

Ha My Beach and An Bang are the top choices when you want to find a peaceful place to relax. At An Bang Beach, there are more restaurants and bars than at Ha My Beach.

Always take care of yourselves when swimming in the sea to avoid deep water and rip currents. You can swim in the area marked as allowance and when seeing some safeguards around there.

The best time to visit the beaches in Hoi An is from March to September when the weather is clear. You also note that from May to September has a hot temperature. Sometimes in Hoi An, it can get 37 degrees with high humidity.

When will you come to Hoi An and which beach do you want to relax on?

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