8 most beautiful villages in Vietnam to visit

Through the changes of time, the modern life of the city is gradually creeping into the countryside, but fortunately, the images of Vietnamese villages still retain their beauty.

When visiting any village on the S-shaped land, you will get a feeling of peace and relaxation.

Let’s join with Vietnamdrive to discover the most beautiful villages in Vietnam below!

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Tam Thanh (Quang Nam) is one of beautiful villages in Vietnam to stop.| @cinderbloque

Cua Van fishing village, Quang Ninh

Cuu Van fishing village
Cuu Van fishing village in Halong | @agniva_debnath

Cua Van fishing village situates in the heart of Ha Long Bay, a World Natural Heritage recognized by UNESCO. The village has become an attractive tourist destination for domestic and foreign visitors.

Visiting Cua Van, you can find a peaceful and exotic space, admire the charming natural scenery, and learn about the typical life of fishermen. Also, the local women in the fishing village directly guide to visit, show how to paddle and fishing.

Cua Van originated from two ancient fishing villages, Giang Vo and Truc Vo. It combines with the islands to become an integral part of Ha Long Bay, belonging to Hung Thang ward, Ha Long city, Quang Ninh province, Vietnam.

Cua Van fishing village currently has 175 households, with over 750 people living by fishing.

When night falls, the scene is peaceful and gentle, full of pristine features of a fishing village on the sea. You can row a boat to visit around that area and go to catch fishes and squids.

Today the best way to visit the Cuu Van fishing village in Halong is to choose yachts to sleep on the bay. Besides visiting this village, you can join many activities in Halong bay while you are on the cruise, such as kayaking, exploring caves, swimming, cooking, or training Taichi in the morning.

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Duong Lam ancient village, Hanoi

Duong Lam Village
A beautiful corner in Duong Lam Village | @thanhtam245

Duong Lam ancient village is in Son Tay district, about 44km from Hanoi city center. Duong Lam is the hometown of Ngo Quyen and Phung Hung – two famous kings in Vietnam, so it is called “the land of two kings”.

Nowadays, Duong Lam village, with over 950 traditional houses, still retains the unique characteristics of an ancient village in the North. This village has the ancient village gate, banyan tree, water waft, a communal yard that are the symbols of Vietnamese villages.

In 2006, Duong Lam became the first ancient village in Vietnam to be awarded by the State with a National Historical and Cultural Relic.

When you want to see the traditional activities in this village, the festival season takes place in the first lunar month every year.

Mong Phu village’s festival from 4th to 10th of the first lunar month is the holiest festival of the year. Worshipping Thanh Hoang (local deity) will happen at the communal temple with various activities. After organizing the ceremony, the villagers will participate in traditional Vietnamese games such as human chess, fighting chicken, and blindfolded duck catching, being a cheerful atmosphere.

The old village of Duong Lam always wears a serene and sincere. You will see the lush green color of rice fields, banyan trees, and the image of a diligent peasant, creating a perfect countryside picture. Peaceful and beautiful!

Besides visiting the old architecture in Duong Lam village, you can enjoy local dishes, such as steamed rice cake, sweet-sticky-rice cake, and sour soya sauce.

Po Mu Village, Son La

Po Mu Village
Po Mu Village in Muong La, Son La | @blue.nomad

Po Mu village is a small village of Ngoc Chien, Muong La Distict, Son La Province, Vietnam. The village stays in the middle of mountains and hills, welcoming visitors with dreamy scenery, hiding ancient features.

Po Mu village is the highest one in Muong La district, staying around 80km from northwest of the center of Son La city.

The ways to Po Mu village are not good enough for cars because of high passes. However, the village looks like a peaceful picture appearing when you reach there.

Luckily, Po Mu village still preserves the ancient cultural features and the lovely scene like in a fairy tale.

The most typical thing in this village is most of the old houses that people built with good wood of Po Mu, so this called Po Mu village. At the present, there are more than 1000 houses made entirely of precious Po Mu wood.

Po Mu village has an altitude of 1,800m above sea level. Thanks to that height, its climate is cool all year round, making you get a comfortable experience. Thus, you can visit this place at any time of the year. And, you can enjoy lovely pure mist and fresh air, no smoke, and tranquil surroundings.

Phuoc Tich ancient village, Thua Thien Hue

Phuoc Tich Village
Phuoc Tich Village | @mailien10

Phuoc Tich ancient village is in Phuoc Phu village, Phong Hoa commune, Huong Dien district, Thua Thien – Hue province, Vietnam.

According to some historical documents, this village was formed in the 15th century, when Dai Viet feudal state expanded the land to the South.

In the beginning, this village was named Phuc Giang, with Giang referring to a river and water area, Phuc in happiness and virtue.

When King Gia Long (1802 -1820) came, this village was renamed Phuoc Tich with the expectation that people in the village would accumulate many blessings for the next life.

As its name, generations in the village have continued developing the traditions of their ancestors to get good things for life. The locals are still enthusiastic about working, diligently creating great values ​​for the village.

The ancient architecture, the unique features of the local life, and craftwork have created the cultural beauty of Phuoc Tich, contributing to the countryside lifestyle in the Central region.

Currently, there are about 117 households in the village, with nearly 30 old houses including 10 family chapels and 20 Ruong houses (a Ruong house has the design of 3 rooms with 2 wings). Typically, 12 ancient houses have been ranked with special value.

The system of old houses and traditional gardens make Phuoc Tich village more unique than ever. This village has become one of the famous ancient villages in Vietnam to visit.

Tam Thanh fresco village, Quang Nam

Tam Thanh Village
Tam Thanh Fresco Village | @mlemmlemdennnn

Tam Thanh mural village locates in Tam Thanh commune, Tam Ky city, Quang Nam province. This is the first fresco village in Vietnam, part of the Korean-Vietnamese Community Art Exchange Project implemented by Quang Nam province and the Korean Embassy in Vietnam.

With the talented hands, the Korean volunteers have changed the monotonous walls in the poor fishing village to lively life.

The paintings reflect the simplicity, and the real daily life of the people with bright colors, which has become the highlights attracting visitors to that village.

Indeed, the colorful paintings have made Tam Thanh no longer dull and heavy. The village steps into a new page, becoming a place full of hope of a happy life, a good harvest, and quiet waves.

Nowadays, when visiting Tam Thanh village, you can see the simple walls and fences replaced with funny drawings and motifs like children’s stories. The small streets in the village also became unusually romantic.

The art of fresco helps not only to create this area to become not only the famous attraction but also make the local life more gentle, different from the previous sad colors.

Mui Ne fishing village, Binh Thuan

mui ne fishinh village
Mui Ne fishing village | @baroibeo

The fishing village of Mui Ne nestles on the side of Huynh Thuc Khang street and among the very high coconut trees of Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan Province, Vietnam. The villages have a strange charm from dawn until the sun disappears.

You will see familiar scenery of the sea, far away fishing boats combining with green round boats.

Going down a few steps, you will come into the fish market, where local people start selling and buying fresh crabs, shrimps, and fishes from the basket boats.

The bustling scene there goes on from day to day like a cycle. Starting from 5:30 am to 6:00 am onwards, offshore boats and baskets one by one bring a large source of seafood to the shore.

The fishing village of Mui Ne mainly serves the needs of local people, but many tourists also come to enjoy the exciting activities.

If you visit it in the early morning, you will see the bustling trade scene covering the village. That is a good chance to experience the simple life and fishing work. Cheap fresh seafood is exchanged quickly, depending on quality and size.

From 9:00 am onwards, the beach market is nearly finished. Thus, to visit this fishing village, you should come there early to explore the most bustling activities of the local fishermen.

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Cu Lan Village, Lam Dong

cu lan village
Cu Lan Village | @maiiiilllll

Cu Lan Village is a small one located in Lat commune, Lac Duong district, Lam Dong province, Vietnam. The village lies at the foot of Lang Biang mountain, about 20km from Xuan Huong Lake and Cu Hill, nearly 30km from Dalat city center.

The road to Cu Lan is considered one of the most beautiful roads in the country. You need to spend more than 30 minutes by car from the city center along the road towards Lang Biang Plateau to reach Cu Lan.

Once you come to this beautiful little village, you will enjoy plenty of interesting things: golden magnolia flowers, houses on stilts with thatched roofs, many attractive activities such as mountain climbing, forest crossing, and camping.

This destination is suitable for those who like to live slowly and immerse themselves in the wild nature.

People call this village Cu Lan because its name was originally a type of medicinal plant used to stop the bleeding of wounds. These trees have become gifts for tourists, carrying the style of the forests of the Central Highlands.

The village has exciting outdoor activities such as mountain biking, kite flying, horse riding, wild chicken hunting, fishing in streams, and survival skills.

Staying at Cu Lan Village, you will find a peaceful and tranquil feeling. And natural beauty in Cu Lan Tourist Village will surely bring useful meanings to the journey in the flower city of Dalat.

Binh An Village, Lam Dong

Binh An Village
Binh An Village | @ktien92

Binh An village impresses visitors with the delicate beauty of French architecture in harmony with the local style. This place is a tourist destintion in Dalat for relaxing.

The village locates on the edge of Tuyen Lam lake, which is a romantic oasis of flowers. This oasis also stays in the middle of the peaceful and beautiful nature of the green pine forest and the immense lake.

In the village, every corner of the gardens, colorful flowers, branches, and leaves are meticulously cared for. All give you a warm and relaxed feeling in your sou, like its name Binh An village, meaning Peaceful Village.

The landscape is as charming as the fairy tales with the classic house, the green grass, the gravel paths, the flowers growing all the ways, and the pine trees in the shadow of the green lake. This village seems to be stepping out of a poetic story.

Everywhere there is the green pine forest stretching from the hills to the surface of the lake. All surroundings have a tranquil space where you can hear the birds singing and enjoy the cool fresh air of Dalat, making you not want to leave your feet.

Vietnamdrive has just introduced you to the most beautiful villages in Vietnam. These are exciting options for those who like to slow down, experience the idyllic beauty of Vietnam.

Which village in Vietnam would you like to visit most when traveling to this beautiful country?

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