Year of the Cat Horoscope

The Cat appears in the fourth in the zodiac animals in Vietnamese culture. But, you cannot find this animal in the Chinese zodiac because the Rabbit replaces. So, ever being in the year of Cat or Rabbit, you will get the same personality, horoscope and feng-shui destiny.

Speed ​​and acuity make the Cat-Year People especially successful in the fields of mathematics and accountants. People born in this year are very intelligent and honest. Their thoughts do at a very high speed, which allows the Cats to perform an amazingly diverse amount of work in a short time.

year of cat

Now, let’s go deeper into the personality of these people!

Which years belong to the Cat?

Here are the years of the Cat that you can check if you belong to it. It’s the lunar year is different from the solar year, so Vietnamdrive makes it clear dates in the table below.

Year of Cat
(Lunar Year)
Solar Calendar
Starting – Ending Date
Five Elements
202322 Jan, 2023 – 10 Jan, 2024Water
201103 Feb, 2011 – 21 Feb, 2012Metal
199916 Feb, 1999 – 04 Feb, 2000Earth
198729 Jam, 1987 – 16 Feb, 1988Fire
197511 Feb, 1975 – 30 Jan, 1976Wood
196325 Jan, 1963 – 14 Jan, 1964Water
195106 Feb, 1951 – 26 Jan, 1952Metal
193919 Feb, 1939 – 07 Feb, 1940Earth
192702 Feb, 1927 – 22 Jan, 1928Fire

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General character traits of the year of the Cat

Sensitive and watchful

People born in the year of the Cat are especially sensitive and highly cautious.

Intelligence also helps them to think about the future, consider the threats and risks that may arise.

They seem to keep an eye on what’s nearby and have several solutions on hand for each situation.

This tendency is evident in the Cat’s ability to accept different lifestyles: if this doesn’t work, they immediately look for an alternative. They will continue to experiment until they find a way out.

Although they may be seen as shy, the Cat people consider themselves intelligent and careful. Rarely do people in this age decide to act or enter a new situation without fully checking the options.

In situations that require a sharp awareness of the entire surroundings, as well as the ability to make quick solutions, it is impossible to find a more suitable person than the Cat.

With a gentle and sensitive exterior, people born in the year of the Cat or Rabbit have a rich inner life. Their emotions can change as quickly as the weather; they can be both happy and sad at the same time.

Trying to keep a calm style, the Cat-year people rarely raise their voices or appear overly annoyed. Sometimes, if the work happens too violently, it can also be difficult to control themselves, but everything will pass as quickly as a summer thunderstorm.

The fast speed of emotions changes as well as the flow of thoughts often makes them feel impatient. The Cat-year don’t like to waste time and have a hard time understanding why others aren’t as fast as they are. This issue can make those around the cat-year people uncomfortable, and the Cat’s impatience can cause a manifestation of arrogant contempt.

cat year pesonality
People in the year of the Cat like a peaceful life. Photo: vicran/pixabay

Like to be peaceful

The people born in the year of Rat like to be in peace, so they often seek to avoid any competition or conflict, nor do they like to take risks. But when they put safety above risk, they can lose many opportunities.

The Cat-year don’t like to be the center of attention and so often choose to work behind the scenes rather than appear on stage. They prefer to be part of the group, not the leader.

Feeling very comfortable in a familiar environment, they are attentive hosts, usually taking care to make guests feel as comfortable as possible.

Cat-year people prefer privacy and are quite introverted. When faced with difficulties or disappointments, they often keep things to themselves, not wanting to disturb others.

They can become good listeners, kind and sweet, so are considered reliable friends. With their flexibility, like natural diplomats, they can turn the most stressful situations into a matter of friends.

At work, people born in the year of the Cat are usually quiet but effective, with a good memory.

Cherished for their integrity and honesty, they are very loyal to their owners. Colleagues appreciate their tact, modesty, and diligence, and can rest assured that the most delicate tasks are delegated to them. The Cat people will not trample others to achieve their goals.

love of the cat-year people
The love of the cat-year people is very beautiful, various manners. Photo: JillWellington/pixabay

Love of the year of the Cat

Cat men are attractive, fashionable people and are often admired by many women.

When dating, they make women swoon by their genuine appearance and passionate affection. But when a girl’s love is big enough to become a rope, the male Cat can quietly disappear.

With their liberal personalities, they may not stop having a relationship with other women even when they are attached to one. When playing with a third person, they see it as more of a joke than real emotion.

Despite the change of emotions and relationships, they still end up getting married. In married life, the cat-year man requires absolute trust from his wife.

Women born in the year of the Cat are usually gentle, kind, and pure. If they decide not to love or date anyone, they will never.

It is only in vain if the boys who admire them decide to wait and look forward to the day these girls change their minds.

In intimate relationships, these girls can be very romantic, but their cautious nature prevents them from making an immediate commitment to anyone.

After getting married, a Cat woman will put all her energy and time into taking care of her husband and children, and consider it her responsibility.

The love and efforts for the family are often rewarded with the warm affection of the loved ones of the female Cat people.

The Horoscope of the Cat, year by year

Above are the general character traits of people born in the year of Cat. However, the specific horoscope of each person will be based on various elements in Fengshui.

Here is the horoscope review related to the personality that is following the Five Elements influence of both Can and Chi on each person’s personality following different years of the Cat.

cat zodiac animal
The people born in the year of the Cat belong to the quiet zodiac animal. Quangpraha/pixabay

Quy Mao – The Year of Water Cat in 1903, 1963, and 2023

The people born in the year of Water Cat are contemplative. Their extremely sensitive character makes them vulnerable and upset over quarrels. Water energy reinforces the sensitive instincts of the Cat or Rabbit. This zodiac sign cannot tolerate disagreements.

Metal Cats or Rabbits are extremely friendly and sociable, although they can be introverted and hidden at times. They receive a lot of support from family, friends, and colleagues.

The strong empathy emanating from this zodiac animal makes the other come with them for advice or comfort.

The cat-year ages can grasp the thoughts and feelings of others and convey their ideas to them.

However, the Cats are often burdened or overly preoccupied with the troubles of others. Their generosity, both physically and emotionally, can be taken advantage of by others.

The Cat or Rabit age likes to cuddle and peace. This age often likes to let go of the flow of events, avoiding any conflicts. Flexibility helps these people rise to the top. It’s easy to fall in love, but they just want to live with someone they trust.

Tan Mao – Year of the Cat in 1951 and 2011, forming Metal Cat

Metal Cat people are intelligent, sometimes a bit sharp-witted, and can even be too clever and playful.

On the strength side, they have plenty of ideas and are very resourceful. They can easily find different ways to escape from the deadlock.

People born in metal cat year are very ambitious and usually get enough finance to live, especially if not involved in gambling.

The metal energy brings courage and confidence to this age. Compared to other cat years, Metal cat proves to be more stable both mentally and physically. However, they are less flexible and rarely listen to the advice of others. This can negatively affect relationships and work. With a romantic feature, they are only effective when excited and can fall into a boring mood quickly.

Metal Cats believe in their feelings, so music and painting can make their souls flutter. They are always dedicated and wholehearted to everything they do. You can see, in love, under the surface of not very passionate is a heart that loves fiercely.

At Mao – the Year of Wood Cat in 1915 and 1975

The double Wood energy comes from this age, making the wood cat age more generous and sympathetic to others than the rest of the Cat or Rabbit years.

They will be happy to help you move house, make you a cup of tea, or listen to you lament your misfortunes.

Sometimes the Wood Cat or Rabbit is too good to others, harms her/himself, and is taken advantage of without even knowing it. This age should learn to refuse and withdraw if they don’t want their emotions to be overwhelmed.

The Wood Cat age is the least assertive of the cat years. One of the reasons is that they often want to play the role of peacemaker and do not want to hurt others.

They are easily intimidated by their superiors and may choose to ignore the mistakes they witness to avoid getting into trouble.

The Wood Cats usually avoid all attention and don’t like to stand out. They hate competition, they just want to make relationships become a happy experience. Therefore, their lives are filled with friends and good relationships.

At work, the wood cat-year people are very dedicated people and love what they do. They usually work quietly. When they find something they like, they stick with it until they succeed.

Very imaginative, the people born in wood cat year do not like mediocrity but worships originality. And, being talented in the financial field, they are usually good at making money and accumulating.

Dinh Mao – the Year of Fire Cat in 1927 and 1987

The fire cat-year people are usually open-minded, flexible, and free-spirited. They like to travel, explore and experience.

This zodiac sign often craves power and is very successful. Their instinct to peacefully respond to provocations gets them to go far in life. They like to be number one and are smart and idealistic enough to achieve this.

The Year of Fire Cat people have better leadership ability than other cat years and will manage their roads with moderation and caution.

People born in the year of the Fire Cat are often very serious in their careers. They are hard-working, gifted in business, and would be much more successful if they consult others. When they have a clear goal, they can think clearly, stay focused, and keep their heads up.

The Fire Cat people are friendly and in simple style. Fire energy makes it easy for them to express their emotions and passions. Their personality is usually stronger than the rest of the cat year.

However, Fire makes this animal hot-tempered and capricious; fortunately, they can still hide these feelings with diplomacy and attractive appearance. But, when they are in a very bad mood, they can also vent all their frustrations on the person they love, causing their partner to suffer.

The Fire Cat people are clearly aware of the changes around them. They often have good intuition and some are even very capable in the spiritual realm.

Ky Mao – the year of the Earth Cat in 1879, 1939 and 1999

Earth-cat people have strong desires, whether, in finance, love, or work; they all try their best to reach the heights. They like to think, measure, and check. When they listen to others, they collect the potential to succeed. With high aspirations, they can turn sideways to open their own business.

People belonging to the Earth Cat are often outspoken, straightforward, and open-minded. The energy of the earth element makes them less tolerant but more steadfast than the rest of the cat years.

Their moderation and balance personality makes them highly appreciated by their superiors.

The Earth Cat people are also very serious, capable of making well-thought-out moves. This age is much more practical than other cats, so the earth cat people often get success through hard work.

When faced with trouble, the introverted nature makes the year of the earth Cat stay back, self-contained with emotions before acting. They are ready to mobilize all resources and will use them wisely.

The earth cat women are moderate, sweet, and polite people. They easily win the trust and respect of the others around them. Men are often attracted to women of this age because of all the zodiac signs, the earth cat is the most feminine.

Frequently asked questions about the people of the year of Cat

Which years belong to the cat zodiac?

The Cat people stay at the fourth position in the Vietnamese zodiac animals, belonging to years 2023, 2011, 1999, 1987, 1975, 1963, 1951, 1939, and 1927.

Which colors are suitable for the year of the cat?

Depending on each year of the Cat, the suitable colors come in different types.

  • The year of the Cat in 1963, 2023: brown, yellow, white.
  • The year of the Cat in 1951 and 2011: blue, dark blue, moss green…
  • The year of the Cat in 1915 and 1975: white, blue, black, sky blue, denim blue.
  • The year of the cat in 1927 and 1987: green, moss green, red, pink, purple, orange.
  • The year of the Cat in 1939 and 1999: red, pink, and purple.

What does the year of the Cat mean?

The year of the Cat meaning is the image of people who are smart and have delicate eyes and foresight. The cat years often relate to crowded and lush vegetation, which means the good things coming more for life.

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