Year of the Rat: How Personality, Love and Career of These People Are

Out of the 12 zodiac animals, the Rat becomes the pioneer and leading animal. So, people of this age usually have good leadership and management talents. Besides, people born in the Year of the Rat are admired for their intelligence, agility, creativity, and resourcefulness.

In this article, you will find various aspects of the Rat-year people, including personality, love, career, and more.

zodiac years of rat

In which year were people born in the Year of the Rat?

To know you belong to the Year of the Rat, you can check the table below to find it out.

  • You notice that the circle of each Rat Year is 12 years over because of using the 12 zodiac animals to count the lunar.
  • Another point is that the lunar year often comes later than the solar calendar, and one Rat can spread in two solar calendars. So, you check the date carefully to find your correct time.
Year of the RatStarting dateEnding date
192405 Feb 192424 Jan 1925
193624 Jan 193610 Feb 1937
194810 Feb 194828 Jan 1949
196028 Jan 196014 Feb 1961
197215 Feb 197202 Feb 1973
198402 Feb 198420 Jan 1985
199619 Feb 199606 Feb 1997
200807 Feb 200824 Feb 2009
202025 Jan 202011 Feb 2021
203211 Feb 203222 Jan 2031
204430 Jan 204416 Feb 2045

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Which ages do people in the Year of the Rat match?

According to feng shui, when getting married, doing business, or deciding to build a house, many people rely on age to find a partner, the correct date, and the time to do these important works.

It is very complicated to find out if a person with the zodiac of the Rat is suitable for getting married or cooperating to do business. If you care and focus on this matter, you should meet a feng shui master with good knowledge.

Despite that, the following are the appropriate ages for the Rat Year based on the horoscope rules. These rules are basic and only for reference.

  • People born in the Year of the Rat come perfectly with the Buffalo, following the six harmony rules.
  • People born in the Year of the Rat come perfectly with the Monkey Ages and the Dragon-year people, following the three harmony rules.
year of rat

Besides, you need to avoid the opposite ages to reduce the troubles. The Year of the Rat should not cooperate with the Year of the Goat, the Horse, and the Cat.

General personality of Rat-year people

In oriental culture, the mouse becomes a symbol of intelligence and wealth. The Chinese consider that the Rat symbolizes will and courage. This animal can keep a large amount of food with its agility and ingenuity.

Rat-year people are often the pioneers, who can lead the way at work. They have leadership talent and always contribute unique and creative ideas when being a team. They are willing to face difficulties to bring success and wealth to themselves.

Simple jobs can make them bored. The Rat Year like to try their hand at more difficult and harsh fields. These people will be full of enthusiasm, working hard when getting a high position. Typically, leading others gives them more excitement.

year of rat personality features

Interesting work can make the Rat-year people try to show their talents and get good results. The more difficult the task is, the more persistent and shining these people are. So, everyone not only loves but also respects and admires their talent.

Rat-year people are good at earning money. They don’t spend lavishly; on the contrary, they are very frugal. They spend their whole life pursuing higher status and money, which create the life of the Rat Year more meaningful.

In life, the Rat-age people are open and friendly ones, always kind to support others around them. Typically, they can control their own emotions and actions, hard to lose control in anger, so they can build close relationships with many people. The Year of the Rat respects private things, so if it is a secret, they will not share them with the outside.

The weak points of those who were born in the Rat Year are that they like to comment, evaluate, and direct others, which sometimes makes other people uncomfortable and angry.

However, this habit is hard to change for the Rat Year. Sometimes, the ambitions of fame, social status, and money make these people pragmatic in the eyes of neighbors and friends.

For friendship: Because of their friendliness and openness, the Rat-year people have good friends for life. They respect their friends and are ready to support them when friends are in trouble. They have a few friends, but those friends are quality and worthy of respect in life as well as at work.

Rat Chinese zodiac personality

The Rat-year Ages have a good memory, which makes them collect and store a huge amount of information. Ask them about any field, the Rat will share the most openly.

If you are worried that they will be in danger, you should take care of yourself because the instinct of these people is to conquer challenges, difficulties, and dangers. They are hard to hear your explanation while trying to do any work.

In general, in the eyes of everyone, the Rat Year people are smart, working hard, careful, and strict. Rats quickly adapt to various life circumstances. No matter what job they do, they try to achieve the success they want.

The love of people born in the Year of the Rat

The love of people born in the Year of the Rat goes through many difficulties, challenges, and ups and downs. When they fully love someone, they always want that one to return his/her feelings. These people are very tolerant and sacrificial in love, but they cannot adapt to the constraints and lose their freedom.

In terms of love, the Rat Ages are quite amorous, they have the habit of keeping their love memories in their room. When they fall in love, they are serious and responsible, and they tend to look for eternal love in life.

These people live full of emotions, they love and take great care of their family very well. Although they are busy with work, they know how to arrange a time to be with their family and enjoy the warm and happy atmosphere.

The female of this age when in love are very loyal and can sacrifice everything for the one they love. They will become the real women of the family, devotedly taking care of their husbands and children.

love of rat year people

Rat-year men are serious about marriage and family happiness. Although there are conflicts, they always try to yield and heal their feelings. The Rat-year male when in love often shows tenderness and deep concern for the other half. They know how to share, giving more than receiving.

The love of people born in the Year of the Rat, blood type A

Rat-year people with blood type A are quiet and shy. They express love silently, not boldly, not actively pursue their love.

When a woman of this age gets married, she will become the perfect woman of the family, devotedly taking care of her husband and children.

Men born in this year note great importance to their families, always trying to fulfill their responsibilities and obligations.

The love of people born in the Year of the Rat with blood type B

Rat year people with blood type B will be very frank and bold in expressing their feelings through every action. They are free to do what they like regardless of what anyone else thinks. The Rats belong to blood group B, whether male or female, they all want to build a happy family, but these people have an unpleasant attitude to the bindings of marriage.

The love of people born in the Year of the Rat blood type AB

People with blood type AB are quite early in the field of love. These need time to thoroughly understand the personality and preferences of the other person before deciding to develop a relationship. They will never arbitrarily give their heart to others or fall in love with someone at first sight. Once finding the right half of the heart, these will love and deeply attach to the other side.

The love of people born in the Year of the Rat blood type O

People born in the Year of the Rat with blood type O have a great sense of humor and charm, so they are often the center of attention of the crowd. If finding the right person, the Year of the Rat with blood type O will boldly pursue and confess feelings to the other party. In love, they always make their half happy and comfortable with their humor.

The career of the Rat-year-age people

year of the rat

Rat is the first animal among the 12 animals, representing power, intelligence, and agility. People born in the Year of the Rat can adapt quickly to any situation, the more difficult they are, the brighter they shine.

Most of these people are often very successful in life. Although they come from empty hands, they can become powerful and rich people.

Pursuing a rich life is the main goal in life that almost the Rat Year people want to aim for. So, people of the Year of the Rat often have a rich life and are not afraid of deprivation, but they create a habit of thrifty and moderate spending.

The Rat Ages are quite careful and strict at work. If they become leaders, they will monitor their employees very carefully, they do not let the wrong action be overlooked. They do not like flattery and never cooperate with lazy people.

In the competition, the Rat Ages are usually the first to win the high position, no matter how strong the opponent is, they will try to conquer. They like to challenge their own strength by confronting danger. The things that no one dares to do, the Rat is ready to pioneer, which makes them achieve glorious victories but also causes them to fail miserably.

Although they are careful, sometimes caught off guard, the Rat-year Ages are taken advantage of by bad guys, defrauding money and property.

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