Year of the Buffalo Horoscope

The Year of Buffalo, also known as the Ox in the Chinese zodiac, stays at the second in the 12 zodiac Vietnamese animals. The general horoscope of this age represents both physical and mental strength.

People born in the Year of the Buffalo are mostly independent, mature early, and have strong and consistent personalities. People of this age have many dreams, ambitions, and great will. Also, they are not afraid of difficulties and dangers.

buffalo year horoscope

Now, we will study the different horoscopes of the Buffalo-year people.

Which years are the Year of the Buffalo?

People born in 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, and 2021 are all in the Buffalo Year, but they are different in their horoscope and destiny.

Buffalo YearSolar Calendar
Starting – Ending Date
Five Element
202112 Feb 2021 – 31 Jan 2022Earth
200926 Jan 2009 – 13 Feb 2010Fire
199707 Feb 1997 – 27 Jan 1998Water
198521 Jan 1985 – 08 Feb 1986Metal
197303 Feb 1973 – 22 Jan 1974Wood
196115 Feb 1961 – 04 Feb 1962Earth
194929 Jan 1949 – 16 Feb 1950Fire
193711 Feb 1937 – 30 Jan 1938Water

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Lucky and Unlucky Colors for the Buffalo-year People

Each feng shui color has its own meaning and characteristics. Therefore, if you know how to combine the mutual and compatible colors of your destiny, everything will be resolved, and life will become peaceful and happy. So let’s find out what good color following the feng shui is suitable for each age.

Earth Buffalo in 1961 & 2021

  • The colors compatible with this destiny include yellow, brown, red, orange, purple, and pink.
  • Contrasting colors: People of this age are contrasted with green and metallic colors such as white and gray.

Wood Buffalo born in 1973

  • Lucky colors for this age match the black and green that belong to the water destiny.
  • Unlucky colors are pink, red, purple, white, gray, and metallic.

Metal Buffalo in 1985

  • Good colors include the brown and yellow of the earth par. At the same time, it is also compatible with white, gray, and metallic colors.
  • Conflicting colors to avoid are pink, purple, orange, red, blue, and black.

Water Buffalo born in 1937 & 1997

  • Suitable for colors are gray, white, blue, and black.
  • Unsuitable colors are earth brown, yellow, and green.

Fire Buffalo born in 1949 & 2009

  • People born in the Year of the Fire Buffalo are associated with green, pink, red, purple, and orange.
  • Unlucky colors to avoid are ocher, yellow, blue, and black.
water buffalo year horoscope
People born in the Year of the Buffalo often are very kind. Photo: hbieser/pixabay

Personality traits of a Buffalo-year person

Buffalo people are honest, sincere, and kind in the general horoscope. They are ready to help others but forget their interests.

In life, the people born in the Buffalo Year have a high degree of independence and do not like to rely on others. The success they achieve is based on their hard work, patience, and efforts.

Moreover, the Buffalo Ages have their stance, not easily swayed by others’ ideas, so when they have set a goal, they will persevere in what they’re doing to the end. Sometimes, when faced with difficulties and pressure, they have amazing endurance that not everyone can do.

The buffalo people have a very realistic lifestyle, not fantasizing. They hate sweet words and flattery from others, and even stay away from people with colorful dancing mouths. The buffalo hate dishonest, fake people, so they always find a way to stay far away, not to contact the lie people.

The buffalos also rarely share their feelings and thoughts outside, even with relatives, so no one knows what plans they are making.

The Buffalo-year people live responsibly with the collective. They never bring difficulties to others or turn their backs because of their interests. Even if they face challenges and dangers, they will not waver or fear; on the contrary, they usually calmly and bravely overcome challenges.

The Ages of Buffalo are straightforward and honest persons and like to use a reason when dealing with work. They are very loyal and reliable, so once they make a promise, they will try to finish it.

To achieve their dreams and ambitions, the Buffalo Ages are persistent, trying, and determined to get results. As long as they have not achieved their goals, they will not give up.

Although they are intelligent and sharper than people, they are never arrogant. Besides, they are very humble to everyone around them. The Buffalo Year often keeps calm and proud, exuding the qualities of a hero in almost all challenging situations.

year of buffalo horoscope
The Buffalo-year people ofter work very hard. Photo: trilemedia/pixabay

Character traits at work of the Buffalo-year people

At work, when the Buffalo-year people have to make decisions, they always consider carefully and firmly and rarely make mistakes, so they receive a lot of trust. However, in cases where it is necessary to be decisive fast, the Year of the Buffalo often makes a loss. Thus, they need to work hard, make efforts, and learn more to be able to achieve success.

Luckily, the Buffalo-year people work in an orderly and scientific manner to achieve the highest efficiency. With delicate eyes, broad vision, and logical thinking, these people are talented in the business. They can become great bosses and mistresses from a very young age.

If you work with people born in the Year of the Buffalo or Ox, you will find them careful and never sloppy. They are slow and sure in their every step, never making unnecessary mistakes. Moreover, the Buffalo Ages attach great importance to credibility. Once agreed, they will do their best and be responsible for the assigned work.

The next nice working personality of the Buffalo Ages is famous for being a clear public-private person. They solve everything according to proof and do not let their own emotions interfere with public affairs. They are ready to help those in need. If you need advice, go and ask the Buffalos who can give the best solutions to solve your problems.

In general, the Buffalo people represent both physical and mental strength. They can work with more productivity than others without tired feelings. No matter how many difficulties and challenges they go through, their resilient will can not be lost but become stronger and more determined.

Year of the Buffalo Horoscope
A Buffalo-year woman can be a great wife for the family. Photo: cuncon/pixabay

Personality in the love life of Buffalo people

Although very brave, the Buffalo people do not like to face risks. They choose a safe solution for themselves. They like to live a peaceful, harmonious life.

For the Buffalo Ages, a family is a sacred place, attached to their life, so they value family above everything. Despite being busy with work, these persons take time to care for and love their members.

They are serious and respect their relationships, never take advantage of anyone’s feelings. When wanting to stick with a certain relationship for a long time, the Buffalo time to get to know the other person, cultivate and develop their feelings.

All relationships of the Year of the Buffalo are necessarily based on mutual understanding and trust. They are skillful in choosing friends, not everyone is considered a true soul mate. So, the love of Buffalo people often comes late and goes quite smoothly.

If you marry a Buffalo Age, you can completely trust her/his love, faithful, silent, and warm. She/he knows how to give in, spend for the family, and never let the loved ones suffer. However, the Buffalo men are sometimes very patriarchal, and obstinate, always wanting others to comply with their requirements and laws.

Marrying a Buffalo or Ox woman, you will be the luckiest person in the world. She is a family person, gentle, courageous, and ready to sacrifice herself for her family.

If you are always busy with work, the Female Buffalo Age will be the most solid support to care for your beloved home. Even if you have to go through ups and downs and difficulties in life, the Buffalo girl will always be one behind you to support you and give you the strength to encourage you to overcome challenges.

 Although they rarely express their feelings through words, the Buffalo Years have sweet actions. Sometimes, they become strict, making the family atmosphere boring, but they also bring joy and laughter to the house.

They are careful in communicating and making friends, but they are open but not indiscriminately close to someone. The Buffalo people need time to get to know the other person to build a close and long-term relationship. They only become true friends when two sides find mutual understanding, similarities, and respect.

Weak Points in the Buffalo Ages

If someone intentionally harms or insults the Buffalo Age, they will hold hatred in their heart. Sometimes, the Buffalo becomes conservative and petty and is not tolerant enough to easily forgive someone’s mistakes.

When encountering troubles and suffering, the Buffalo Ages tend to close themselves, and not confide in anyone.

In life, they are strict with their rules and require everyone to obey them. Sometimes, this feature makes people around feel uncomfortable and controlled. However, Buffalo people can hardly change their habits, so they will not be suitable for diplomatic work, persuading others.

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