Year of the Horse Horoscope

The Horse stays in the seventh position in the twelve zodiac animals in the oriental culture. According to the horoscope, the horse ages born during the day when its yang is strong, tending to have a more intense personality than those born at night.

horse year horoscope
The Horse-year people often likes to travel as their hobbies. Photo: susannp4/pixabay

Which ages belong to the year of the Horse?

The table below shows the years that belong to the Horse with the five elements of each year, which can make the horoscope of each person different from the other.

Lunar Calendar
Year of Horse
Solar Calendar
Starting – Ending Date
Five Elements
202617 Feb, 2026 – 05 Feb, 2027Water
201431 Jan, 2014 – 18 Feb, 2015Metal
200212 Feb, 2002 – 31 Jan, 2003Wood
199027 Jan, 1990 – 14 Feb, 1991Earth
197807 Feb, 1978 – 27 Jan, 1979Fire
196621 Jan, 1966 – 08 Feb, 1967Water
195403 Jan, 1954 – 23 Jan, 1955Metal
194215 Feb, 1942 – 04 Feb, 1943Wood
193030 Jan, 1930 – 16 Feb, 1931Earth

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Lucky colors for the horse-year people

Each age has various five elements and horoscopes. To achieve good luck in life, you can lean on the feng shui skills based on the suitable colors to improve your horoscope.

Here are the fortunate colors for the horse-year people.

Horse YearLucky Colors
2026Black, Blue, White
2014Yellow, White, Earth Brown
2002Black, Blue, Light Blue, Green
1990Red, Orange, Purple, Brown, Yellow
1978Red, Orange, Green
1966Black, Blue, White
1954Yellow, White, Earth Brown
1942Black, Blue, Light Blue, Green
1930Red, Orange, Purple, Brown, Yellow

The top 6 character traits of the year of the horse

1. Freedom above all

People born in the year of the Horse value freedom and worship independence. As a positive sign, the Horse needs a lot of space to roam. This age cannot stand rigid schedules, timetables, and petty rules and regulations. They simply don’t have enough time or patience for these things.

The horse ages often leave their families at a young age and will work non-stop throughout their lives. It is believed that horses were born to race and travel around the world, so travel is one of the top hobbies of this animal.

Their romantic instincts urge them to seek out new experiences and see life as an excursion. These people are always planning their next trip, inactivity makes them sad to death.

2. Steadfast and loyal

Horse-year people are active, and full of energy and enthusiasm. Most of them often work hard, no matter what it is. Fatigue or difficulties do not stop them from trying to complete the task. This strong and persistent quality makes them excellent employees.

Of all the zodiac animals in the oriental culture, the Horse is the bravest of the zodiac. Just like courageous horses, which have helped people move on long distances or face enemies in fierce battles, the Horse people show strong inner strength and iron determination.

Even when faced with crises and obstacles, the Horse ages move forward. They always want to give their best to try one more time. That also shows immense confidence.

Not only strong, but the horse zodiac people are also reliable, honest, and loyal people. If they promise something, they will try their best to fulfill it. They never let you down.

horse age horoscope
The Horse ages often like to make friends. Photo: Keishpixl/pixabay

3. Like to make friends and be active in the public

Although very proud and independent, the horse-year people still need a companion. They need a shoulder to live in harmony, for guidance and advice. Just as a good horse needs a hand to take care of the rider’s door, so the Horse needs a good friend or partner to unleash its full strength and will.

Vibrant, kind, quick-witted, humorous, people of the year of the Horse often enjoy festivals.

It is because of their enthusiastic and straightforward attitude, they make friends very easily. Social relationships are extremely important to these persons, and they often have many close friends.

These people like to spend most of their time with a group of friends and are very concerned with how others perceive them. It is difficult for people of the zodiac Horse to keep secrets to themselves.

Comfortable in front of a crowd, the Horse is a very persuasive speaker. They are also too upright and impartial to back down from injustice.

4. Easy come, easy go

Great intelligence helps the Horse-year people to grasp new problems easily. They can perform many tasks at the same time, but do not always finish the job that has been started.

The horse ages are always busy chasing new opportunities. It’s because there are too many concerns, the Horse year often chooses work according to inspiration.

They act spontaneously and rarely consider them carefully. When the results are not as expected, they can leave the work unfinished and immediately turn their attention to other problems.

Agile and flexible, the Horse people like to talk, think, eat and act quickly, thus tending to ignore details. To satisfy their capriciousness, they change their mind constantly and often even lose interest in projects before they are completed.

Thanks to multi-talented, the Horse ages can succeed in many things. However, they have a hard attitude toward tolerating failure.

5. The stubborn rebel

The people of the horse years are often stubborn. Their hot temperament and ability to change moods like the wind, sometimes make them dangerous. This zodiac animal is not content with any form of control or pressure and hates being cornered. On the contrary, they prefer to do things in their own way.

These human beings can be a little too self-centered and sometimes even have a big angriness when things don’t go in their way.

When someone cares about a horse improperly, it will kick or respond without hesitation. In the same way, people born in the year of the Horse often react decisively only to regret later because of their hot temper as well as his heavy words.

In general, despite wearing a sociable appearance, deep down in the Horse’s feelings are still strong rebels.

6. Like flicker love

The horse zodiac animal has great appeal to the opposite gender and knows how to dress to impress, but not follow fashion or look stylish.

They fall in love quickly and fall out of love just as quickly, and can be called playboys. But the romantic style can make them give up everything for love.

With their eloquence, the Horsemen know how to win the hearts of beautiful girls. These men love their partners with all their hearts, but it is fast to become cool off. Fortunately, this personality fades with older age. Relationships will become more and more stable.

year of horse horoscope
The optimistic feature can make the Horse ages overcome obstacles, including health and life. Photo: BioPic/pixabay

Health and career horoscope

The horse ages have good health, possibly because they always keep an optimistic view of life and like sports. Take the Horses outside and see how excited they are in the free field. The Horses usually only get sick when locked up.

A desire to try things out and an easy grasp of new problems make the Horse people suitable for most jobs. However, they need to be careful when choosing careers with rigid orders and rules. This zodiac sign will also give up jobs that they consider boring.

Thanks to good communication, the people in the horse years will be favorable in jobs that need to interact with plenty of people. The need to be independent makes them want to get power and is suitable for careers in the media sector.

Some good career options for the horse ages are literature or foreign language teacher, translator, journalist, advertising worker, actor, salesperson, tour operator, viewer librarian, IT specialist, or pilot.

Specific characters for the female horse

The Horsewomen are the dream girls of any guy. Energetic, fun, and amazingly independent, they can join any game or get along with any group of friends they like.

At work, the Horsewomen are especially effective. To complete the task, they only need to spend half the time compared to the others.

Having the ability to make money, but getting rich is not the motive of these women.

The women born in the year of the Horse are souls yearning for freedom. For them, the freedom to be themselves is much more meaningful. Their independence makes them hard to follow the rules. When they keep their sense of themself, they feel good. But when it’s overdone, their freedom can ruin their relationship with those around them.

Horsewomen (especially Giap Ngo and Mau Ngo) are more patient than men of these ages. They won’t eagerly wait for things to get better overnight. Patience is their forte.

Specific characters for the male of the horse year

As a positive animal, the Horse character of men is more stubborn and freer than females of the same zodiac.

Horsemen born in the summer (May, June, and July) are often more favorable in life than those born in the gloomy months of autumn (August, September, and October) and winter (November, December, and January).

Just like the Horsewoman, the men of this zodiac are free souls. However, they tend to be more assertive and demanding.

Although determined, the Horsemen are not afraid to change their minds for any reason and expect others to do the same.

Outwardly, these men appear to be quite confident and have a clear sense of self, but inside they still feel certain insecurity and do not want to show it out.

Male-horse ages are very energetic, and can often handle several things at the same time. This makes them in trouble. At those times, they often leave the game, leaving the cleaning of the battlefield to the rest.

Horsemen often overreact to life’s ups and downs. When they are sick or when they are mentally broken, they cannot hide it from anyone.

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