Monkey Year Horoscope Tells Mischievousness Can Affect Your Future

The horoscope of people born in the year of the Monkey can tell you a lot of things about personality, duration to get good lucks, and using lucky colors to improve fortune.

If you study in the table of 12 zodiac animals, the Monkey has the 9th position before the Rooster year and after the Goat year.

Most people recognize that the monkeys are intelligent but mischievous, and unstable. All of these also influence the people born in the Monkey years.

year of monkey horoscope

Let’s look deeper into the Monkey horoscope as below!

Which years belong to the Monkey?

People were born in 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016, 2028, belonging to the year of Monkey. However, not all of them have the same destiny and character traits, because the date of birth and five elements also contribute to setting up their future.

The table below will show you correctly which dates and years belong to the Monkey. You can see them below.

Goat YearSolar Calendar
Starting – Ending Date
Five Elements
202826 Jan, 2028 – 12 Feb, 2029Earth
201608 Feb, 2016 – 27 Jan, 2017Fire
200422 Jan, 2004 – 08 Feb, 2005Water
199204 Feb, 1992 – 22 Jan, 1993Metal
198016 Feb, 1980 – 04 Feb, 1981Wood
196829 Jan, 1968 – 15 Feb, 1969Earth
195612 Feb, 1956 – 30 Jan, 1957Fire
194425 Jan, 1944 – 12 Feb, 1945Water
193206 Feb, 1932 – 25 Jan, 1933Metal

Lucky colors for the Goat ages

When you choose clothes, buy a car, paint a house, or wear jewelry, you may pay attention to its color to get good luck in a relationship, life, and business.

Please check the suitable colors for the Monkey ages following the five elements of feng shui below!

  • Year of the Earth Monkey (1968, 2028): The lucky colors of these years are Dark Yellow and Earthy Brown, which are considered the destiny colors of the Earth Monkey. Orange, Purple, Red, and Ping are alright to use but not the best choice.
  • Year of the Fire Monkey (1956, 2016): The color of compatibility includes Green that will make you fresher. Besides, you can choose Red, Pink, Purple that are the destiny colors of Fire in five elements.
  • Year of the Water Monkey (1944, 2004): The feng shui colors include Blue, Black, and White. While the element of Black belongs to Water, the White belongs to Metal that can create Water.
  • Year of the Metal Monkey (1932, 1992): The colors suitable for these years are Bright Yellow and Pure White. The yellow belonging to Earth can create Metal in five elements, and the White is the right color of the Earth’s destiny.
  • Year of the Wood Monkey (1920,1980): The lucky color is Green which is the best match. Besides, other suitable colors are Black or Dark Blue, because these colors represent the element of Water, which creates Wood, so they are beneficial for people born in the year of the Wood Monkey.
Goat YearFive ElementsLucky ColorsUnlucky Colors
2028EarthDark Yellow, Brown, Orange, Purple, Red, PinkGreen
2016FireGreen, Red, Pink, PurpleBlack, Blue
2004WaterBlack, White, BlueEarthy Brown, Dark Yellow
1992MetalBright Yellow, Pure WhiteOrange, Pink, Red, Purple
1980WoodGreen, Dark Blue, BlackGray, White, Dark Brown
1968EarthDark Yellow, Brown, Orange, Purple, Red, PinkGreen
1956FireGreen, Red, Pink, PurpleBlack, Blue
1944WaterBlack, White, BlueEarthy Brown, Dark Yellow
1932MetalBright Yellow, Pure WhiteOrange, Pink, Red, Purple

Character traits of the Monkey-year people

People born in the year of the Monkey often have a colorful life, have a brave spirit, and then go out into society. With enthusiasm, people of this age are often loved.

If the zodiac animal in front is the year of the Goat, who does not have much ability in presentation, then the year-of-the-Monkey people have good skills to express themselves well and have the ability to convince other people.

The Monkey people also have a strong point of being sharp in business, sometimes this becomes a weakness because they think too much about themselves and their own interests. Therefore, when the common interest is reduced, many Monkey people will not be loyal to this group, so they will look for a place with higher benefit to doing business.

The life of the Monkey people is relatively exciting, loved by their families, but because of their mischievousness, naughty feature, and love to fly, it will cause them a lot of trouble, especially in teenagers and middle ages. As for old age, the Monkey ages sometimes feel lonely because of their nostalgia, often looking back through colorful, windy old times. Overcome the weakness in yourself to live peacefully.

The optimistic, communicative features of this zodiac animal help them to have many friends and wide relationships. From there, it brings many job opportunities and easy money. However, it’s because of the hot temper, the love of flying and jumping off the Monkey ages that led to many hasty decisions, easy work, and miss many good opportunities. Therefore, the Monkey needs to understand themselves to slow down in thinking to make better decisions.

Careers in which Monkey people can try to get success easily include lawyers, actors, writers, and athletes. Particular attention is to diplomats and journalists, which are very suitable for the personality of the Monkey ages, who like to travel, get relationships, communication, and their ability to speak well.

The Monkeys love to take the lead and make others obey. In many cases, this is a weakness as well as a bad trait that needs to be pondered because many people will hate and want to avoid them.

If compared with the age of the Goat wanting peace in love, the year of the Monkey seems to be the opposite. The Monkey ages like the richness, variety, and intensity of love, it is these desires that can make many people in the Monkey year unfaithful and adventurous in love.

The Monkey people can also easily fall into the love trap because of their enthusiasm, and haste to make themselves fall in love too quickly, either misunderstanding or truly love too soon can lead to you becoming a one-sided lover. That’s why you feel disappointed because you don’t get enough response you deserve. Therefore, when young, the Monkey year is quite difficult to find true love. As get older, people of this age slow down, become more stable, they can cultivate a love for your family.

year of the monkey
Monkey people have high ability in public relations. balouriarajesh/pixabay

The zodiac animals are suitable for the year of the Monkey in business

According to the concept of feng shui, each person is associated with a certain zodiac and horoscope. There are animals when combined, doing anything is easy and convenient, if the wrong combination of zodiac animals will cause difficulties and uncertainties.

In terms of this thinking, in the trio of people born in the year of the Monkey – the year of the Ratthe year of the Dragon, if combined together, they will support each other to develop and bring many benefits together.

On the contrary, according to the “Four Contrary Zodiac Animals”, the year of the Monkey will be difficult to match with the people of the Tiger – Snake – Pig years.

With the remaining zodiac animals, people born in the year of the Monkey can cooperate in business but with consideration.

Month-by-month horoscope in 2022 of the Monkey- year people

Entering 2022, the horoscope tells that people born in the year of the Monkey have both suffered from the restraint of the bad star (Thai Tue) and meet with the Three Continuous Bad Years (Tam Tai), signaling a year of hard work, consuming a lot of effort as well as money.

Business is difficult, constantly changing, mostly in bad changes. The investment is also at a disadvantage, showing signs of heavy loss of wealth. Prevent theft, fraud, or petty harassment causing loss of money.

monkey year people horoscope

Family and emotions can be distressing, mostly due to work and financial pressure. Your health can be not good, prone to diseases related to the kidneys, blood qi, or injury to the legs or hands.

Here is the month-by-month horoscope of the Monkey Years.

  1. Horoscope in the first lunar month 2022: Preventing loss of money due to the impact of the situation of the Four Contrary Elements. Speak carefully to avoid getting trouble, lawsuits, and disadvantages for work.
  2. Horoscope in the second lunar month 2022: Business is quite smooth, there is a need to prevent petty people from harming your backs. It is better to work independently, avoid arising disputes with colleagues.
  3. Horoscope in the third lunar month 2022: With the support of the noble people in Tam Hop (Three Good Animals), luck is prosperous, the Monkey year will have certain results in business or personal love.
  4. Horoscope in the fourth lunar month 2022: Work pressure is bigger, the Monkey ages should spend more time resting. You can think about going on a short trip to relieve stress.
  5. Horoscope in the fifth lunar month 2022: Business is profitable but not much, enough to cover daily expenses and a few previous debts.
  6. Horoscope in the sixth lunar month 2022: Signaling prosperity and good opportunity to open business and trade.
  7. Horoscope in the seventh lunar month 2022: Facing the bad star (Thai Tue), luck will decrease, unstable mood easily causes conflicts in the family or workplace. Be careful with your saying to limit troubles.
  8. Horoscope in the eighth lunar month 2022: The work is busy and hard, but in return, there are some good people who help the Monkeys. Health can be reduced, paying attention to hand and foot injuries.
  9. Horoscope in the ninth lunar month 2022: Having disadvantages at work. You have to solve difficulties by yourself, not being able to ask for help. This month is prone to respiratory diseases such as flu, bronchitis, acute pneumonia…
  10. Horoscope in the tenth lunar month 2022: Horoscope for the Monkey year people shows that this month, there is an omen of dispute, caution in every word and especially making friends or doing business.
  11. Horoscope in the eleventh lunar month 2022: Difficulties are partly removed thanks to the support of the good people of Tam Hop. Health improves, and personal love life is also more harmonious.
  12. Horoscope in the twelfth lunar month 2022: There are signs of spending a lot of money on home construction or personal enjoyment. Pay attention to the health of the elderly in the house.
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