Rooster Year Horoscope

Do you belong to the year of the Rooster? Do you like to know the horoscope of the Rooster ages? If yes only one of these questions, you come to the right place.

The Rooster stands at the tenth place in the 12 zodiac animals, right behind the year of the Monkey and before the year of the Dog.

As the lovely roosters, people belonging to this age are diligent, attracting attention from others and being ready to support relatives and friends, and be lucky to be helped as well.

year of the rooster

Please check the details of the Rooster year horoscope below!

Which years belong to the Rooster?

The years 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017, 2029 belong to the Rooster zodiac animal. However, the correct dates may be different from each year because of the difference in the lunar and solar calendars.

Below are the correct solar dates in comparison with the lunar year of the Rooster.

Rooster YearSolar Calendar
Starting – Ending Date
Five Element
202913 Feb, 2029 – 01 Feb, 2030Earth
201728 Jan, 2017 – 15 Feb, 2018Fire
200509 Feb, 2005 – 28 Jan, 2006Water
199323 Jan, 1993 – 09 Feb, 1994Metal
198105 Feb, 1981 – 24 Jan, 1982Wood
196916 Feb, 1969 – 05 Feb, 1970Earth
195731 Jan, 1957 – 17 Feb, 1958Fire
194513 Feb, 1945 – 01 Feb, 1946Water
193326 Jan, 1933 – 13 Feb, 1934Metal

Lucky colors for the Rooster ages

Choosing and applying the correct colors following the five elements of feng shui will support the horoscope of the Rooster ages to improve.

Let’s check which the lucky colors for the year of the Rooster!

  • Earth Roosters of 2029, 1969 have lucky colors: Dark Yellow, Earthy Brown, Red, Orange, Pink, Purple.
  • Fire Roosters of 2017, 1957 have lucky colors: Orange, Purple, Red, Pink, Green.
  • Water Roosters of 2005, 1945 have suitable colors: Blue, Black, White, Gray.
  • Metal Roosters of 1993, 1933 have suitable colors: Gray, White, Earthy Brown, Yellow.
  • Wood Roosters of 1981 have fortune colors: Green, Blue, Black.
lucky color of rooster year people
Lucky colors for the Rooster ages. ©Vietnamdrive

What ages are suitable for the Rooster-year people?

According to the concept of feng shui, a person’s life and career are determined by fate. However, the course of life can change. The progression of life is closely related to the interdependence and contrast of the 12 zodiac animals according to eastern culture.

Therefore, choosing the right person to marry and do business with will create many advantages. In the horoscope, each animal will be in a group called Tam Hop (three animals that are compatible with each other) and 4 opposite animals (four animals that do not match each other).

  • People belonging to the year of the Rooster will be in a group of three, including the zodiac signs: Snake – Rooster – Buffalo. This is the priority group if selected to cooperate or get married.
  • The contrasting group of the Rooster year will include 4 animals: Rooster – Cat ( or Rabbit) – Rat – Horse. This group should be avoided if possible to minimize the disadvantages in life.
  • The remaining zodiac signs will not be good or bad when combined with the Rooster. Therefore, when cooperating, it is necessary to think carefully so that both sides can achieve the desired benefits.
personality of rooster year people
The people in the year of the Rooster often have a happy family. Photo: Andrey_and_Lesya/pixabay

The personality of people born in the year of the Rooster

Do you want to know the personality of the Rooster-year people? From studying the feng shui, researchers give the character traits of the Rooters ages based on the horoscope.

People born in the year of the Rooster are straightforward, have a clear viewpoint, and steadfastly strive for the set goals, so they are often loved by many people, helping them to overcome difficulties to succeed.

The Rooster people have a knack for speaking and love crowds. They can influence the crowd with their sense of humor and eloquence. Therefore, almost every word and action of this person is praised and encouraged.

If anyone disagrees with the opinion of the Rooster-year people, they will find every argument to refute and defend their point of view. That leads to sometimes Rooster people being a bit stubborn in arguments, ignoring advice. They will follow their own rhythm, falling into unnecessary work to prove themselves.

The Rooster has the weakness of being too self-centered, often seeing the mistakes of others but rarely realizing their own. Therefore, many people can take advantage of this point to celebrate and praise to lead these Rooter ages into traps without their knowledge.

The Rooter ages are people who value appearance, they can spend many hours taking care of themselves. When appearing in public, they often wear new outfits like no other. Thus, they may be willing to spend a lot of money to buy clothes and make beauty. With the Rooster man who is often attracted to others by his well-groomed appearance, if it is a woman, she will be the one to stand out in front of everyone.

With the family, Rooster people always know how to love and care. They are very meticulous and proud of their family, so they spend a lot of time in their home. Although after working hard, they also take the time to cultivate and build their family.

Another good point of Rooster people is that they know how to share love and money not only with their family but also with friends and relatives. They are willing to spend money to help those in need without even thinking about it.

In terms of business, the Rooster is very good at earning money, they are good at finding various ways to get an income. You rarely see Rooster people free, they work hard and diligently. It is this factor that is the foundation that helps many people born in the year of the Rooster succeed and progress steadily.

rooster year horoscope
The appearance of the Rooster people is very eye-catching. Photo: Caoha/pixabay

Rooster year horoscope in 2022

In 2022, the Rooster ages have a balance in life. Business goes smoothly, good people will support these ages. Not many difficulties, starting entering the accumulation duration to improve in the future.

Signs of the horoscope tell that the Rooster ages can earn a lot, but spending at the same. So, this year is not good for a short-term investment, should think of long term business.

Family comes together peacefully, no big troubles come. If big trouble happens, it can be reduced; if small issues arise, they can become nothing. Good luck with love covers. Health may be better than the last year. But, pay attention to the asthenia.

Now, please check the month-by-month horoscope of the Rooster people!

  1. Horoscope in the first lunar month 2022: The rooster people have a business that is progressing steadily, having small difficulties, but can be helped. Fortune is difficult, spending more than revenue, hard to accumulate.
  2. Horoscope in the second lunar month 2022: The horoscope signs the Rooster age can be unstable in psychology, the family is somewhat conflicted. Money comes but goes easily. There is a petty person behind the back.
  3. Horoscope in the third lunar month 2022: Be careful not to offend others, that can cause more difficulty on the way to promotion. Signing documents can go the wrong way, and you may consider delaying an important business contract to another time.
  4. Horoscope in the fourth lunar month 2022: Business is successful, the big and small projects are easy to succeed. There is a clear promotion thanks to the support of the good people (Tam Hop).
  5. Horoscope in the fifth lunar month 2022: The Rooster horoscope of this month is unstable, easy to cause disputes in business. Be careful when investing, stay away from short-term speculation.
  6. Horoscope in the sixth lunar month 2022: The five elements support your health to become better. Some couples can receive good news about children.
  7. Horoscope in the seventh month 2022: Metal signals become prosperous, the business has good fortune. But, it is necessary to prevent respiratory diseases or body weakness.
  8. Horoscope in the seventh lunar month 2022: The situation of conflicting stars comes, making many troublesome things. Health declines, should take time to rest, and travel somewhere to relieve stress and fatigue.
  9. Horoscope in the eighth lunar month 2022: Good people may support solving financial problems. The Rooter ages can expand business categories, easy to recover capital. Travel carefully, pay attention to avoid river accidents.
  10. Horoscope in the tenth lunar month 2022: Spending a lot on shopping causes money to be damaged. Work progresses well, can sign a favorable contract.
  11. Horoscope in the eleventh lunar month 2022: The family has a relocation or small remodels. The owners can cost a lot of money for this change.
  12. Horoscope in the twelfth lunar month 2022: The last month of this year is also the month of the Rooster ages to harvest a lot of money. Salary increases, side income is abundant, money is spent without thinking.
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