Dog Year Horoscope: The Spirit of Being Ready to Help Others in Need

Most people born in the Year of the Dog are kind, loyal, and willing to help those around them, forgetting about their interests for others. Reputation is a very important thing to the Dog ages, so they always make sure to complete the work as committed.

What other remarkable points do the people of the Year of the Dog have?

Please see the full details of the Dog horoscope with various aspects below!

year of the dog

Please note that the article about the Year of the Dog is only for reference! To apply its principles, you need to consult a feng shui master.

Which years belong to the Dog?

The Dog is the eleventh position among the twelve animals of the oriental zodiac sign, right before the Pig Year and after the Rooster Year.

The Years of the Dog include 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018, 2030. However, the dates of each year are various between the lunar and solar calendars.

Please check the correct dates in the table below to know if you belong to the Dog Year!

Dog YearSolar Calendar
Starting – Ending Date
Five Elements
203002 Feb 2030 – 22 Jan 2031Metal
201816 Feb 2018 – 04 Feb 2019Wood
200629 Jan 2006 – 16  Feb 2007Earth
199410 Feb 1994 – 30 Jan 1995Fire
198225 Jan 1982 – 12 Feb 1983Water
197006 Feb 1970 – 26 Jan 1971Metal
195818 Feb 1958 – 07 Feb 1959Wood
194602 Feb 1946 – 21 Jan 1947Earth
193414 Feb 1934 – 03 Feb 1935Fire
192228 Jan 1922 – 15 Feb 1923Water

Lucky colors for the Dog people

If you are finding the fortune colors for the Dog people, firstly locate which year you were born in the table above. Secondly, correct which destiny of the five elements you are. Then, you will see the suitable colorsbelow.

  • Metal Dog people have lucky colors, including silver, white, gray, yellow, and earthy brown.
  • Wood Dog people have suitable colors, including black, dark blue, blue, and green.
  • Earth Dog people have fortune colors, including red, pink, purple, earthy brown, orange, and yellow.
  • Fire Dog people have fortune colors, including green, red, pink, and purple.
  • Water Dog people have lucky colors, including black, blue, white, pink, and purple.
lucky color for year of dog
Lucky colors for the Year of the Dog. ©Vietnamdrive

Who is suitable for the Dog-year people?

According to horoscopes in oriental culture, the Year of the Dog will be in the three unions and the four conflicts as follows:

Three unions: The Year of the Dog is compatible with the Age of the Tiger and the Year of the Horse.

The Four Conflicts: The Year of the Dog conflicts with the Age of the Buffalo (or the Ox), the Year of the Dragon, and the Age of the Goat.

When people born in the Year of the Dog are combined with the ages in the three unions, the business or the relationship is easy to develop and get smooth, bringing many benefits to each other. If combined with the age in the four conflicts, it will easily lead to disputes, causing damage to both parties.

the year of the dog
Finding a good partner is great for choosing the Dog people. Photo: ZigmarsBerzins/pixabay

The personality of the Dog-year people

Based on the horoscope, the feng shui researchers found the general character traits of the people born in the Year of the dog as below:

Straightforwardness, honesty, and kindness are remarkable characteristics of people born in the Year of the Dog. Most of them don’t lose themselves because of money and status. They are very cautious in making decisions in their work to bring the best interests of the team.

The Dog-year people often help others, seeing people in need they will support, so they are sometimes misunderstood as interfering busybodies. It is very wonderful when the Year of the Dogs are not in a hurry to judge others, not in a hurry to raise their voice. They have a very delicate and intelligent way of solving work.

However, because of loyalty and not wanting to dishonor, every time they accept to help someone, the Year of the Dog people often need time to think, not to consider their benefits, but to learn the truth whether the person needs help and whether they can help complete it or not.

Listening to other people’s feelings is a characteristic of the Dog ages. They will be a place to confide in many people and can give a lot of good advice because they have a delicate eye for life. Therefore, they are loved by the others around them.

However, although the Year of the dog may have good advice for others, they have a weakness that makes it difficult to change their mind, and rarely listen to advice from others. This point sometimes makes them conservative to hold their opinions despite right or wrong. This also more or less hinders their development because many good business and cooperation opportunities can be missed.

People in the Year of the Dog often leave the family early to pursue their dreams and ambitions. Self-reliance is very high at these ages, they mature early thanks to careful observation of all aspects of life, so their thinking is also more mature than those of the same age.

At work, the people born in the Year of the Dog work enthusiastically, have high concentration, and complete the assigned tasks well. They will often be classified as outstanding employees. However, impatience can happen with colleagues, this impulsiveness is sometimes a big obstacle in the career path. So, restrain yourself to be better developed.

Family and honor are two things that cannot be separated from the life of people born in the Dog Year. They value family and honor even more than money and position in society. They spend time and energy protecting their family and loved ones. Therefore, family and friends are an extremely important foundation for the Year of the Dog to stay firmly on the path of life, especially during difficult times.

dog year people personality
The Dog will be available to listen to you. Photo: Vizslafotozas/pixabay

Dog Year horoscope in 2022

For people born in the Year of the Dog, 2022 is a good Year, all aspects seem to be blown by new wind and brightened. Thanks to the good horoscope of the Dog Year 2022 tells that there are many fortune stars brightening the destiny of the Dog people, bringing lots of good things. Even though the work is difficult, there are nice people to help. Besides, with good diplomacy, there is a good sign of strong advancement in the career path.

The fortune of this year is quite good, especially for those who were born in the 4th, 5th, and 6th lunar months, they will gain the fortune of the Year of the Tiger, and the money will be satisfied. Whether you are a salaried employee or self-employed, there are many inviting cash flows, income does not stop at one source, and business investment is also profitable.

Although there were many inadequacies in the family relationship, it was quickly resolved, and the matter can become small. Men are more prosperous in love, attracting poor-quality relationships, difficult to progress to happiness. The single female in love can encounter a sad story and can not enter the higher stage of complete happiness.

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