Feng Shui bedroom – Top rules to carry good luck

A house is always considered as a peaceful place to return to rest after a stressful working day. It must ensure to bring the most comfortable and tranquil feeling to its owners.

With the different personality and economic conditions, each person has the own choice of whether big or small houses, but all of them need to comply with certain principles of feng shui.

Fengshui Bedroom

A building that violates too many feng shui errors will often bring back unnecessary problems for users.

In particular, the arrangement of each room of its different functions is an important work contributing to creating an ideal living space for homeowners.

The bedroom also needs to be arranged well with feng shui rules, so sleepers feel the most comfortable and get the best sleep to restore energy.

For every young couple, bedroom space is an essential private place to look up feng shui again.

So, rational bedroom arrangement should follow the basic feng shui principles:

1. Set your bedroom at good Zodiac angels according to the owner’s horoscope

For example, a female owner (born in 1986) has an age of Binh Dan – Fire Tiger. She should arrange a bedroom in the East, Southeast, South, or North direction which is compared to the center of the house. That means the compass coordinates set from a house’s center between 70 and 200, or from 340 to 20 degrees.

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Feng Shui Compass
Feng Shui compass

In case the family has many people living together, besides the landlord, the other members should choose their own bedroom in the excellent direction of the horoscope. Please note that the prior order is for the header of the family, then younger members, and the youngest one.

For example, a male was born in 1992 (the second older person living in the house), the age of Nham Than, whose fate belongs to the western quarter (Tay Tu Trach). He should choose the bedroom in the West, Southwest, Northwest, and Northeast compared to the house. The coordinates on the compass are set in the center of the house from 205 to 335 or from 25 to 65 degrees.

Of course, in the above case, the owner belonging to the East quartet and the remaining members of the Western quarter should prioritize the bedroom layout in the direction of the landlord. That means the direction of North, East, Southeast, and South.

After that, range the bedroom to the west, northwest, southwest, or northeast for other bedrooms for the other members.

In addition, it is also possible to choose the bedroom in the small zodiac for the other members:

  • If the bedroom is arranged to the house’s north side, the age of Nham Than (born in 1992) should choose a bedroom or arrange it from 8 to 22 degrees, from the center of the house.
  • The bedroom locates on the east side of the house, the age of Nham Than should choose a bedroom or arrange it from 98 to 112, from the center of the house.
  • The bedroom is set in the southeast of the house, people belonging to Nham Than should choose a bedroom or arrange a bed in the range of 143 to 157, from the house heart.
  • A bedroom is settled in the south of the house, owners of Nham Than should choose a bedroom or arrange a bed in the range from 158 to 172 or from 188 to 200 degrees, from the house center.

2. Notice the location of the bedroom door

  • Bedroom doors are not located opposite the main entrance of the house. That is to ensure convenience and privacy.
  • Never create the bedroom door when a person standing outside the door can easily see the owners inside the bedroom before they can see him/her.
  • Also, its door is not opposed to the toilet door and kitchen. This purpose ensures hygiene and avoids bad air influencing each other.
  • Bedroom doors are not opposed to each other. It’s because the bedroom is always a private paradise, seriously for a new couple. If you follow this basic principle, you can stop the unexpected small incidents that can be a source of many troubles and unfortunate conflicts in the family.
  • Unfortunately, many bedrooms now have their toilets; this seems convenient. However, this is a bad factor which should be avoided in feng shui because the toilet door opens directly forward in the room, it causes unsanitary in the bedroom. Remarkably, the restroom must set in the lousy zodiac of the house, so when we put it in the bedroom, we accidentally break the vital rules of feng shui.
  • What should you do if you cannot build the bathroom outside the bedroom? You should choose the toilet in the room corner of the bad zodiac, and at the end of the wind blowing to limit its negativity. Additionally, the bathroom should have a fan to keep it dry and clean.
Feng Shui Bedroom Rules for doors
Toilet door opens inside the room, causing bad feng shui.

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3. A bed should be at in a small good zodiac compared to the owner’s destiny.

  • It should be seen that, in every big good zodiac, it always has three different small parts, including good and bad. When arranging a bed, try to pay attention to set it at lucky small sections.
  • For example, a female owner born in 1986 has an age of Binh Dan (Fire Tiger). So, she should arrange a bedroom in the southeast within 113 to 142 degrees according to the measurement of the compass setting from the house’s heart. From 113 to 142 degrees includes three small components, and a bad part is from 113 to 128 degrees. The bed is never put at this section (113 to 128).

4. Choose the right direction of the beds

feng shui bedroom pictures
Should not hang a picture on a bed’s head.
  • The bed direction should be sited in the North-South (the head in the north, and the led in the south), which is suitable with the flow of the Earth’s magnetic field. This helps blood flow more smoothly when sleeping, one of the prerequisites to create a good sleep, avoid feelings of anxiety and nightmares.
  • An owner should not situate a bed from this corner to another corner, or the bed head against the light (including sunlight and electricity lights).
  • Beds should be put down a site where the owners can easily see people outside before outsiders can see them. This helps individuals inside the bedroom feel more confident and proactive in unexpected situations.
  • The head of the beds is not forward to the main door of the room. Simply, the head to the main entrance will make people on the bed challenging to see the others outside. This creates a sense of insecurity for users. Besides, the room door is also a way that the most external sounds come in. So, when the headboard towards the room door is also the direction where sleepers cannot have effective relaxation.
  • A sleeper should not face the wall mirror. It is the cause of hallucinations and insecurity when staying on the bed. Sometimes the image of the owners on the mirror at night also makes them startle.
  • Also, should not hang the mirror on the head of the bed that not only causes danger to the sleeper when accidentally falling or broken. Besides, it is also essential to avoid the placement of portraits, pictures with heavy frames in this position.
  • It is not advisable to hang too many pictures (especially portrait paintings or colorful paintings) in the bedroom opposite the headboard or right at the head of the bed.
  • Avoid setting the bed near the window. Light or sounds from the outside will make people in the bed difficult to fall asleep. Some sounds outside can affect sleepers. To avoid the sun, householders should use a thick or dark curtain to create peaceful feelings in the room.

5. Absolutely, do not put beds right under the beams of the ceiling.

In the feng shui technique, beams always create killing flows. The bigger and heavier the poles are, the stronger unlucky influences they cause.

The sleepers often feel suppressed. Since then, it is easy to generate diseases such as headache, fatigue, anxiety, stress, anger, or heartsickness.

6. Decorate the bedroom with appropriate colors.

Do not paint your bedroom with too many flashy colors, which makes homeowners challenging to fall in sleep. Its soft colors are recommended. And, proper colors suit the owners’ destiny as well.

Interior facilities should also be neat and minimalist to create a comfortable space, but warm and convenient. Minimize the angles of the cabinets and tables straight into bed.

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Of course, the top feng shui factors must not always be followed, regardless of obstacles or confusing layouts.

It is good to achieve at suitable levels. Owners will test themselves about the process of usage to have a reasonable arrangement.

Some small adjustments such as rearranging the location of the bed; turning the headboard; moving, adding or removing some shelves, cabinets, tables, decorative paintings as well as bedroom paint colors may be necessary, depending on how the owners have better feelings.

We hope the tips of feng shui about the bedroom that can help you receive the good luck in life.

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