Common outdoor feng shui mistakes of the house

Through the process of observation and experience, we discovered feng shui mistakes that exist in the house you live in.

Here we select the basic feng shui errors that you can correct to let your prosperity be opened, and support your financial development.

1. Gate with crossbar or dome

The gate is extremely important in the overall look of your house and garden. The wrong construction and repair will lead to bad results for the homeowner.

With the gates built with horizontal bars, it can be seen as taboo in Vietnam. It’s because if you consider the house as the face, it is this horizontal bar that stands in front of you, obstructing the view. It blocks wealth, fame, and career development.

horizontal bar of gate
An example horizontal bar of a gate. ©Vietnamdrive

Expanding with the meaning of the house gate, that is the village gate. Most Vietnamese villages have built a greeting gate, called a village gate. The village gate has a horizontal bar, limiting the height. Let’s say, if there’s something a little high to transport, then there’s the limit of the gate. It does not create openness in life, and invisibly affects people’s psychology and thoughts, being framed, and not open-minded.

village gate in vietnam
A village gate in the countryside in Vietnam. ©Vietnamdrive

A workaround, remove the horizontal bar. This will create interference between heaven and earth, connecting people and heaven and earth more easily. The air is circulated endlessly, blessings are abundant.

2. The gate is not wide enough

The Vietnamese have a saying: The house is tall and the door is wide. The door belongs to the house, which means the gate belongs to the whole of the house and garden. So the gate of the house must also be wide to create ventilation.

small gate of a house
A small gate can make it difficult to go in and out. ©Vietnamdrive

However, the gate must not be wider than the width of the house or the land plot; wider is the taboo in outdoor feng shui. You notice that the gate is wider than the house and the land block in the case of a house without a gate.

So the house must have a gate, no gate is not good. The gate does not need to be built solidly and majestically. You just need to arrange a clear path to enter the garden or house; When a way feels like a gate, it’s okay. There may be no need for gate doors, nor a fence; just need to arrange a clear path, that is the gate.

Back to the problem, why is the gate not big enough to be a taboo in Vietnam? When the gate is too narrow, it creates a feeling of constriction for homeowners and people living in the house. According to feng shui, when the gate is narrow, the amount of air circulating in and out is not large enough to create ventilation and help good luck for the homeowner.

When the gate is narrow, it will be difficult for you to get in and out of the vehicle, causing frustration for vehicle drivers. Since then, the owner or family members do not like to go in and out of the small gate. No one likes to come to your house, so you need to check the gate first.

3. The floor is too high compared to the road

The floor is too high compared to the street and the sidewalk is the most common feng shui mistake in most townhouses low in Vietnam.

How is it high? When you stand outside looking at the house, you have a feeling of precariousness, that is high. Or the average person standing outside the house is not as tall as your chest when you stand inside, that’s tall. However, in practice, this height is sometimes unpredictable, just one level is already high; Only practice can prove it.

high floor
An example of high floor compared with the pavement.

Why is the high floor considered a feng shui error?
When the floor is high, although the homeowner feels dry and airy, unfortunately, outsiders do not like to enter the house, because it feels like there is a resistance to their foot entering. It is an unlucky thing for users of premises for business. When customers don’t want to come in, what else is there to discuss? Sell to whom?

The low enough floor will create a feeling of closeness, and strong communication between inside and outside your house. If it is a store or restaurant, it is the beginning of development and business success.

On the contrary, it should be noted that the floor of the house should not be lower than the pavement and road surface.

But many people argue, what about flooding? If you don’t build a high foundation, you will be flooded?

That is an issue that needs to be resolved immediately. Flooding is not every day. If you find it inconvenient to be in a flooded place, then move to another place. It is better than making the house floor high, causing moving in and out is difficult, business is not favorable, sometimes even making you bankrupt.

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4. Covered porch

Awnings are too common in Vietnam. Especially in hot and rainy places, many people add awnings to cover their yards from rain and sun.

However, it is the awning that is the obstacle to good luck for the homeowner when it comes to feng shui. If the porch is good, the house design is often drawn into the drawing before. If you look closely, not many designers draw into it whether the awning covers the yard.

If you consider the house as your face, this awning is like a hat with a handle always hiding your pretty face. Right? One thing’s for sure, you’ll never wear a hat 100% of the time, but if your house has a covered porch, your house will wear a hat all the time.

roof of yard of the house
Covered porch can block good things coming with the owners. ©Vietnamdrive

According to the aspect of feng shui, when there is a covered porch, your door will lack light. Although it feels cool, yin qi will gather more, so there is no balance of yin and yang.

Because of the loss of yang qi, the householder will become irritable, angry, and easily irritated. These weaknesses hinder the development of relationships, difficult business work, and easy to have problems in career.

The solution to this problem is quite simple, remove the roof, and return natural light to the main entrance of your house. Pay attention to cutting down tall trees if they cover the main door of the house.

Another choice is to make the roof of the yard higher, which can create good light and air for the house, typically for the main door.

5. Build a roof corner facing the street

Sharp corners are murderous, creating an unfriendly feeling. Therefore, sharp corners on the roof should be handled with care. Except for special cases where construction is required, it is not advisable to build a house with a roof corner facing the street. That is, one head of the main beam turns to the street.

triangle corner of the roof
The sharp corner of the roof should not face the road. ©Vietnamdrive

With the small width of the land, creating many narrow houses in Vietnam, many houses are designed with roof corners straight to the street. Outsiders looking in will not feel friendly. According to feng shui, the sharp angle of the roof creates murderous air, the homeowner can catch the bad air; so it is easy to create unlucky things.

Let’s make the front of the house like a smiley face. Imagine, when the roof juts out, creating a sharp angle like a closed mouth. The roof is horizontal like a smiling mouth. Do you prefer cheerful or grimace?

The handling is quite difficult for the houses that have been missed to build in the style of the roof corner facing the road. The repair requires a redesign, reasonably covering the sharp corner.

The common feng shui mistakes for house are listed above to help you pay attention to avoid or correct them. From there, you open the good air for the house, which is also for yourself, and welcome the flow of good energy, happiness at work, and luck in life.

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