Snake Year Horoscope: In 2022, Bad and Good Luck Comes at the Same Time

Snake is in the sixth position in the Vietnamese zodiac signs, before the horse year and after the dragon year.

Although the Vietnamese people think snakes are poisonous and dangerous, the people born in the year of Snake are often clever, secret, attractive, and romantic.

If you want to know the horoscope of the Snake ages, please check more details in the article below.

snake year horoscope

Which years belong to the Snake?

The table of the lunar calendar vs solar calendar shows you the years belonging to the year of Snake.

It is because the dates of lunar and solar are different, so please check it carefully if you own the snake horoscope.

Lunar Calendar
Snake Year
Solar Calendar
Starting – Ending Date
Five Elements
202529 Jan, 2025 – 16 Feb, 2026Wood
201310 Feb, 2013 – 30 Jan, 2014Water
200124 Jan, 2001 – 11 Feb, 2002Metal
198906 Feb, 1989 – 24 Feb, 1990Earth
197718 Feb, 1977 – 06 Feb, 1978Fire
196502 Feb, 1965 – 20 Jan, 1966Wood
195314 Feb, 1953 – 02 Feb, 1954Water
194127 Jan, 1941 – 14 Feb, 1942Metal
192910 Feb, 1929 – 29 Jan, 1930Earth

The lucky colors of the Snake-year people

Following the oriental feng shui, the suitable colors can give good luck for correct people born in the year of Snake.

Here are the colors which can give a fortune for each person following the five elements.

  • Wood Snake people (2025 and 1965) own fortune colors: Black and Blue.
  • Water Snake people (2013 and 1953) own fortune colors: White, Dark Brown, Black, Light Blue.
  • Metal Snake people (2001 and 1941) own fortune colors: Yellow, Soil Brown, and White.
  • Earth Snake people (1989 and 1929) own fortune colors: Red, Pink, Purple, and Yellow.
  • Fire Snake people (1977) own fortune colors: Green, Red, Pink, and Purple.
lucky colors for snake people
Lucky colors for the Snake ages. ©Vietnamdrive

Character Traits of people born in the year of the Snake

According to the Vietnamese horoscope, people born in the year of the Snake are not impulsive, but on the contrary, are very reserved, calm, conservative, and mysterious.

Moreover, behind their keen eyes is an analytical mind, which helps those of this zodiac sign to have the subtlety, prudence, and the ability to make the right judgment to find the key to each problem to get deal with it satisfactorily.

These anxious people are also endowed with wisdom and a profound philosophical understanding of life. It is the talent and the fact that they need to have a secure life, so the Snake ages are also considered the guardians of the treasure.

A life full of conflict and chaos is not for the Snake people, because they love peace and like silence. They are more spiritual than materialistic. The Snakes like to sit and think and hate to be disturbed. Elegant, comfortable, and luxurious style is what the Snake people want to decorate their beloved home.

 Men born in the year of the Snake can become philosophers, theologians, politicians, and can also be extremely insightful thinkers. These men are the most mysterious of the twelve zodiac animals. They were born with exceptional intelligence, in addition to being mystic.

Most of the female people born in the year of the Snake are beautiful women. The calm, peaceful and beautiful face makes the others love them. These people are confident, laid-back, and relaxed. Although they often wander around, giving people the impression that they are lazy, that is absolutely not the case, their heads are always busy.

year of snake people
The Snake ages are often very clever. ©LeandroDeCarvalho/pixabay

Detailed horoscope in 2022 of the year of the Snake

Horoscope of the year of the Snake in 2022 is evaluated as both good and bad lucks around 50%, fortune, and unlucky things are more difficult to distinguish in this year. While the situation of the bad star (Thai Tue) causes bad luck, the two gods (Chinh Tai and Chinh Quan) can help to remove difficulties.

Thus, although the businesses have changed, most of them do not bring as much luck as they would like. Being supported by noble people in times of danger; however, bad people are still raging, blocking the way to advancement.

The relationship can be difficult, the family lacks harmony, and the husband and wife have a few conflicts. Health declines more than before, going far can be at a disadvantage.

1. Business of the year of the Snake in 2022

The horoscope is indistinguishable, so the work is also good and bad. The good side is there is innovation or business expansion.

Salaried employees who are supported by good people can be promoted to new positions after changing their thinking and working style. Businessmen and traders dominate the market, earning a lot of profit thanks to the support of the good god (Chinh Tai).

Along with that are a few limitations, the bad star shapes the difficulties, challenges, and obstacles, so it is difficult to act smoothly from the beginning. Everything that comes to you is not easy but you can go through those challenges, but be sweat and effort.

In the year 2022 of caution when doing business with other people, it is easy to have disputes, mildly lose intimacy, seriously lose both honor and money.

2. Richness prediction for the Snake people in 2022

 The people born in the year of the Snake are not too worried about money. Challenges and opportunities go hand in hand, this destiny still earns a lot of profits. However, this income mainly supports the main work. With the auxiliary investment, the luck is not good, the rate of return of capital is not high, so it should be considered with caution.

Salaried people have the most stable income, but only enough to spend on daily living, not much richer. In the second half of the year, there are signs of salary increase, but only at a slight level, without a breakthrough.

Business and trade tend to prosper right from the first lunar months of the year, especially in industries related to food and services.

It is very important to note that the situation of the bad star (Thai Tue) in the snake horoscope starts shaping throughout the year of the Tiger 2022. Thus, whatever you do, you must think carefully, avoid being careless. If not, the money has not been hot in your pocket and has been rushed away.

3. Love of the year of the Snake in 2022

The love story or family relationship of the people born in the year of the Snake is not as desired.

Family discord, husband and wife can conflict because of life pressure, parents and children quarrel due to differences in ideology. The matter is only serious when the insiders refuse to acknowledge the problem. On the contrary, if shared together, conflicts will be resolved.

Couples in love face plenty of obstacles from their families or a few trouble. If love is not big enough, it will be difficult to overcome.

For single men and women, the fierce goddess in the horoscope of this year influences their thoughts, making it secret; their tendency closes themselves, less open communication, so it is more difficult to find a suitable person. Even with matchmaking, it is hard to prolong the relationship.

year of snake

Month by month horoscope in 2022 for the year of the Snake

In order for the year of the Snake to easily get fortune and avoid bad luck in 2022, we introduce the prediction for the 12 months of this year below.

  1. Horoscope in the first lunar month 2022: Be careful of bad reputation everywhere, so pay attention to every word. However, you can receive good news about love.
  2. Horoscope in the second lunar month 2022: Love continues to have a favorable development, it is important you receive it or not. The work can progress steadily, showing signs of improvement towards the end of the month.
  3. Horoscope in the third lunar month 2022: Good luck and prosperity come, supported by older people. You can have the opportunity to affirm your ability and advance in your career.
  4. Horoscope in the fourth lunar month 2022: Start facing the bad star (Thai Tue), the year of the Snake people have to think a lot. If you have old diseases related to nerves, they can recur. Also, watch out for unexpected vehicular accidents.
  5. Horoscope in the fifth lunar month 2022: in this month, the snake ages can be easy to be disrupted by petty people, bad words surrounded. Be careful in every word to avoid bad luck.
  6. Horoscope in the sixth lunar month 2022: Money can come a lot, but it is almost difficult to accumulate due to having to cover life or use to invest in cooperating for business.
  7. Horoscope in the seventh lunar month 2022: Bad words continue following you. Carefully entangled in legal proceedings. Going far is disadvantageous; in case you fall, it is possible to injure your hands or legs. So, you need to pay more attention to walking and moving.
  8. Horoscope in the eighth lunar month 2022: Thanks to the support of the good people, difficulties in doing business are relieved, opening up great cooperation opportunities. Family relationship is somewhat improved, husband and wife are less contentious.
  9. Horoscope in the ninth lunar month 2022: There are able to be new opportunities in business, but do not be in a hurry to avoid failure.
  10. Horoscope in the tenth lunar month 2022: This month can make the ages of the Snake unstable in terms of emotions. The love, therefore, can go wrong. Social issues are also disadvantageous, work is not smooth.
  11. Horoscope in the eleventh lunar month 2022: Due to the strong conflict of the five elements, the health of people born in the year of the Snake declines, and old diseases are easy to recur. In addition, pay attention to eating and drinking problems, to prevent food poisoning.
  12. Horoscope in the twelfth lunar month 2022: The last month of the year has a good harvest in both money and love. There are signs of spending a lot of money, possibly on big things in the family.
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