Where is Vietnam in the world map?

Vietnam is a developing country in Southeast Asia. The geographical position of Vietnam takes important roles in its development and innovation.

Thanks to the long coast from the North to the South, and the large area from East to West, Vietnam has been considered as a vital strategic area in the eyes of the military in the world. There were many fierce wars in the past, but the Vietnamese people had to fight for national independence and protected their country’s territorial integrity.

To know precisely where Vietnam is located on the world map, and its economic position, we now check information about Vietnam.

Vietnam Map

Location and area of Vietnam

  • Location: Southeast Asia
  • Area: 332,698 km2
  • Borders: Vietnam has a 4,550 km long land border with China in the north, Laos, and Cambodia in the west; East Sea in the East.
  • Latitude on the map: Vietnam’s mainland has S-shape, extending from latitude 23023′ North to 80 27′ North.
  • Length: Vietnam is 1,650 km north-south. The largest part on the land about 500 km; the narrowest place is nearly 50 km.
  • Length of National Highway 1: The National Route A1 has 2,301km from Km 0 at Huu Nghi Quan in the North to Ca Mau Province in the South of Vietnam.
  • Big cities in Vietnam: There are the top 5 most significant cities in Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi Capital, Hai Phong City, Danang City, and Can Tho City.

Population and national codes

  • Population: According to the survey results, in early 2019, the population of Vietnam is around 97,000,000 people (estimated). Vietnam has 54 ethnic groups. The main ethnic group in Vietnam is Kinh, accounting for over 86% of the Vietnamese population (estimated over 83,000,000 Kinh people).
  • The official language of Vietnam is Vietnamese (tiếng Việt); but, many people can speak English now.
  • Calling code in Vietnam is +84.
  • The top domain of Vietnam is .VN; there are .com.vn, gov.vn, and the others with .vn.
  • The money of Vietnam is Vietnam Dong (VND).

Vietnamese holidays

The National day of Vietnam is 2 September.

Vietnamese Tet is one of the important holidays in Vietnam. Tet holidays are the end day of the twelveth lunar month and the first, second, and third day of the first lunar month. Tet holidays are often at the end of January or the beginning of February.

Here are Vietnamese holidays in 2020 and 2021:

  • New Year, 1 January, every year,
  • Tet Holidays, the 30th of the twelfth lunar month to the 04th of the first lunar month (lunar calendar),
  • Hung King Festival, the 10th of the third lunar month,
  • Reunification day, 30th April,
  • Labor Day, 1 May,
  • Independence Day, 2 September.

Learn more information about Vietnam from Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vietnam .

3 biggest cities of Vietnam: Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh

Short information about Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam

  • Area of Hanoi: over 3,300 square km,
  • Population of Hanoi: Over 7,500,000 people,
  • Coordinates: 21°01′42.5″N 105°51′15.0″E (Wikipedia),
  • Motorbike numbers: estimated over 5 million motorbikes in Hanoi. Hanoi Government is planning to stop motorcycles moving in the city from 2025,
  • Phone code of Hanoi is 024.

Short knowledge of Ho Chi Minh City – the biggest city in Vietnam

  • Area of Ho Chi Minh: 2,096 square km
  • The population of Ho Chi Minh: Over 8,500,000 people
  • Coordinates: 10°46′36.8″N 106°42′02.9″E (Wikipedia)
  • Motorbike numbers: Estimated over 8.5 million motorbikes in Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Phone code of Ho Chi Minh is 028.

Short information of Da Nang City – the fast-growing city in Vietnam

  • Da Nang has the area of 1,285 km²,
  • The population of Da Nang city is 1,2310,000 people,
  • Coordinates are 16.0544° N, 108.2022° E,
  • Phone code of Da Nang city is 0236.

Where is Vietnam economy in the world?

In 2018, the value of Vietnam’s economy reached $ 240 billion. The increase of $ 20 billion compared to 2017 has helped Vietnam reach the top 50 countries with the forty-ninth position in the rankings. The current economic situation of Vietnam is on a quite favorable development.

By the beginning of 2018, the size of the economy increased, public debt decreased to 61%. This is a good sign of economic development. The scale of GDP was over 5 million billion dong.

Vietnam’s economy will improve significantly and soon become a healthy economy in Southeast Asia, and Asia. Potentials to develop Vietnam economy in the coming years are good. According to the economic searchers, Vietnam will be on the top 50 fast-growing economies in the world until 2050, and can be to the 20th position in the global economic rankings.

Vietnam tourism’s position in the world map

According to the 2018 tourism highlights report released by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), Vietnam is the third country in the top 10 countries with the highest number of international tourists in 2017 compared to 2016. Vietnam became a highlight of tourism in the world in 2018. Leading is Egypt with a growth rate of 55.1%, followed by Togo with a growth of 46.7%. This list is based on statistics of international tourists worldwide in 2017.

For Vietnam, one of the main factors that have strongly attracted international visitors in the last 3 years is that Vietnam has been increasing the number of tourist hotels and resorts with unique cultural identity, beautiful architecture, and natural harmony. Besides, Vietnam is a politically and economically stable country with friendly people, rich cultural identities.

Top 5 famous destinations in Vietnam to visit when traveling to this beautiful country include:

  1. Trang An – Bai Dinh in Ninh Binh: Trang An scenic complex is a fantastic cultural and natural tourist site in Ninh Binh. On every occasion of the ripe rice season, the fields at the foot of the mountains turn a bright yellow color, creating a very poetic scenery. This area has many famous relics classified as critical national relics by the Government of Vietnam such as Trang An eco-tourism area, Tam Coc-Bich Dong tourist area, Hoa Lu ancient capital, and Bai Dinh pagoda.
  2. Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park becomes more and more popular for domestic and international visitors. It is because this park has incredible caves and well-preserved natural forests. The hottest site is Son Doong cave recognized as the largest cave in the world.
  3. Hue City, the old capital of Vietnam, has a lot of royal palaces of the last dynasty Nguyen. The imperial palace, Thien Mu Pagoda, the Perfume River, Royal tombs, and Forbidden water park (Ho Thuy Tien) are the highlights of this city. Besides, the cuisine of Hue is also the main reason to attract travelers coming to this place.
  4. Ba Na Hills, including the Golden Bridge (or the hand bridge), in Da Nang City, have been the top highlights in Vietnam for recent years. Ba Na Hills has developed a big entertainment area with full of services for spending holidays there. And, the Golden Bridge is selected as the beautiful site for taking pictures because of its beauty, location in the high hill, and unique design.
  5. Hoi An Ancient Town is a peaceful stop on the way to travel through Vietnam. The ancient town has different things to do and to see, including traditional lifestyle, old buildings (houses, temples, Japanese bridge…), tailor shops for measuring clothes, excellent restaurants for tasting the food, and beautiful streets for taking pictures.

Frequently asked questions about Vietnam’s location

Which countries does Vietnam have the border with?

Vietnam gets the vital location of geography to go to Asia, creating borders with China, Laos, Cambodia, and the sea in the east. With the good conditions of geography, Vietnam has a lot of beautiful places to visit.

Can I see Vietnam on the world map?

Yes, of course. You can see the Vietnam map with an S-shape forming a beautiful developing country along the coast.

How can I go to Vietnam from the USA or Europe?

Two big cities of Vietnam have international airports: Hanoi owning Noi Bai airport and Ho Chi Minh City with Tan Son Nhat airport. So, you can easily fly to Vietnam with one of those first destinations.

In conclusion, Vietnam locates at an essential site in Southeast Asia and in the world map. It becomes more and more popular for travelers or business people coming to this country to spend holidays, or to invest their business.

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