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Cruise Ships to Chan May

Chan May Port in Thua Thien Hue is the official general port of Vietnam. The port is listed as one of 46 seaports selected by the Asian Cruise Association, where cruise ships in the world choose to stop when coming to Southeast Asia.

Chan May Port is conveniently located between the sea lanes connecting Singapore, the Philippines and Hong Kong. Moreover, it has a good location in Cental Vietnam, between the two big economic centers of Hue and Da Nang City. Surrounding of Chan May Port are the Hue tourist attractions of Canh Duong – Lang Co Beach – Hai Van Pass and Bach Ma National Park.

At present, Chan May port has a wharf with a length of 480m and a depth of -12.5 m. The port can welcome the wholly-loaded ships of up to 50,000 DWT and cruise ships up to 632m long. Chan May Port has good conditions to become a big port in the world.

The port has modern equipment and a team of young dynamic engineers and workers; this helps Chan May Cruise Port has provided high-quality services for loading products or tourist cruise ships in the world.

Chan May Port has gradually become a prestige brand and contributes to the development of Thua Thien Hue Province.

More details of Chan May Port:

Chan May Port Area
Photo: Management Board of Chan May- Lang Co Economic Zone

1. The Area of Chan May Port:

The total area of the Chan May Port area is 668.53 ha, including about 442.19 hectares of land and 226.34 acres of water.

The map from Hue to Chan May Port

2. Port Characteristics:

– Chan May port is a general port with a container port and a specialized wharf for international tourist cruise ships. The port is an important shipping route; and provides deep-water port services and transports cargoes in central Vietnam.

– This port is linking with the whole Chan May – Lang Co region, which has the considerable potential to develop tourism, education, international convention center, entertainment and sport.

Lang Co Beach
Lang Co Beach

3. Main port facilities of Chan May:

3.1. Marine works

– Ship route and ship turn zones
+ Access forward from the west to the north. The route is divided into 2 segments.
+ Ship turn area: It is located in front of wharf 01, which is suitable for the exploitation of ships of 30,000 DWT – 50,000 DWT. The 50,000 DWT of ship turn area is made in accordance with the demand for ships entering and leaving the port.
+ Route number: 01 lane

– Breakwater:
The construction of the breakwater has done since 2015 and will be completely finished in 2030.
+ 2015: Construction of the Northern breakwater with 450m long.
+ 2020 period: To build a 750m long northern breakwater
+ 2020 period: To build a 750m long northern breakwater
+ Stage 2030: To complete the 750m long northern breakwater and to construction, the sand-dike in the west is 2100m long.

+ Height of breakwater: 7.0 m.
+ Sand dike height: 1.0 m.

3.2. Port Area

– General wharf area
+ By 2020: To build 06 wharves with the total length of 1,680m wharf;
+ By 2030: Construction of 08 wharves with the length 2,280m;

– Petrol port
In the future, the petrol wharf is to be located to the south of the port with a distance of at least 200m from each other with a length of 240m.

– Cruise ship port for tourism
This port will be in the deep of the harbor, near the ocean park. In the future, the port has the capacity to accommodate 100,000 GRT passenger ships.

– Marina
Is located inside the breakwater of the Port

3.3. Port Township

– Includes areas of public works, urban services, commercial areas, offices, technical infrastructure works and green parks.

4. Status of the Port Zone of Chan May

– The length of wharf No. 1 is raised from 300m to 360m (20m to the north, 40m to the south) and can accommodate vessels of up to 50,000 DWT. In addition, the extension of the 120m long port can also accommodate vessels up to 5,000 DWT.
– Depth: -12.5 m. The bottom of the route is 150m wide.

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