Thien Mu Pagoda in Hue City

The oldest pagoda in Hue City is called Thien Mu Pagoda, at an excellent location facing the Perfume River.

Thien Mu pagoda, also called Heavenly lady pagoda, was built under Nguyen Hoang lord in 1601. This is the most ancient and beautiful pagoda in Hue city, Vietnam, with romantic surroundings.

Tam Quan (Three-door gate) to the main temples

The local people in Hue, Vietnam, have lovely legendary to talk about this pagoda: “A lady with white clothes appears on the top of the hill Ha Khe. She asks the people that they have to talk to the King to build a pagoda on the top of this hill to attract brave souls and clever people coming here. Then, the King will develop the country easily with their support”. After this, the first lord of the Nguyen Dynasty heard and understood this, and he had people build the pagoda Thien Mu here in 1601.

Thien Mu Pagoda in Hue City
Phuoc Duyen Tower in front of the Pagoda

The pagoda at present on the Ha Khe hill is 4 km from the citadel on the north bank of the Perfume River. The river and countryside views are correctly looked at from the pagoda. Notably, the sunset comes over the pagoda with the holy sounds of the bell from the main temple, creating a wonderful time of peaceful heaven.

The main temple is used to worship the Buddha. Remarkably, the seven-storey Phuoc Duyen tower in front of the main temple was built in 1844, this is the perfect beauty of architecture during the Nguyen dynasty.

Come to this site, you will feel that you are going into the most beautiful heaven of Buddha’s land.

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