What is the best currency to take to Vietnam?

If you want to visit Vietnam, you should carry Vietnam Dong or USD.

Vietnam Dong is officially used in this country, which have become the best currency used in Vietnam. However, this money has many 0 (zero) numbers, which makes many guests confuse to use. USD is the second one, but you need to exchange it at the banks or at the money exchange stations at the airports.

Vietnamese Currency - Vietnamese money
Vietnamese money notes

Here is more information about currency to take to Vietnam when you explore this beautiful country.

When you will visit Vietnam, it is easy for you to go shopping or pay the bill in hotels and small restaurants by using Dong or VND.

Using Cash

Vietnam is a country where people like to use cash although the government encourages using the credit card, ATM, Visa, or the other methods without cash.

You will find most small shops and restaurants have not had machines to accept money from debit or credit cards. However, most of the hotels and travel company accept your card payment or online payment.

The currency in Vietnam is the Vietnam Dong (VND), widely used in the country. And, most of the local people are “millionaires”, and you too because of VND having a lot of Zero. The biggest note is 500,000VND (=nearly 22USD).

Besides, US dollars are accepted in Vietnam in most of the hotels, tourist restaurants, and tourist shops in the big cities; however, it is too hard to spend in the local restaurants and local markets.

Euro, Pound or the other money is not widely to use in Vietnam, but can be exchanged or accepted by a few places.

How to change these currencies into Vietnam Dong? See the next guide as below.

Exchange your money into Vietnam Dong:

As Vietnamdrive mentioned above, USD is can use in Vietnam. USD is very easy to change at many places in Vietnam such as banks, hotels, or gold shops which are allowed to exchange.

Please note that banks of Vietnam are the top places to exchange although some gold shops have a higher rate and quicker services, but it’s risky to exchange at the shops.

For other money as Euro, Pound, and the others, you should change at the banks. You can find some top banks such as Vietcombank, Vietinbank, BIDV for Vietnamese banks in most of the cities in Vietnam, and ANZ, HSBC or Citibank for international banks in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City.

Exchange rate at Vietcombank

Use VISA cards, Credit and Debit cards

You can use these cards to pay your services in Vietnam, just in the big cities and at some big restaurants, shops or hotels.

Nowadays, it is easy to use VISA cards, credit or Debit cards to take money from ATMs in Vietnam.

With many guests’ experience, VISA cards are the easiest cards to take money from the ATMs of Vietnamese banks.

>> If you come from US, please check a Vietnam visa for US citizens.

Carry traveler cheques

Although traveler cheques are accepted in Vietnam, just in the big cities, the big hotels and some banks. These cheques are not liked to use in Vietnam.

Thus, you, sometimes, get trouble when you have only traveler cheques left.

In short, when traveling to Vietnam, you should carry cash and VISA cards, this’s the best choice.

Vietnam Dong and USD are preferred to use in Vietnam. And, it is very easy to change USD into Dong at the banks in Vietnam.

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