Guides To Get A Vietnam Visa For US Citizens

When entering Vietnam for the purpose of tourism or work, US citizens and almost all others in Europe need to be granted a visa from the host country.

Currently, the simple way to get a Vietnamese visa is to apply for an electronic online one also known as an e-visa.

The guide to get evisa below is also applied to citizens from other countries, besides the US. We take the US as an example.

guides to get Vietnam visa for US citizens

Vietnamese visa requirements for American tourists

To apply for a tourist visa, you need to prepare:

  • Clear, face-to-face portraits for uploading on request. The most recent portrait photo should not be more than 3 months old.
  • Photograph of passport, a page with a photo. The passport photo is clear, not erased or edited.
  • You need to prepare a visa fee of $ 25 for a US tourist in an account that can pay online. Business visa to work in Vietnam requests more payment, depending on the working duration and type of job.

Instructions to apply for a visa online to enter Vietnam

The following should be done carefully to ensure the fastest possible acceptance. A travel visa processing time for Americans is within 3 working days, so it is better to do this in a week or more before entering Vietnam.

Step 1: Visit the official Visa website of Vietnam

Go to Vietnam’s immigration website. Remember to select the English language to make it easy to fulfill the information.

Step 2: Upload portrait and passport photos

Select the photos as you prepared to start uploading to the form.

vietnam visa photo portrait and passport
Screenshot from the Web: Vietnam Immigration Department

Step 3: Fill in the information

Write the correct information according to the procedure below.

Click on the plus sign (+) to open the personal information to fill in.

choose plus to open the information
  • Personal information (PNR) is requested.
  • Inviting/guaranteeing agency/organization is optional if any. Usually, this part is for a business working visa.
  • Under 14-years-old-accompanying child or children included in your passport is optional if any.
  • The requested information part is needed to fill in.
vietnam visa for US citizens

Step 4: Review the application form and edit it

After you fill in all information, click on the button “Review application form”. Then, you can see all info and check it carefully.

When you find any details that are not correct, click on the icon of “pen and book” as in the photo below. After that, you can correct it.

vietnam visit for a American tourist

Step 5: Make a payment

After checking all information correctly, you select the button “Payment” to lead you to the next pay of information as below.

payment step for evisa vietnam for us citizen

Then, choose the button “Pay e-visa fee” to finish your payment step. After that, you need to wait for a few days to get information into your email.

payment for evisa vietnam

You can use any card: VISA, American Express, Master, or JCB to pay for the visa fee. Please note that “PAY BY ATM CARD” is often for the Vietnamese people or anyone living in Vietnam owning a local ATM card.

During the time to wait for Vietnamese evisa to come to your email, you take your time to prepare what you need for your journey (such as clothes, shoes for trekking, and a light jacket) or study more information about the beautiful places to visit in Vietnam.

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FAQ about the visa for American travelers to Vietnam

Can I get a visa on arrival in Vietnam?

When we wrote about this article, a visa on arrival in Vietnam has stopped working on it. But, you can get a tourist visa to travel to this country with an online e-visa by applying for it easily by following our guides in this article.

How much does a Vietnam visa cost for an American?

An Evisa or an online visa costs 25 USD for a one-time entry to Vietnam for a US tourist. For a business visa, it is different, depending on the duration of working in Vietnam, and job types as well.

Can a US citizen get a visa for longer than 30 days in Vietnam?

A tourist from the United States can get a visa to visit Vietnam only within 30 days. For longer than 30 days, it applies for a business visa.

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