The list of ticket prices to visit attractions in Da Lat City

To plan to visit Da Lat with a tour program for your groups, friends or family, you should also add the information of the entrance fee to visit Da Lat including waterfalls, flower gardens, and other famous tourist attractions.

Vietnamdrive will introduce you about the entire ticket price at renowned tourist destinations in this beautiful city Dalat.

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According to the experience of Vietnamdrive, the fare of  tourist destinations in DaLat is not expensive, the price is only from 5,000 VND, many tourists are delighted. Therefore, this city of flowers is always a place where many tourists choose to relax and explore its beauty.

Details of the ticket price for tourist destinations of Da Lat in 2019:

  1. Fares for Prenn Waterfall tourist area: 30,000 VND/adult, 15,000 VND/child. Elephant riding for 15 minutes 300,000VND.
  2. Tickets for Datanla Waterfall tourist area: 150,000 VND/adult and 85,000 VND/child, including slider ticket. If using a new slider with 3km long, it will be VND 150,000 VND/person.
  3. The Elephant Waterfall (Thac Voi) – Nam Ban town – Lam Ha: 10,000 VND/adult, children 5,000 VND.
  4. Fares for tourist area of Tiger Cave – Da Lat: 10,000 VND/adult for children and free parking.
  5. Ta Nung Cricket Camp: 10,000 VND/adult, free children (Including fried crickets here).
  6. Fares for Dambri Bao Loc waterfall: 150,000 VND/adult, for children is 100,000 VND (30% off the ticket price when booking meals). With 150,000 VND, you will have the following services: entrance tickets, lift tickets, Alpine Coaster tube skate tickets, and other games.
  7. Tickets for Bao Dai Palace: (Palace 3) 15,000 VND/adult. Children over 1m2 charge as adults, lower 1.2m children are free. If visiting Dinh 1, the ticket price is 30,000 VND/person.
  8. Fares for Dream Hill: 50,000 VND/adult, 25,000 VND/child. See more strange creatures cost 10,000 VND.
  9. Ticket prices in the XQ area: 100,000 VND/adult, children get free entrance tickets.
  10. Price of the ticket of Hang Nga Villa, also called Crazy house: 40,000 VND/adult.
  11. Minh Tam Flower Garden: 15,000 VND/adult, children are free.
  12. Ticket prices for Cam Ly Waterfall: 20,000 VND/adult, 10,000 VND/child. You should go sightseeing in the rainy season because of abundant water, the dry season should not go because of less water and pollution.
  13. Fares for the Valley of Love: 250,000 VND/person including entrance ticket, boat ride or duck boat ride, and old train ride. If you want to get tickets with buffet for lunch, the price is 290,000 VND/person.
  14. Fares for Ho Than Tho: 20,000 VND/adult; 10,000 VND/child. You can also visit the pine hill of 2 graves nearby for free.
  15. Langbiang Mountain: 30,000 VND/adult; 15,000 VND/child. Round-trip jeep to the Langbiang Mountain peak is 60,000 VND/round trip.
  16. Ticket price for Cu Thoi Village: 60,000 VND/person. Take a tour around this resort with a Jeep price of 150,000 VND/person. Campfire and Teambuilding play for 90,000 VND/person.
  17. The Golden Valley is 40,000 VND/adult; 20,000 VND/child.
  18. Da Lat city flower garden: 40,000 VND/adult; 20,000 VND/child.
  19. The cable car of Thien Vien Truc Lam (round trip): 70,000 VND/adult, 40,000 VND/child; for one way: 50,000 VND/adult, VND 30,000 /child.
  20. Tay Nguyen Biological Museum: 15,000 VND/adult, children are free.
  21. Fare tickets for Tran Le Xuan Palace – National Center IV of storage (Nguyen Dynasty Woodblocks): VND 15,000 /adult; Children are free.
  22. Bidoup National Park – Nui Ba, Lac Duong district, 60 km from Dalat city, on the provincial road 723. Ticket price: 20 000 VND/adult and 10 000 VND/child.
  23. Ticket price of Pongour waterfall (Duc Trong district): 20,000 VND/adult and 10,000 VND/child.
  24. Lam Dong Museum – Dinh Nguyen Huu Hao (Southern Palace of Queen – Nam Phuong Hoang Hau) 10,000 VND/1 adult, children are free.
  25. Truc Lam Vien tourist area – Tran Le Gia Trang: 30,000 VND/adult, children 15,000 VND.
  26. Sculpture tunnel – Clay Tunnel Da Lat (Dalat Star): 90,000 VND/adult, children 30,000 VND.
  27. Strawberry Garden Hiep Luc – High Tech Hydroponic Garden: 10,000 VND/adult. Children for free.
  28. Da Lat train station – Trai Mat round trip: Vietnamese guests are 85,000 VND /guest, oversea tourists are 124,000 VND/guest. The entrance ticket price is 5,000 VND.
  29. Ma Rung Lu Quan – Forest Ghost Restaurant: Tourists pay on the wooden crates in front. Price is 10,000 VND/adult. Students, elders, and children are free to visit.
  30. Van Thanh vegetable farm: 40,000 VND/adult, and 20,000 VND/child.
  31. Zoodoo Zoo: Entrance tickets for adults are 100,000 VND/guest, children from 90cm to 1.2m are 50,000VND/child, lower 90cm is free. To visit this, you need to call 0997.111.199 to make a reservation in advance and do not forget to ask your visit time to avoid coming too soon to wait a long time.
  32. Secret Garden: 50,000 VND/person.
  33. Field of Tu Tu Cam flower: 15,000 VND/person.
  34. Dalat Milk Farm: Free
  35. Son Dien Trang: 30,000 VND/adult, and 15,000 VND/child, free for children under 1 meter.
  36. Ha Dong Flower Village: Free.
  37. Thai Phien Flower Village: Free.
  38. Van Thanh Citadel: Free.
  39. Boat trip on Tuyen Lam lake: 300,000 VND/ trip.
  40. The price of horse carriage around Xuan Huong Lake: 300,000 VND/carriage carrying 4 to 5 people.
  41. Me Linh Cafe and Civet cat Farm: Free.
  42. Chinese Pagoda and the Rotating Table at the thought: 5,000 VND.
  43. Cau Dat Tea Hill: 30,000 VND/guest, this is one of the beautiful sites you should not miss when coming to Dalat City, Vietnam.

Hopefully, the ticket price to visit Da Lat will give you the plan to get the perfect holidays at this beautiful city.

If you see any of the above ticket prices are not correct, or some places are not still mentioned, you can support us to update new prices through email. Then, we will update them. Thank you for your contribution that can support many tourists.

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