Langbiang Mountain in Da Lat

Langbiang Mountain is made up of three mountains: Ong Mountain is 2,124 meters high; Nui Ba has the highest peak at 2,163 meters above sea level, located on the left from the center of Da Lat; and Rada Hill has a height of 1,929 meters.

visit lang biang dalat
Visit Langbiang Dalat. ©Pham Thanh Vinh

Nui Ong and Nui Ba are most noticeable because they relate to the faithful love story of Lang and Biang, who lived in two different tribes near this place. However, the top of Radar Hill has more tourists coming because there is a very convenient route to travel by jeep to this peak.

Next, you’ll find many remarkable experiences that we recommend to help you plan your trip.

1. Langbiang Mountain in Da Lat

Langbiang Mountain is located 12km from the center of Da Lat city to the northwest, only about 8km from the famous Valley of Love.

  • Address: Lac Duong town, Lac Duong district, Lam Dong province, Vietnam
  • Sightseeing mode: Walking and jeep
  • Tourist area opening hours: 7:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • Tickets to visit the resort: 50,000 VND/person
  • Jeep ticket to the Radar Hill: 100,000 VND/person for 2 ways

Note: Fares and times may change from time to time.

The route to Langbiang Mountain from the Flower Park of Dalat City:

2. What is the total time to visit Langbiang?

Only visiting Radar Hill and seeing the sights takes 1 to 1 hour 30 minutes by Jeep.

The total time to climb to the top of Langbiang Mountain in trekking style will take 3 hours from the foot of this mountain.

To make the trek from the foot of the mountain, you follow the trail on the right of the gate of the Langbiang tourist area. Cross the tree fields, a few houses, and the forest towards the checkpoint of Bidoup Nui Ba National Park. Note that this road has many sections that are not clear, you should focus on walking to avoid getting lost. You can choose for this part by taking a 3-4 km asphalt road, walking, or taking a jeep to save time.

Next from the checkpoint, you will follow the trail through the pine forest, and shrubs to reach the top. The trail is quite clear, but avoid hiking on rainy days because it is slipping.

lang biang dalat
Explore the LangBiang Peak. ©Pham Thanh Vinh

3. How is the legend of LangBiang told?

At the stele in LangBiang mountain, you will see the story of love story told as follows:

“Once upon a time in this mountainous region, there was a son named Lang, the chief of the Lat tribe, who loved a daughter named Biang, the daughter of the chief of the Chil tribe.

Because of the different tribes, Biang could not marry Lang, so the two had to take death to keep their love and to oppose the strict customary law.

When Lang and Biang died, Biang’s father regretted so he unified the Lat, Chil, and Sre tribes into the K’Ho ethnic group.

Since then, boys and girls of the tribes easily fell in love and got married. The two people’s graves became two high mountains next to each other and the villagers named this site LangBiang Mountain.”

4. Interesting activities at Langbiang mountain

You will find recommended activities and experiences for your discovery here.

lang biang peak dalat
Lang Biang Peak in Dalat. ©Vu Hung

4.1. Camping to watch the clouds on the top of the mountain

With an average altitude of over 1,900m above sea level, it is easy to see floating clouds, especially in the early morning.

Therefore, a night camping program on the top of Langbiang will give you a good opportunity to watch the beautiful clouds at dawn.

Make sure you are accompanied by people with good experiences in organizing camping to ensure safety. Therefore, buy a camping tour or find a local friend to go with and support you.

camping in dalat

4.2. Ride a jeep up and down the mountain

Sitting on a classic-style Jeep to visit the top of the mountain on the windy road becomes an interesting activity.

The wind blowing in the face, and the wind blowing over the shoulder create a much more refreshing and relaxing feeling than sitting in an air-conditioned car.

One-way jeep ride up or down takes about 15 minutes, and it costs only 100,000 VND for 2 ways. You will have a good chance to breathe in the cool air of the fresh breeze while traveling.

4.3. Enjoy the panoramic view of Da Lat city

To see Da Lat city from above, the radar hill in the Langbiang mountain cluster will be the right choice.

The panoramic view of the dream city gives you a nice time to relax and enjoy the charming beauty of the foggy city.

Many young people like to keep a panoramic image of the highland city from this location. Surely you will also not be able to miss saving photos of your Langbiang trip.

lang biang peak in dalat
Lovely view from the peak. ©Vu Hung

4.4. Climbing in the form of trekking

Climbing activities will allow you to cross the vast pine forests, and look at the wildflowers along the way.

However, trekking is only for those who are in good health and have a long time to explore this mountainous area. Avoid going in the rainy season because the road is slippery and difficult to move.

If you are traveling to Dalat for the first time, or you are a foreigner, you should go with a guide or local person who is familiar with the terrain to avoid getting lost.

4.5. Paragliding

Paragliding is considered a thrilling game for adventure lovers. Being among them, please come to this area to experience it!

You will be given brief instructions on how to manage a paraglider. However, if you are inexperienced, paragliding with an instructor will be safer for you.

It should be noted that this adventure game is not for the faint of heart or with underlying health conditions. Please notify the instructor in detail of yours to decide if you can play or not.

4.6. Watch the sunset from Langbiang

Langbiang Peak has long been one of the beautiful sunset spots in Da Lat.

The yellow clouds bring a feeling of sadness but can make you feel relieved because you are immersed in the quiet and fresh nature.

Radar Peak in this area is also an interesting place for sunset for those who do not have much time. But the main peak of Langbiang is the perfect choice for a trekking trip on a sunny afternoon in Da Lat.

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