Datanla Waterfall in Da Lat City

In the journey to discover Da Lat, the Datanla waterfall is indispensable. This area has become a large tourist destination with many games for all ages from simple to complex, including adventure games.

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Dalat Datanla Waterfall

Located just 5km south of Da Lat city center and 6km from Crazy House, Datanla waterfall attracts a large number of tourists every year.

  • Address: National Highway 20, Preen Pass, Ward 3, Da Lat City, Lam Dong Province, Vietnam
  • Opening hours: 7:00 am – 5:00 pm
  • Phone: 0263 3533889
  • Estimated visit time: 1-2 hours (only to visit the waterfall), 1/2 day if participating in activities here.
  • Ticket price: 150,000VND for adults; 85,000VND/child under 1.2m

On the way to the waterfall, there are beautiful green pine trees on both sides. However, the road with only two lanes is relatively narrow, and the pass is winding with a cliff on one side and a deep abyss on the other. Besides, many cars and motorbikes usually go up and down. So if you’re driving by yourself, be extra careful. If you are a foreigner, please rent a car with a driver from Da Lat to travel on this road.

On the way to Datanla Spring, you will pass by signposts for the Tuyen Lam Lake tourist area. Do not be mistaken, just go straight for a short distance and you will arrive at the parking lot to visit the waterfall.

Right in the parking lot, you will see a few picture houses, that is the restaurant. To the left of these houses is the ticket office.

This attraction is divided into four subdivisions:

  1. Center Area, including ticket office, Caryoning, Datanla restaurant, Souvenir shop, Alpine coaster entrance
  2. Game Area, including outdoor game ticket office, High rope course area, New alpine coaster ticket office, New alpine coaster entrance
  3. Waterfall 1 & 2 Area, including alpine coaster entrance, waterfall 1 &2
  4. Waterfall 3 Area, including new alpine coaster station, waterfall 3
datanal waterfall in da lat

Interesting activities in the Datanla area

Not only a waterfall but the area around Datanla has also been invested in and developed into a tourist area with many interesting activities waiting for you. What will you do here? Let’s explore together!

1. Visit Datanla waterfall

With a height of up to 20 meters, the Datanla waterfall is classified as a waterfall in Da Lat. So sightseeing becomes the main activity for most to come to this place. Watching the water splash white foam, and listening to the murmur of the water will create an exciting feeling and relaxation.

Built according to careful planning, the area around and along the waterfall has a very convenient path. Do not cross the corridor fence, and do not climb and jump on wet rocks, which are easy to slip, causing danger. The walkway has many steps, so you also need to pay attention to this issue if there are elderly people and children in the group.

dalat datanla waterfall

2. Play an easy roller coaster

Roller coaster is a popular ride, which often includes in the ticket price, so keep your ticket to use this one. The roller coaster in the ticket will only cover a short part of this area, running relatively easily. You can control the speed, but do not go too slow because it will hinder the next person.

As for the new roller coasters in other areas, the speed and difficulty are different, creating a stronger feeling, for those who love speed and thrills.

3. Join fun normal games

You can play fun games such as archery, darts, and plastic shooting. The game rewards depend on how accurate you are; the reward will be a can of coke, a jar of wine, or a bottle of Dalat wine.

This activity is not difficult and suitable for most people, so joining to relieve stress is also a fun idea. Also, consider it as a warm-up to prepare for the next adventure games. Of course, the games here all have a participation fee.

4. Take part in climbing rope over the waterfall

climbing at datanla dalat

Climbing rope through the waterfall, also called Dalat Canyon Journey, is classified as an adventurous game, with much more difficulty than the other games above. You need to consider when participating if you are afraid of water or do not have enough health to hang on to the cliff.

Because of the thrilling activity, you will be carefully guided before participating. Then you will pass 5 large and small waterfalls in this area. Starting from the training area, pass through waterfall areas 3 and 4 and use the zipline, and water slide, cross the big waterfall – 5th waterfall, free jump, and finally go to the washing area.

5. Join active games of the high rope course

The in-the-air journey game area has 8 rounds from easy to difficult. When entering this game section, you will be carefully instructed by the instructor to use safety equipment. You need to pay attention and listen carefully to ensure your safety when you join the game.

The overhead process is considered an adventure game, the speed of moving at some distances is quite fast, so it is not for the faint of heart or asthma… The activities in this area require a lot of movement, so they need your flexibility and energy.

Starting the game only allowed 3 people on a stand, so you need to wait when there are 3 people standing on it. Playing an elevated rope walk or zipline needs a turn-by-turn. Please wait for the previous person to finish, then you can start.

rope game

Notes when visiting Datanla Waterfall

  • When visiting the Datanla Stream, you should not cross the fence or the rope that separates the path from the waterfall.
  • When participating in adventure games, absolutely follow the safety instructions to ensure the safety of you and others.
  • Do not rush when making moves in thrilling games.
  • The rocks in the Datanla Spring as well as other waterfalls in Da Lat are often covered with green moss and slippery. Step carefully into the activities on the waterfall.
  • In addition to the roller coaster game at the ticket counter, for other games as well as new roller coasters, you have to pay an extra fee to join.
  • Some games may be closed for maintenance or other reasons. So you should check in advance or ask the ticket staff at the ticket counter to find out which games are active.

Now it’s your turn to schedule your time to explore this exciting area! And, do not forget to stop at the well-known Dalat clay tunnel!

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