Tuyen Lam Lake in Da Lat

Formed from a branch of Datanla waterfall, Tuyen Lam lake owns an impressive surface like a giant mirror, surrounded by beautiful pine forests. You can see many small oases scattering around, and a dam was built here with the function of regulating water. This creates a complex with attractive landscapes and rich tourist activities.

tuyen lam lake dalat

1. General information

Tuyen Lam Lake is located 7km southwest of Da Lat city center and 2km from the main waterfall Datanla. This lake becomes the largest freshwater one in this city, with an area of about 320 hectares.

  • Address: District 4, Da Lat City, Lam Dong Province, Vietnam
    • Staying along the roads: Hoa Hong, Hoa Phuong Tim, and Hoa Cam Tu Cau from district 4 to district 3 of the city, which connect with the main street QL20.
  • Opening time: 24 hours
  • Entrance fee: No tickets to visit the lake itself, but you will pay the fee for activities here.

2. What to do in Tuyen Lam lake

Along with the advantage of a mild climate in Dalat, owning the characteristic of abundant nature, the lake area becomes an ideal place to relax and organize exciting natural travel, such as sightseeing, picnic, eco-tourism, golf course, and taking pictures.

When coming here, you will be released into the wind, watching its scenery with clouds and sky, and the canopy of pine trees, that harmonize between heaven and earth with charming beauty.

2.1. Boating activity on the lake

  • Price: 300,000 VND – 500,00 VND for a boat to explore here for served service. You can hire a boat to row by yourself with the price of 150,000 VND/boat/2 guests, 250,000 VND/boat/4 guests, and 350,000 VND/boat/6 guests.
tuyen lam lake dalat
Row a boat is an exciting activity on the lake. @jindobox

Boating and enjoying the charm in Tuyen Lam Lake is an interesting experience that makes a difference. Sitting on the boat looking up at the green pine trees, somewhere with a few golden mimosa roots, or some cherry apricot trees showing pink in the sun. All of them reflect on the blue surface of the vast quiet lake, creating a charming painting that attracts the hearts of visitors.

On the excursion, you can also stop to catch the falling maple leaves on the boat you are going, go to beautiful places to take pictures with the reed lawn, or visit the strawberry garden and pick the ripe berries by yourself to enjoy the sweet and fragrant flavor.

2.2. Visiting the Purple Stream

  • Price: Covering the boat price above to explore.
purple waterfall dalat
The guest takes a picture at the Purple Waterfall Dalat. @_nnnnlinh

One point that has recently been chosen by many young explorers to keep the best photos is the corner of Suoi Tia (the Purple Stream). Although located in the same lake, thanks to the old submerged trees, this small corner owns a different beauty, shimmering and fanciful all year round. This region is different from other areas of this lake and many other freshwater lakes in the area of Lang Biang Mountain.

Typically, this site in the lake is more beautiful in autumn and winter (from Sep to Jan), when the tree color gradually turns yellow; leaves fall bare branches and then quickly sprout, young red leaves mix with a few green ones, which reflect on the water, forming a poetic beauty.

At that time, this place becomes an outdoor studio for wedding photographers and plenty of young couples. On beautiful days, many photography crews have to wait in line for each other.

2.3. Going camping at the lake

  • Price: An average local price costs from 700,000 VND – 1,200,000 VND for a small group of up to 4 people.
camping in tuyen lam lake dalat
A camping place near the lake. @_inthen_

Camping activity has become an exciting experience around the lake of Tuyen Lam. Typically, many young groups often come here to organize team building and spend overnight.

The places to set up the camps can be everywhere. However, it’s better to ask the staff of the lake to show you to choose a good place when you have come here for the first time. And, another note is that you always keep the basic safety rules of camping.

2.4. Going fishing on the lake

  • Price: It’s free to go fishing. But, you may pay for the boat and guide to take you there.
fishing in tuyen lam lake
Fishing is also a good experience. @canalogggg

Go fishing here also attracts many local men. If you are a person liking to join in this activity, you need to find a local guide to support you. You will pay for his working hours, fishing rods, and boats if any.

Vietnamdrive recommends this activity for anyone who has long free time and wants to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere in Dalat.

3. Notes when visiting this area

  • The route to Tuyen Lam lake owns the curved passes. Thus, if you are a newcomer, you should hire a car with a driver from the city to get here safely.
  • When you want to organize camping here, please hire a local guide who knows how to range this service for you.
  • Although food is sold at a few restaurants around the lake, you pay attention to its rate which may be much higher than other places. You may find a lot of Dalat local food to taste in the city center at a reasonable price.

Besides visiting this tourist area of Tuyen Lam Lake, you can explore many other tourist attractions nearby, such as Truc Lam Zen Monastery, Maple Leaf Forest, Da Tien and Elephant Mountain tourist area, Datanla waterfall tourist region, or Clay Sculpture Tunnels. Also, you can stay at beautiful resorts around this lake to spend a great time with your partners and family.

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