8 famous snacks in Dalat to check out

Traveling is inseparable from exploring and enjoying cuisine. So, come with us to check out the famous snacks in Dalat that are the fun foods here.

1. Dalat grilled rice paper

dalat grilled rice paper
Dalat Grilled Rice Paper. ©Vietnamdrive

Known as Vietnamese Pizza, Dalat grilled rice paper is irresistibly delicious because of the skillful combination of the crispy and fragrant taste of grilled rice paper.

A tiny greasiness of pate, eggs, minced meat, and cheese. The richness of ham, beef jerky, and dried shrimp. The taste of chili sauce is sharp, and the green onions are fragrant. There’s also sweet corn, fried onions, mayonnaise, etc. All blend together to create a memorable snack for those who enjoy it.

This grilled rice paper is mainly sold at small shops, sidewalks, and the night market in Dalat. Sellers usually only open their shops in the afternoon to night, around 3:30 PM to 10 PM. The price of each cake ranges from 10,000 VND to 35,000 VND.

2. Dalat soy milk

Under the cold weather of Da Lat at night, sipping a warm glass of soy milk can bring a unique feeling to the person enjoying it.

Soy milk is made from pure soybeans through several steps of soaking, grinding, filtering, and cooking. It’s simple, but this drink is nutritious.

This drink appears to be quite familiar to Vietnamese people all over the country. However, under the typical weather in Dalat, with the gentle scenery in the mountain town, the glass of soy milk becomes more tasty, warmer, and fragrant.

Many people explain that the delicious taste of a glass of Dalat soy milk is partly due to the water source that chefs use to cook the milk. Plenty of others believe the fragrance in the cool air makes soy milk taste better.

Regardless of any reason, remember to enjoy a glass of soy milk for only 10,000 VND when coming to Da Lat. And enjoy its charm in your own way.

3. Sweet potatoes, corn, and grilled eggs

grilled sweet potato and corn dalat

These rustic snacks become extremely attractive to passersby on the streets. While the smell of sweet potatoes grilled over a charcoal fire wafts into the traveler’s nose with the sweet – rustic – sincere aroma, the grilled corn with the rich flavor of onion fat is hard to resist.

In addition, grilled chicken eggs are also present to add to the list of famous delicious snacks in Dalat, with a bit of attractive fat.

All of them are rustic dishes and have cheap prices, from only 10,000 VND to 25,000 VND. However, the deliciousness and appeal of grilled potatoes, corn, or eggs always win the hearts of tourists from all over.

Holding hot corn or roasted sweet potatoes in hand is enough to push the gentle cold of Dalat at night even more gently and romanticly. And you will realize the close, peaceful, frugal life of the people here. Try it a little if you want to feel its charm.

4. Grilled skewers

The cool weather in Da Lat creates great conditions for grilled dishes to dominate people’s hearts.

Grilled skewers of Dalat City can include pork, chicken, chicken feet, sausage, frog, beef, quail, fish balls, shrimp, and accompanying vegetables, such as bell peppers, okra, onions, lot leaves, etc.

The diners can eat this dish with lemon chili/pepper salt or lemon mustard salt. Eaters can pack it to take away so they can walk around while enjoying the delicious flavor of this grilled food. Many others can sit at the table, inhaling the smell of meat and enjoying each piece of hot skewered meat while drinking a passionate beer or a cup of sweet and fatty soy milk.

The price of each grilled skewer ranges from 6,000 VND to 25,000 VND. This price seems very suitable for everyone to try this delicious dish when they walk along the markets or lakes in Dalat.

5. Dalat avocado cream

avocado ice cream dalat
A glass of Dalat Avocado Ice Cream. @mylu291

Avocado ice cream has become one of the famous delicious snacks in Da Lat, typically on the hot days here, which makes many tourists miss it.

The dish has a skillful combination harmonious between the fragrant fat of just-ripe avocados and soft – sweet – cool fresh cream.

The avocado chosen for ice cream must be first-class, grown right on Dalat soil, and always guaranteed to be fresh and newest.

At many shops, avocado ice cream can also be combined with durian, coconut milk, shredded coconut, dried coconut, or roasted peanuts.

The price of each glass of avocado ice cream ranges from 20,000 VND to 40,000 VND, depending on the restaurant and the type of toppings included – such as durian or other fruits.

6. Dalat strawberry shake

Thanks to the cool climate all year round, Dalat has become a major garden in Vietnam to grow strawberries. So, the strawberries here are abundant and fresh.

However, to change strawberries to become one of the famous local foods in Dalat with unique characteristics, it is necessary to rely on the creativity of local people.

They combined strawberries with Tay Ninh salt and sugar water, creating a strawberry shake with a completely new flavor. Even if you come from Europe – the land of strawberries, you will be surprised by the shaken strawberry dish.

Dalat strawberry shake has a unique sour, spicy, salty, and sweet taste. To feel its appeal or simply want to discover a new way to eat strawberries in Dalat, try it once when you come here.

A glass of strawberry shake costs from 20,000 VND to 40,000 VND, depending on the small or large one and the quality of the strawberries.

7. Banh Can

banh can da lat

These small cakes are made from rice flour combined with shrimp, squid, pork, beef, and eggs to create a crispy taste from the cake base and rich fat from the filling.

Banh Can is served with a bowl of well-cooked pork meat and green onions, seasoned to taste, and very tasty.

Occasionally, Banh Can include raw vegetables, cut green mango, or a few slices of sour star fruit in some restaurants.

Banh Can is only made right when the customer orders to ensure the cakes are hot, crispy, and fragrant. Thus, you need to wait for a while to cook the cakes. And, while sitting near the kitchen, it is interesting to see firsthand the chef’s skillful cake-filling steps.

The locals sell these cakes both in the morning and afternoon. Depending on each specific shop, opening hours can be from 6 AM – 11 AM or 3 PM – 9 PM.

A plate of Banh Can usually includes ten small cakes, with prices ranging from 20,000 VND to 45,000 VND.

8. Stuffed apple snails

In the cold weather of Dalat, sitting next to a small charcoal stove with a bowl of snails stuffed with meat radiating a thin and fragrant scent is so attractive that it’s hard to refuse.

To have stuffed snails, people select to buy apple snails of moderate size. Clean the snails carefully and separate their meat and shell.

Mince the snail meat, and mix them with minced pork and spices such as ginger, lemongrass, onions, chili, pepper, fish sauce, salt, etc. This mixed combination will be stuffed back into the snail shells. The chef will steam them carefully.

When eating, the restaurant’s owner will put the snails in a bowl and keep it hot on a charcoal stove placed directly on the dining table. Therefore, stuffed snails are always hot and filled with aromas from meat, snails, and spices.

These apple snails are sold mainly in the afternoon and evening. Prices range from 150,000 VND to 200,000 VND for a bowl of stuffed snails.

Although this is a delicious and unique dish for the locals, the snails used to prepare the dish are harvested mainly from the fields. Therefore, you need to carefully consider your stomach before trying it, although the chefs prepare and clean the snails. Also, you can taste a small piece if you want to know the taste of this typical apple dish.

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