10 famous flower villages in Vietnam to visit

When Lunar New Year approaches, the flower villages in Vietnam come in the biggest floret season. These ideal destinations attract many tourists to admire, take photos and feel the Tet atmosphere.

flower villages in vietnam

Different kinds of flowers in Vietnam show their beauty not only for worshipping but also for sightseeing and decorating.

Here are the most famous flower villages in this S-shaped country for you to explore when traveling in Vietnam during Tet.

1. Nhat Tan peach village in Hanoi

nhat tan flower village
Nhat Tan peach village | ©Dustin_Do/pixabay

Nhat Tan peach village is one of the largest and most famous ones in North Vietnam, becoming a well-known brand of Hanoi. The flower village in Nhat Tan ward is 7km northwest of Hanoi capital, located mainly along the river.

The local people plant blossoms with all their hearts, so the peach flowers get deeps colors full of life. Nhat Tan peach has a unique thing of Hanoi people, which seems indispensable in the Lunar New Year.

Nhat Tan village is a year-round entertainment destination for Hanoians. It is because mixed with the main types of peach flowers blooming in Tet, 

there are chrysanthemums, violets, sunflowers, Ylang-ylang…

So any time of year, Nhat Tan village is crowded with guests to visit and take pictures. This region is also the ideal place for wedding photography for plenty of couples.

2. Tay Tuu flower village in Hanoi

Tay Tuu flower village
Tay Tuu flower village | @mac.seb

 The flower village of Tay Tuu, Tu Liem district, Hanoi has become the ideal place for people to have the most beautiful and romantic photo frames.

Tay Tuu Flower Village is one of the oldest and largest flower-growing areas in Hanoi, the main place to supply fresh flowers for the capital and many surrounding areas.

With an area of ​​over 400 hectares in a suburban commune, a large agricultural land, growing-flower work here is strongly developing.

The large space with the fields full of colorful flowers creates a great highlight of this area. Here, people mainly cultivate different types of florets, such as rose, chrysanthemum, gerbera, lilies, carnations,…

On the occasion of Tet, the various colors of thousand flowers will give you impressive feelings of the typical time.

3. Quang Ba flower village in Hanoi

quang ba flower village
Quang Ba flower village | @mipepi911

Along the West Lake and the Red River for more than 1 km, we come across a famous flower village of Quang Ba.

The kumquat gardens are full of fruits and branches, and every tree is well-trimmed and shaped very elaborately.

The famous thing about kumquat here is beautiful and big fruits with deeply golden color when getting ripe. Besides, the green leaves are lush with plenty of buds.

That is why gardeners in Quang Ba do not have to bring trees to sell in flower markets because many people come directly to these places to choose the beautiful kumquat plants.

In addition to the main kumquat, many kinds of high-quality flowers with imported varieties, such as Cuc Holland from Japan; Ly Thai, French roses… are also grown on the alluvial land along the Red River.

4. Ha Lung flower village in Hai Phong

ha lung flower village
Ha Lung flower village |@hoa_9805

Ha Lung floret village in Dang Hai, Hai An district, Hai Phong city is an area famous for growing flowers for hundreds of years.

The flowers in this sea-land not only have unmistakable unique features but also the pride of the people of the portland Hai Phong.

The blossoms from Ha Lung Village come to different markets in Hai Phong, typically in the Ha Lung flower market, which is famous for its long history.

Not only on the occasion of Tet, but the normal day, Ha Lung village and its market attract thousands of people coming to explore the beautiful colors of blossoms there.

You can find low-price flowers to expensive ones in Hai Phong, including roses, lilies, chrysanthemums, and orchids to create a splendid floret paradise.

5. Thai Phien flower village in Da Lat

hydrangeas in thai phien dalat
Hydrangeas in Thai Phien Dalat | @chihieu.ngoctu

Thai Phien village, located 7 km from Da Lat city center in Central Highlands Vietnam, is one of the biggest flower gardens.

With good soil and weather, Thai Phien has perfect conditions to grow the most beautiful florets to supply for the cities and other places in Vietnam.

Typically, at night in Thai Phien, there are hundreds of lights making this village more impressive and romantic during the time near the Tet holidays.

Thai Phien village grows chrysanthemum, gladiolus, rose, hydrangeas, and many varieties of flowers imported from France, Japan, Indonesia, and the Netherlands.

6. Sa Dec flower village in Dong Thap

sa dec floret village
Sa Dec floret village | ©trinhxuandao/pixabay

Sa Dec flower village is a famous flower village in Mekong Delta, located in Tan Qui Dong Commune, Sa Dec town, Dong Thap province, Vietnam, and is considered to be the largest flower center in the South.

When the chill of the wind comes, signaling a coming spring, it is the time when the Sa Dec flower village joins the festival of colors with millions of flowers blooming.

Sa Dec becomes an exciting destination for the days near Tet. The crowd of people and cars arrive there to bring the joyful sentiment to push an old year passed and to greet a new year.

Different types of florets are supplied for worshiping and decorating during Tet, and growing flowers are also one of the principal professions of the people in Dong Thap province.

In the days near Tet, people in Sa Dec are more and more busy preparing beautiful flowers to travel to all over Vietnam. Cargo trucks come and go on the roads through the Sa Dec flower village.

The varieties of flowers in Sa Dec are also very diverse from marigolds, roses, dahlia, to countless ornamental plants.

Besides, Sa Dec people are very kind and friendly, so you can comfortably take pictures in the flower gardens or chat with the locals.

7. Cai Mon flower village in Ben Tre

Cai Mon flower village
Cai Mon flower village in Ben Tre |@anna_nguyen313

Cai Mon village specializes in producing ornamental flowers in Vinh Thanh commune, Cho Lach district, Ben Tre Province, famous throughout Vietnam map.

Located in the middle of the Tien River (one part of Mekong Delta) with abundant land, the village has thousands of households participating in growing traditional flowers such as marigold, confetti, daisies, raspberry, dahlia, carnations…

Cai Mon floret village is an ideal tourist destination for visitors to Ben Tre, admiring the splendor of the blooming flowers every spring. When coming there, you can also learn more about the techniques of local people to plant and fertilize flowers.

These farmers in Cai Mon are artisans with skillful and diligent hands who have made unique ornamental bonsais and beautiful flower products to beautify spring and life.

A quite special point to Cai Mon, you will see with your own eyes a multitude of roses with different colors such as crimson velvet pink, lotus purple gladiolus pink, light Elizabeth rose, and brick Korokit. shrimp, rose yellow, red rose, orange rose, pink rose … However, the apricot blossom is the main flower species of this land of Cai Mon.

Spring is nearby, the flower color here is more brilliant, the flower village of Cai Mon is like a picture with the colors of hundreds of flowers, the fragrance of the sky. Therefore, every December, many tourists come here to visit, buy flowers and ornamental plants to decorate their homes, enjoy the joyful atmosphere, full of colors, save again sparkling photos that only spring can find here.

8. Apricot Village Phuoc Dinh in Vinh Long

Phuoc Dinh Apricot village
Photo: Tâm Phúc phước định (FB)

Phuoc Dinh apricot village, about 3 km from Vinh Long city center, is an address providing famous golden apricots in the country.

This is an indispensable destination for those who have a passion for apricots on Tet holidays. The yellow flowers bloom all over the trees, creating an attractive highlight of this village.

Phuoc Dinh Village in Binh Hoa Phuoc Commune, Long Ho District, Vinh Long Province specializes in supplying five-pointed golden apricots. Phuoc Dinh yellow apricot village has about 800 old apricot trees over 100 years old, 19,200 originals from 50 to 100 years old, and more than 30,000 apricot root trees over 30 years old.

Apricots in Phuoc Dinh is carefully cared for, so it not only has aesthetic value but also has quite high economic value.

9. Thoi Nhut flower village in Can Tho

Ba Bo flower village
Ba Bo flower village |@queen___1910

Thoi Nhut flower village also called Ba Bo, is located in An Binh ward, not far from the center of Can Tho city – a famous city in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam.

This flower village is over 100 years old, an interesting flower-viewing spot when traveling to Can Tho during days near Tet.

Thoi Nhut floret village has lots of marigolds and familiar flowers and ornamental plants, such as chrysanthemum, dahlia, and sunflower.

Thoi Nhut has a large area of ​​over 40 hectares with nearly 200 households growing flowers and ornamental plants. Each year, there are about 350,000 blossom baskets of various kinds to provide to different regions.

In recent years, the farmers of Thoi Nhut village grow more unique flower varieties, such as Indonesian chrysanthemum, French marigold, Thai cactus…

When visiting Thoi Nhut flower village in Can Tho, you will enjoy the lovely beauty of the river region along with the gentle poetic blossoms that are rare anywhere.

10. Cam Ha kumquat village in Hoi An

cam ha kumquat village
Cam Ha kumquat village | @Quatcanhmini (FB)

Cam Ha village belongs to Hoi An City, which is famous throughout Central Vietnam because of growing kumquat with over 70,000 trees every year.

Near Tet holidays, the field of about 80 hectares of kumquat in Cam Ha commune is bustling with buyers and sellers. All over the gardens are dense, heavy pots of golden kumquat fruits.

Most of the kumquat trees in Cam Ha are ordered by traders a few months in advance to transport to other cities. Thus, it is strange that you will not be able to choose a beautiful kumquat plant at Hoi An flower market.

Therefore, if you want to get nice pictures of Kumquat trees there, you should visit Cam Ha village in the middle of the twelfth lunar month, when the plants have not moved to other provinces.

Did you visit Vietnam during the days near the lunar new year? If not, you should range your time to visit Vietnam once on nearly Tet occasions. And, you have a lot of chances to explore beautiful flower villages with countless types of florets blooming.

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Frequently asked questions about flower villages in Vietnam

When is the best time to visit flower villages in Vietnam?

The duration near the Lunar New Year is the most appropriate time to visit flower gardens in Vietnam, particularly from the 10th to the 20th of lunar December. That is when the flowers bloom at their best, before being brought to the floret market for sale.

Do I need to pay to visit flower villages in Vietnam?

Most flower villages do not charge visitors to visit, because they expect the guests to buy flowers. Therefore, if you only intend to visit these no-fee villages, you should prepare a little Vietnamese money from 50,000 VND to give to the garden owner. That’s how to thank the people for allowing you to explore beautiful blossoms.

Can I take pictures in flower villages of Vietnamese farmers?

You are always welcome to take beautiful pictures at flower villages in Vietnam. You should prepare good cameras and nice clothes suitable for each village you choose to visit.

One thing to keep in mind when taking pictures is not to step on flowers or enter unauthorized paths to avoid damaging the locals’ flowers and plants.

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