The most beautiful flowers in Vietnam

Flowers are symbols of love and beauty. The abundance of flowers in Vietnam creates a multitude of unique beauties to enjoy and fall in love with.

And each will have its own meaning and symbol. Here are the topmost beautiful Vietnamese blossoms that nature has bestowed on the country.

Lotus flower (Hoa Sen)

Lotus flower
The lotus is the Vietnamese national flower. ©Vietnamdrive

The lotus is the national flower of Vietnam. The lotus plays an important role in Vietnamese culture and appears in many important cultural events. The lotus has a simple beauty like the Vietnamese. This bloom is still considered one of the most beautiful flowers in Vietnam.

The lotus has the beauty of compassionate holiness, and the ability to rise from the mud to survive amid heaven and earth. Besides, a mild fragrance and strong and eternal vitality make the lotus become a precious and highly respected flower than ever.

Apricot flowers (Hoa Mai)

apricot flower
Apricot Flower | ©Vietnamdrive

In Vietnam, when apricots open the yellow petals, people immediately think of spring. The apricot is one of the traditional Vietnamese flowers in Vietnam.

Typically, apricot flowers are indispensable in every Lunar New Year in the South. Almost every house owns a pot in the yard, and some also display them indoors during the Tet holidays.

Apricot has a brilliant beauty symbolizing the joy and luck of the Vietnamese people. This flower has thin petals, but pure wings, and a mild fragrance, so many families choose it to grow and decorate for the house.

Many people consider Hoa Mai as the symbol of the vitality of spring when the young buds with golden petals present luck. The elderly prefer the old roots and body of apricot trees, formin the old, the health, and longevity. And the figure of the flower is compared to a noble girl.

Peach blossom (Hoa Đào)

peach flower
Peach Flower | ©Khoa Nguyen Dang/pixabay

If South Vietnam has yellow apricot flowers, the north has peach blossoms. Pink peaches are indispensable in the house of every northern family during the Lunar New Year.

You can go to Nhat Tan peach garden, one of the most famous flower villages in Vietnam, to see a huge area of pink color, and buy a few branches to decorate home during the spring, usually at the end of January and the beginning of February.

Displaying peaches on Tet holidays has become a familiar custom of all families in North Vietnam. Many people like to display all a peach tree indoors during the new year, but the other families just like the branches.

Peach blossoms have gentle enchantment, bringing a joyful atmosphere to the city and each house. Peaches also present the poetic charm of the girls in North Vietnam.

Roses (Hoa Hồng)

rose flower
The red rose for love | ©Vietnamdrive

Roses always stays in the list of the most attractive flowers wherever they are. Varieties of domestic and exotic roses in Vietnam are also extremely beautiful, making most people love them.

When you visit Vietnam, you can easily see different species of domestic roses, named Dalat rose, Sapa rose, Hai Phong rose, or royal rose. All of these types contribute to the rose diversity in the world, which is indispensable on special occasions.

Roses are also known as the queen of flowers and become a top preferred one all over the world. More than 100 different species of roses range from temperate to tropical climates on the earth.

This queen flower of all species possesses a sweet scent, making people enchanted in sublimation and love. So, the roses are used a lot on Valentine’s Day, International Women’s Day…

The rose has a high symbolism with meaningful messages, being dedicated to women, and honoring their seductive charm.

Orchid (Hoa Lan)

orchid flower
Orchid flower | ©Barni1/pixabay

Orchid is a symbol of arrogant, luxurious beauty but full of purity and charm. The orchid has a seductive scent that makes most people fall in love with it, becoming one of the most preferred flowers in Vietnam.

Over 1,000 species of orchids were discovered in Vietnam, and plenty of them have bright colors that attract almost the look.

Although growing the orchid also requires a lot of energy and time, many people organize a corner of their gardens to plant this kind of flower. Typically, a few rare orchids have a very high price.

Chrysanthemum (Hoa Cúc)

chrysanthemum flower
Chrysanthemum flowers | ©Vietnamdrive

Chrysanthemum is one of the four species of unique flowers in Vietnam. Although not as luxurious as orchids nor as beautiful as roses, with their idyllic beauty, chrysanthemums are still fascinating.

The chrysanthemum symbolizes gentleman and loyalty. With gentle and simple beauty, this flower is very well-known and close in everyday life.

According to feng shui, chrysanthemum also brings the family fortune as well as rejoicing in the new year, helping to stabilize the happiness in the house. So, the Vietnamese decorate a lot of these yellow flowers during the lunar new year.

Under the development of hybridization technology, the chrysanthemum has a lot of colors and designs. In addition to the familiar yellow and white colors, this bloom is also pink and purple.

One thing to note about this flower that, many people use the white color of the chrysanthemum in funerals to say goodbye to the deceased. Thus, you should not give someone a white chrysanthemum.

Frangipani Flower (Hoa Sứ)

frangipani flower
Frangipani flower | ©manfredrichter/pixabay

The people do not know when frangipani flowers came to Vietnam. But, the flowers become a popular symbol of purity, commonly found in the gardens and parks.

Frangipani has different colors, but most people like white flowers with a slightly yellow inner petal. They show the love given to the receiver.

Frangipani can originate from the distant African country, but it becomes vital flowers in Hawaii, India, and Laos.

In Vietnam, most people like this blossom because of its gentle fragrance, so they use to grow in many places to decorate and make the air fresher.

Typically, you can see frangipani flowers in the Imperial Palace in Hue City, the roads along the beaches in Vung Tau, or at some temples in Vietnam.

Sunflower (Hoa Hướng Dương)

Sunflowers present for honesty | ©Capri23auto/pixabay

Sunflowers originate from remote Mexico, coming to Vietnam. The sunflowers are herbaceous plants that can live for about a year. Their stems are big and straight, with hard feathers, and their average height can be up to 3m.

The leaves of sunflower are large and often grow alternately with long stalks. The leaf blade is pointedly egg-shaped with the bottom heart-shaped. Their edges are serrated while both sides of leaves are white hair.

Most sunflowers are big with 7 to 20 cm in diameter, yellow in color, and usually bloom in winter and spring.

The sunflowers always facing the sun, symbolizing the good dignity of human beings and intense vitality.

The beauty of this flower is full of energy, healthy, and reaching out to the sun, so it also presents consistency and faith in the future.

Lilies (Hoa Ly Ly)

Lilies | ©anncapictures/pixabay

Lily is also one of the beautiful flowers in Vietnam. Lilies have a noble charm that many people love, being the symbol of beauty, virtue, nobility and luxury.

Lilies are flowers imported to Vietnam. And the first place to grow them is in the flower gardens in Dalat, where the temperate climate is very suitable for the development of lilies. Then, lilies will be replicated to several other provinces on the Vietnam map.

Lily flower loves sunlight, so you can choose cool places to plant them. And, note that water them not much because lily does not like plenty of water.

Lilies have a very specific scent, they usually bloom in the spring until the beginning of summer, which is the reason why every Lunar New Year comes in Vietnam, many houses have a decorative vase of lilies.

Poinciana (Phượng Vĩ)

Poinciana | ©Vietnamdrive

Poinciana is a flower associated with fresh and passionate student age. Every summer, the poincianas bloom red in one corner of the schoolyard, signaling an exam period, an upcoming farewell season.

Associated with so many memories of an innocent time of students, poinciana is also known with a familiar name – student flower.

In Vietnam, the poinciana is a typical flower of Hai Phong city, the streets filled with the crimson color of the flowers symbolize a young city full of enthusiasm and vitality.

In addition, when the summer comes, from May to July, plenty of poinciana flowers also paint beautiful colors in Hue City, typically along the Perfume River.

Above are the top most beautiful flowers in Vietnam that are very popular. 

All flowers are easy to find them, but a few of them boom in one season of the year. So, if you want to see any blossom, you may notice the blooming time of each one.

Unless lotus and poinciana blooming in the summer from May to July, the best time to visit Vietnam to find almost flowers blooming is in the spring, from the end of Jan to Feb.

Watching and growing flowers becomes one of the favorite habits for the Vietnamese people. Therefore, you can find a lot of flower gardens in Vietnam when you travel to this beautiful country.

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