The Best Time to Visit Vietnam from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh

The best time to visit Vietnam from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City is from October to April of the next year. During this time, it sometimes rains in Middle Vietnam and North Vietnam, but the temperature is mild in general for the whole of Vietnam. The average temperature in all of Vietnam is from 23 degrees C to 28 degrees C.

Vietnam weather forecast map
Vietnam weather forecast map -photo:

Vietnam is strongly influenced by the Northeast monsoon. Therefore, the average temperature is lower than the average temperature of many other Asia countries in the same latitude. Compared to these countries, Vietnam’s temperature is colder in the winter and less hot in the summer.

Because of the influence of monsoon seasons in Vietnam and the complexity of topography, the climate of this country changes during the year, different from month to month, place to place (from North to South, and from low to high).

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Here are some ideas to tell you about the climate and seasons in each area in Vietnam, and then you will select the best time to travel to this beautiful country.

Short information to scan from month to month:

  • December to January: The weather is cooler and sometimes gets rain, but it’s good to visit Vietnam. Sapa, Ha Giang, Halong Bay, and Phu Quoc are good to visit. However, Halong is quite hazy at this time of year.
  • February: Vietnamese Tet often comes during this time. Thus, many restaurants and other services are closed. The price of services for tourists is much higher than the average days.
  • March to April: The high tourist seasons come. Many tourists travel to Vietnam from March to April because the weather is good for nearly the whole of Vietnam. The beach is beautiful for visiting during this time. The top choices of destinations are Mui Ne, Con Dao, Nha Trang, Hoi An, and Halong Bay.
  • May to September: The summer comes, and Vietnam becomes hotter and more humid. Beach travel or natural journeys are great to do from May to September. You may travel to Hanoi, Mai Chau, Sapa, Halong, and Hue City with Lang Co Beach, Hoi An, and Danang  City.
  • October to November: The weather is cooling down, but still has the sun. This is enough for trekking in Sapa or Ha Giang in the northwest of Vietnam. To travel to Halong Bay is to swim in the cool water. Also, exploring the national parks of Cuc Phuong in Ninh Binh, Bach Ma in Hue, and Cat Tien Parks in Dong Nai is an excellent choice.

Continue reading more about the weather in Vietnam from famous place to place:

Weather in Hanoi, Vietnam

  • Hanoi has all four seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.
  • The average annual temperature is 23.2 degrees C; the average yearly rainfall is 1,800 mm.
  • The best time to visit Hanoi is from the end of September, and October (our own experience).

The dry season is the period of cold and no rain, from October of this year to April of the next year. From January to March is still chilly, but because of the spring weather, it has mild rain (spring rain). Therefore it provides enough moisture for plants to bud. From May to September is hot weather with heavy rain and storms.

However, Hanoi has a fall season at the end of August, September, and October. The autumn of Hanoi has a blue sky and cool breeze. In late autumn, the weather will be a little chilly and quickly change into winter, which makes autumn the best time to visit Hanoi.

The average temperature in the winter is 17.2 degrees C (the lowest is 2.7 degrees C) and in the summer is 29.2 degrees C (the highest is up to 39 degrees C).

Weather in Hai Phong, Vietnam

Hai Phong has nearly the same weather and seasons as Hanoi.

Hai Phong gets the tropical monsoon with an average temperature is 23-24 degrees C, and its annual rainfall is from 1,600 up to 1,800 mm. The weather is warm all year round and has fresh fruits for all seasons.

Weather in Halong Bay, Quang Ninh

Ha Long Bay has nearly the same weather and seasons as Hanoi. The temperature is cooler because of the sea.

The average temperature of the year is 25 degrees C. Quang Ninh is an excellent destination for beach travel. This has both forest and sea with plenty of valuable seafood. Halong Bay, with thousands of islands, is a famous destination for travelers in Vietnam and the world.

Weather in Hue City, Central Vietnam

Hue attracts many tourists from November this year to April next year. It is considered the best time to visit Hue during this season of the year.

Nine royal urns
Nice Royal Urns (Cuu Dinh) inside the Imperial Citadel, Hue City

Hue is located in the strongly tropical monsoon climate zone so Hue weather occurs in the cycles of 4 seasons: cool and warm spring, hot summer, breezed autumn, and chilly winter.

The average temperature of the whole year is 25 degrees C, with sunny hours 2,000 hours per year.

Weather in Da Nang & Hoi An, Central Vietnam

These areas are also located in the strongly tropical climate zone, which is divided into two different seasons: wet season (October to February) and dry season (March to September).

Hoi An Ancient Town, Vietnam
Hoi An Ancient Town, Vietnam

The average annual temperature is 28 to 29 degrees C, and the storms usually land directly in the city in September and October annually. The remaining months are a great time to visit Da Nang and Hoi An for relaxing and beach tourism.

Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa, South Central Vietnam

Nha Trang is dominated by the warmly tropical monsoon climate as well as the nature of the ocean climate, which is relatively mild. The average annual temperature is 26 degrees C, and the average yearly rainfall is over 1,200mm. Nha Trang Bay is a famous bay in Vietnam, which is great for beach tourism.

Weather in Dalat, Central Highlands

Pass in Dalat, Vietnam
A pass in Dalat, Vietnam

The climatologists call Dalat “the City of Spring” because the highest average temperature is 24 degrees C, and the lowest is 15 degrees C during the day.

The average annual rainfall is about 1,755 mm. The dry season in Dalat is from December of this year to March of the next year, and the wet season is from April to November.

A unique point is that Dalat has sunshine in all seasons. Thanks to that climate, Dalat is considered a big garden with various types of flowers showing their beauty all year round.

Weather in Ho Chi Minh City, South Vietnam

People's Committee Hall of Ho Chi Minh City
People’s Committee Hall of Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City is also a city with 2 different seasons. The wet season is from May to November, and the dry season is from December to April of the next year. The average annual rainfall is 162 mm.

The average temperature of the whole year is 27 degrees C. Especially, Ho Chi Minh City has no winter; therefore, it is more favorable for tourist activities all year around. You may check the details of Ho Chi Minh Weather.

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