Ho Chi Minh City weather for tourists

With a tropical monsoon climate, the weather in Ho Chi Minh City has two distinct seasons: the rainy season and the dry season. The time of the rainy season will be from May to November. From December to April of the next year covers a wet period.

From May to November will be the time when Saigon has sudden showers of rain that make visitors feel extremely exciting. When it is sunny, the showers sometimes come suddenly, so you should prepare yourself for pretty small umbrellas and ponchos.

At this time, the morning rain can be very heavy, but in the afternoon the weather will be dry, and the sun can be strong right away. There are also times when the rain may last a long day.

From December to April of the next year, Saigon enters harsh sunny days with very high outdoor temperatures. This time is the dry season that makes the Saigon weather stubborn.

The heat at the dry span makes Saigon like a grilled furnace with intense heat, like burning everyone. Therefore, most people feel uncomfortable with this weather.

Duc Ba Church Saigon
A beautiful day at Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral |© phminiat/pixabay

Staying in Ho Chi Minh City, you never feel the winter. On the hot days, Saigon people find a way to visit other places to enjoy the cooler temperature, such as the mild weather from the Northeast monsoon.

The average temperature in Hoi Chi Minh City per month

January is the coolest month, and April is the warmth month on the average temperature of the year.

Sai Gon WeatherAverage low
Average high
rainfall (mm)

Highlights of each season in Ho Chi Minh City

During the rainy and dry seasons, there are also beautiful days for you to enjoy the weather and explore the unique features here.

Saigon weather in the dry season

During the dry time, when you visit Saigon, you will discover the bustle and crowd of life. You will be delighted to have fun and join the exciting adventure in the outdoor amusement parks such as Dam Sen Cultural Park, or the public parks in Saigon.

Besides, you can take beautiful photos, and you will have great memories of your family in the golden sunshine. Your travel schedule goes smoothly without interruption by the sudden rains.

a sunny day in Saigon
A sunny day in Saigon | @nganthai1410

Saigon has a beautiful different color with bright yellow sunshine and soaring blue sky. However, it also has a few days of dazzling sunlight that makes everybody feel uncomfortable and tired.

When going out when you in HCMC, you can prepare small umbrellas to avoid the hot weather in Saigon.

Saigon rainy season

Talking about the rainy season in Saigon, this place is like a young girl with a mood of joy and sadness that no one can predict.

Highlights of this time is a hot and humid climate when Saigon has about 160 rainy days a year. The average rainfall will reach 162 mm per year, so the rainy days can last longer that no one understands.

There will be rainy days throughout the day and night, which makes people feel like it is a rage coming on. Then there are days when Saigon will only have a brief shower just enough to wet the road.

A rainy day in Saigon
A rainy day in Saigon | @khanhnguyen_64

Traveling to HCMC at the time of the rainy season, you still experience a journey on your own. These days, choosing a lovely Saigon cafe with a romantic space will help you have the most comfortable and relaxing moments.

Enjoying a delicious cup of Vietnamese coffee and watching the streets of Saigon in the pouring rain will create a romantic, peaceful, and strange feelings for all visitors.

On rainy days, the weather in Saigon is also less bothersome, and the temperature is greatly reduced. After the rains, you can comfortably roam the streets of Saigon with the cooler temperatures.

The time you should go to Saigon for a vacation

Whatever the time, you can come to HCMC to relax because of the beautiful places that always attract a lot of tourists. However, the best time to travel to Saigon is the dry season.

During these dry days, you can use the whole time to go to famous landmarks in Saigon and enjoy all of them. This time is also the high tourist season in Ho Chi Minh City.

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Special times to visit Saigon

When you choose to travel to Saigon on special holidays, you will be able to discover the unique features here.

On Tet days (comes on the late Jan to Feb), Saigon becomes a flower city with many kinds of flowers on display to show off. From the blossom streets, the floweret market to Saigon, you can also catch boats carrying flowers at Binh Dong wharf.

On Christmas holidays, HCMC will have splendidly decorated stone caves in churches and the city center. With the romantic space in the bright candlelight, it is an ideal condition for you to date with your lover in Saigon.

On 30 April, that date is the reunification day in Vietnam. All the country organizes celebration, but Ho Chi Minh City stands in a vital place. The image of a tank on 30 April 1975 attacking the gate of Reunification Palace in Saigon becomes the symbol of the victory of the Vietnamese, ending the war in Vietnam.

Choosing a suitable time to come to Saigon will help you get unforgettable memories of a vibrant city. You will have special senses and understand more about this beautiful city.

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