How does Christmas in Vietnam look like?

Are you traveling to Vietnam? Are you a foreigner living in this beautiful country? Everyone will be surprised with Christmas in Vietnam where most people follow Buddhism or Taoism.

Only 8% of the population follows Christians, but every Christmas season, a lovely atmosphere and colors flood the neighborhoods. At churches, the splendid decoration, the surrounding houses also hang lights with flowers to respond to the bustling coming-ups.

christmas in vietnam

Vietnamese Christmas tree

Vietnam is a tropical country, but fortunately, there are many pine trees planted in the mountains. Therefore, decorating a Christmas tree is also quite easy in most places.

However, the price of real pine trees is quite expensive, so most people choose a Vietnamese Christmas tree made of plastic, paper, cloth, iron, tinsel. This tree is called “Cây Thông Noel” meaning “the Pine Noel Tree” because Christmas in Vietnam is also believed as Noel.

vietnamese christmas tree
Christmas tree is indispensable.

At big companies or supermarkets, they can make Christmas trees with other materials. For example, Vinpearl supermarket often prepares a tall Christmas tree with an iron frame, then arranges blue glass beer bottles or plastic pine leaves, attracting many young people to take pictures.

The decorations on the pine tree are also quite similar to those of European countries, including spheres, tinsel, fake paper or foam snowflakes, gift boxes, fake candies, and colored lights.

No matter how decorated or with what materials, everyone looks forward to the warmth and cheerful colors to welcome the warm Christmas season that is coming.

Therefore, not only Christmas trees, but Catholics in Vietnam also decorate their houses with lanterns and build small resurrection caves to add new colors and vitality to their homes.

Santa Claus in Vietnam

Oh, it would be remiss not to mention a very important person during the Christmas season, Santa Claus. Although Vietnam has quite hot temperatures, many people can wear thick red clothes to transform into Santa Claus.

santa claus

From the beginning of December every year, somewhere on the streets you will see the image of an old man with a fake white beard and the familiar red Santa suit to deliver gift packages.

In particular, it is exciting for children to take pictures with Santa when receiving gifts, visiting amusement parks, or shopping at malls.

The image of Santa Claus has become popular in Vietnam. Everyone assumes that, when they see Santa on the street or at the supermarket, it’s the Christmas season coming.

Santa Claus in Vietnam has become the sweet symbol of bringing joy through small gifts everywhere. That’s when everyone’s hearts are warmed.

Reasons why Vietnamese celebrate Christmas

Christmas did not originate in Vietnam, but it was quickly adopted, becoming a festival not only for Christians but for most of the Vietnamese.

Most Vietnamese no longer think celebrating Christmas is to serve spiritual needs, but it has become a fest in the colorful culture of Vietnam. Christmas is accepted as a beautiful custom in today’s life.

At that time, children eagerly await lovely gifts from Santa Claus while adults give gifts and wish each other good words, friends gather to hold a party at home, or enjoy a friendly meeting together at restaurants, talk together at Vietnamese coffee shops. All create a cozy, filled with love, hope everyone is at peace.

celebrating christmas
Celebrating Christmas together makes warm feelings to everyone.

Christians and non-Christians may have different ways of celebrating Christmas, but they have one thing in common: Sharing love, staying together towards happiness, wishing all the best for life.

Celebrating Christmas, wherever in the world, the message of love that people send to each other is not different. Proving why Christmas is welcome, contributing to enriching the spiritual life and cultural activities of Vietnamese people on the way to integration with the world.

Every time the bell rings, holding the hands to pray will dispel all distinctions, all distances, bringing warmth, happiness, and well-being to everyone. That is the noble reason that Christmas is celebrated and strongly welcomed in Vietnam.

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A suggested gift to give a Vietnamese for Christmas

Every time December comes, especially after the 15th of this month, everyone is eagerly looking forward to receiving gifts, whether small or large, but rich in meaning from loved ones.

Gifts sometimes just a beanie, a pair of gloves or a scarf, or any lovely Christmas present, can make winter warmer.

gift in christmas
A gift in Christmas can make the loved ones happy.

People with more conditions can give each other more valuable items, but always make meaningful requests, such as gifting each other a trip to new lands.

In short, if you want to give Christmas gifts to children, prepare interesting toys, cute dresses for girls, or bags of delicious Vietnamese candy. As for adults, simple valuables such as scarfs, shirts, hats, small decorative items will be a good gift suggestion.

Where to go on Christmas Eve

Most people eagerly look forward to Christmas Eve, especially Christians and young people. Perhaps young people are the fastest recipients of new things, they can better integrate with modern festivals and new cultures.

Christmas Eve is a place where people exchange joy and happiness, hoping for warmth to fill the space. So, they often go to restaurants to party and hang out together at cafes before 11 pm.

From 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. is the time when people often gather to the big churches in the city to admire the shimmering lights, bustling, but peaceful space as the meaning of Christmas brings.

In big cities, the cathedral in Hanoi or Notre Dame in Ho Chi Minh City is the most prominent gathering area. These churches are the largest concentration of attendees, sharing the Christmas atmosphere. Moreover, in Saigon, many interesting activities take place on Nguyen Hue pedestrian street, so do not miss this place on Christmas Eve.

christmas in hanoi church
Christmas in Hanoi Church. @levberuang

Frequently asked questions about Christmas in Vietnam

How can I say Santa in Vietnamese?

Santa or Santa Claus becomes familiar with everyone, including children. So, most people in Vietnam still know who Santa is when you mention Santa. And, you also hear people call Santa in Vietnamese as “Ông Già Noel”, pronouncing as “on-yeah-noel”.

In the mind of the locals, Santa Claus is a man with red clothes, a long white beard like snow, wearing a red hat, and carrying a beautiful gift bag on his shoulder.

Is Christmas a holiday in Vietnam?

Christmas is not an official holiday in Vietnam. However, everyone eagerly awaits Christmas with many expectations of warmth, joy, and happiness.

How long is Christmas celebrated in Vietnam?

In Vietnam, Christmas is officially held on the evening of December 24 and lasts until the end of December 25.

In particular, for Christians, these two Christmas days are extremely important in their spiritual and religious life. For non-believers, Christmas is only the night of December 24.

However, right from the beginning of December every year, the Christmas atmosphere has taken place all over the country. In particular, shops, restaurants, hotels, and shopping places are splendidly decorated, launching promotions to welcome the jubilation of the Christmas season.

How can I say “Merry Christmas” in Vietnamese?

Merry Christmas is called Giáng Sinh An Lành in Vietnamese, pronouncing as “young-sin-an-land” (land said without d).

Many people also say Happy Christmas meaning in Vietnamese: Chúc Mừng Giáng Sinh.

What Christmas song is popular in Vietnam?

There are many Christmas songs in Vietnam that go along with the years and generations. Prominent among them is the song: “Bài Thánh Ca Buồn” (Sad Hymn), author: Nguyen Vu, the best performing singer is Dam Vinh Hung.

Please listen to this melody song!

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