10 Famous Mountains in Vietnam to Explore

Vietnam attracts many tourists because of its long coastline and diverse mountains, creating beautiful scenery. Among them, mountains occupy three-quarters of the territory.

Specifically, the Truong Son range extends almost all the S-shaped land in Vietnam, so you can enjoy climbing, camping, and trekking with nature.

Here, Vietnamdrive will introduce the top 10 famous mountains in Vietnam for your journey of discovery.

1. Fansipan Mountain

  • Location: Sapa, Lao Cai
  • Altitude: 3,134 meters
  • How to visit: Climbing – serious difficulty, cable car – easy
fansipan mountain peak
Fansipan Peak. Photo: athree23/pixabay

When it comes to mountainous travel in Vietnam, it is impossible not to mention the most famous mountain peak and the highest mountain in this country, considered the roof of Indochina, Fansipan.

Fansipan Peak has an altitude of 3,134m above sea level, with a steep slope. So conquering this mountain top by road is a risky activity, which requires the good health of the conqueror.

However, recently, there has been a cable car service, so it is easy to get to this roof of Indochina. On the cable car to the mountain peak, you will admire the stunning beauty of Muong Hoa Valley.

No worries when conquering Fansipan Mountain, so you just need to carry your backpack to start discovering this mountain. If you like the view of clouds dancing on the top of the mountain, don’t miss this place from February to April every year. You will be through the clouds to the top of Fansipan.

2. Ba Den Mountain

  • Location: Tay Ninh
  • Altitude: 986 meters
  • How to visit: Climbing – serious difficulty, cable car – easy
ba den mountain peak
Ba Den Mountain Peak. @trieu.kieuanh

If, in the north, there is Mount Fansipan – the roof of Indochina, then there is Ba Den Mountain in the south, with an altitude of 986m, considered the highest mountain in Southeast Vietnam.

Ba Den Mountain belongs to Tay Ninh Province, 15 km northeast of the city center. Together with Heo and Phung mountains, Ba Den Mountain forms a large area of up to 24 km2, still retaining wild beauty.

To visit and explore Ba Den mountain, you can climb it on foot or take a cable car. Climbing is not recommended for people who are not in good health or do not have much time. It is because the path is difficult and dangerous. The cable car ride is simple and fast, suitable for most travelers.

On the top of the mountain, you can admire the immense beauty of the fields of the Mekong Delta, the soaring bronze Buddha statue, and the arhat road.

The dry time to explore Ba Den mountain is from November to April next year because it has beautiful sunshine. However, if you like festivals, February will probably attract you with many festivals in this area, such as the Nui Ba Spring Festival and Via Ba Festival.

3. Bach Ma Mountain

  • Location: 60km from Hue City
  • Altitude: 1,450 meters
  • How to explore: Car and on foot
morning in bach ma mountain
A beautiful morning in Bach Ma. Photo: bachmapark.com.vn

Bach Ma is 60km southwest of Hue City Center, in the highly protected area of Bach Ma National Park. With the top of Bach Ma 1,450 meters high, this mountain has diverse nature, which has become a natural tourist destination.

Bach Ma has many lush green trees in four seasons, a beautiful Do Quyen waterfall up to 400 m high, and interesting trekking paths through the forest for nature lovers. At the same time, you can learn about history through the remnants of ancient villas here.

You can stay overnight in small hotels near the top of the mountain. But note that there are not many dining and nighttime entertainment options on the top of the national park. However, in return, you will be immersed in the quiet nature and cool air.

To explore Bach Ma, you have to hire a car transport at the garden gate or rent a car from Hue City. Motorcycles are not allowed on the mountain. In the area near the top of the mountain, you can go hiking through the forest, explore the waterfall, and go to the top to watch the sunset or sunrise.

If you are discovering Bach Ma for the first time, Vietnamdrive recommends that you should go with a guide or staff of this national park to ensure safety.

4. Ba Na Mountain

  • Location: 30 km from the city. Danang
  • Altitude: 1,487 meters
  • How to visit: Cable car
ba na hills peak
Looking at the view from the peak of Bana Hills. ©Vietnamdrive

Ba Na Hills belongs to the beautiful and sacred mountains of Da Nang, 30 km northwest of the city center. This place has a cool climate all year round, so it was once chosen as a resting place for officers and the rich during the French colonial period.

Nowadays, Ba Na has become a modern tourist area with full functions, including large restaurants, beautiful hotels, and modern entertainment parks.

Although there is a road for cars to circulate up the mountain, it is a risky way to explore Ba Na. All tourists take the cable car from the foot to the top.

Exploring Ba Na mountain, you cannot ignore the famous Golden Bridge – which seems to lead you to the clouds, flower gardens, exciting games, and watch the sunset on the sacred Ba Na peak.

If you can stay one night on this hill, you will feel the quiet space and cool air. And do not forget to step on the Golden Bridge early in the morning to welcome the dawn. You will have wonderful moments.

5. Marble Mountains

  • Location: Ngu Hanh Son District, City. Danang
  • Altitude: 106 meters
  • Method of Sightseeing: Climbing or Elevator
cave in marble mountains
A beautiful cave in the Marble Mountains. @bobpenso

Located on the route from Da Nang Airport to Hoi An, the Marble Mountains are a famous tourist destination here. Five scattered mountains create an impressive landscape in the middle of the city.

With five large and small mountains, the most prominent is Thuy Son Mount, where most tourists choose to stop during their journey from Hue to Hoi An or vice versa.

You have to climb more than 100 high-level steps to explore the many caves and temples on Thuy Son Mount. Typically, the Huyen Khong cavern belongs to the top beautiful caves in Vietnam. If you don’t want to climb a lot, there is an elevator service near the entrance to the seaside that will take you halfway up the mountain; you can explore caves, beautiful surroundings, and pagodas in this area.

Exploring the Marble Mountains is easy compared to other well-known mountains in Vietnam. You can go alone, following detailed instructions on each path.

One thing you need to pay attention to is the steps are high and slippery, so you need to be very careful when going up and down.

6. Son Tra Mountain

  • Location: Son Tra District, Da Nang
  • Altitude: 670 meters
  • How to explore: Motorcycle and walking
linh ung in son tra mountain
View from Linh Ung pagoda in Son Tra. ©Vietnamdrive

The mountain, with the same name as Son Tra Peninsula, is considered a beautiful screen of Da Nang city. Son Tra Mountain is very familiar and close to most people in this coastal city.

Son Tra Mountain has many regions to explore, such as the area of ​​Linh Ung Pagoda – which attracts many tourists, and the top area of ​​the chessboard – where few tourists visit, but quite interesting for the journey to enjoy the view from above.

If you visit Linh Ung Pagoda, you can easily ride a motorbike or car up here. But if you want to get to the top of the chessboard, you have to be a good motorbike rider and walk to the top of the mountain with a beautiful view, especially in the early morning when you can catch the first rays of sunlight.

Not only explore the surrounding scenery, but you can also trek to discover the rich flora and fauna ecosystem on this peninsula. Remember to follow an experienced guide to show you interesting things.

And in this area, lying on the side of the peninsula is the most luxurious resort in the world: Intercontinental Resort, which is immersed in nature. One back leans the forest, and the other is the sea. Sometimes, a few monkeys can visit your room – what an exciting feeling!

7. Bai Tho Mountain

  • Location: Ha Long Bay
  • Altitude: 168 meters
  • Sightseeing method: Climbing
bai tho mountain in halong
You can enjoy a great view from Bai Tho Mountain. @quangaihoang

Bai Tho Mountain is a small one, located in a good position compared to Ha Long Bay, forming a great scenic spot for you to enjoy the panoramic view of the bay.

To explore Bai Tho mountain, you follow a small path with many steps. The way to the top has a few steep cliffs, making it difficult to go.

Currently, Bai Tho Mountain has not been officially put into tourism exploitation. But with the stunning beauty of the surrounding scenery from the top of the mountain, this place attracts many people who wish to climb this peak to satisfy their eyes.

The entrance to Bai Tho Mountain is small, nestled behind the street, so you have to pay attention and ask people around for directions to the top.

Like other places, be careful to avoid slipping when climbing. Stand to enjoy sightseeing in a safe place. Do not risk climbing in dangerous sections.

8. Cam Mountain

  • Location: An Giang, Vietnam
  • Altitude: 706 meters
  • Sightseeing mode: Car, motorbike, cable car
buddha in cam mountain
Buddha Statue in Cam Mountain. @phantheduy

Cam Mountain has become a sacred place to visit and pray not only for locals but also for tourists from all over the country.

However, in the past, this place used to forbid people from going to the mountains because of the sacred forest with poisonous water and luxuriant trees. Thus, the local people called it Cam Mountain, meaning Forbidden Mountain – meaning Cam Mountain.

Cam Mountain is in An Hao Commune, Tinh Bien District, An Giang Province, Vietnam, and is far 90 km from the center of Long Xuyen City (An Giang). Currently, the Forbidden Mountain has a beautiful tourist area – the Lam Vien Tourist Area.

cable car, car, or motorbike. However, the road to the mountain is a bit zigzag, so traveling by car is very cautious. Also, it is not interesting for trekking from the foot. So, its top is the main region to explore the mountain here.

Famous as a sacred place, you cannot ignore the temples in Cam Mountain, such as Van Linh Pagoda, Big Buddha Pagoda or a 13-storey temple, and some famous attractions such as Thien Tue Lake, Thuy Liem Cave, Bo Hong, Thanh Lang stream, and Tiger Cave.

9. Mau Son Mountain

  • Location: Lang Son Province
  • Altitude: 1,541 meters
  • Type of sightseeing: By car
mau son mountain peak
Mau Son Mountain. @hoangvan1801

Mau Son belongs to the northeast of Lang Son province, about 30 km east of Lang Son City. This mountain range runs in the direction of East-West, and the whole mountain has an average altitude of 800-1000 meters above sea level.

On top of Mau Son, the government is building motels to develop tourism for relaxing here because its weather is pleasant.

However, the winter from November to March next year seems a bit chilly, the temperature is around 7-15 degrees Celsius, and sometimes it drops below 0 degrees. Thus, the top of Mau Son has become one of the places to see snow in Vietnam.

From April to October, the temperature is warmer, but often rains, so pay attention to the weather forecast before planning to visit this area.

Mau Son is currently a favorite spot of many young people who like to “hunt clouds”. The clouds drifting in the early morning when the sun breaks are probably the most beautiful and charming time in this place.

Accommodation services, as well as meals in Mau Son, is limited. If you plan to stay longer on the top of Mau Son, you should bring some fast food and drinks.

10. Tam Dao Mountains

  • Location: Vinh Phuc Province
  • Altitude: 900 meters
  • Type of sightseeing: Car, motorbike
tam dao mountain
Full of clouds in Tam Dao Mountain. @bach_hai_anh

Tam Dao belongs to Vinh Phuc province, 80 km from Hanoi. Many tourists from the capital choose it as a short-term resting place.

The people call Tam Dao because this mountain area was formed from three mountains: Thach Ban, Thien Thi, and Phu Nghia. On clear and sunny days, you can see Tam Dao undulating from high places in Hanoi.

Because this place attracts many tourists from Hanoi, it has a variety of services. You can find many options for staying, from budget guesthouses near the mountain to high-end resorts built on Tam Dao mountain.

Usually, on weekends, Tam Dao is very crowded, so you should pay attention to this point to plan your trip.

Also, don’t miss the attractions when exploring Tam Dao, including Tam Dao TV Tower, Ancient Stone Church, Heaven Gate, Cloud Bridge, and Tam Dao National Park.

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