5 Reasons Why Autumn Is the Best Time to Visit Hanoi

Hanoi is a beautiful special city in Vietnam. This capital has typical features of culture, cuisine, and attractions, and it is the first destination to explore Vietnam for many international guests.

The weather in Hanoi in North Vietnam is different from that in Ho Chi Minh in South Vietnam. It has four seasons: Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring.

hanoi autumn photo
Taking pictures with Hanoi Autumn. ©Phat Truong/Pixabay

Many people like autumn in Hanoi because the duration from Sep to Dec is also the best time to visit Hanoi. Why is this season voted the best time to explore Hanoi?

Here are some reasons for you to check.

1. The cool temperature of the weather in autumn covers Hanoi.

Autumn in Hanoi lasts from early September to December. The nice weather creating a suitable temperature in Autumn in Hanoi is one of the top choices to visit this city during this time. The degree is from 18 degrees Celcius to 25 degrees Celcius. What an ideal temperature to travel!

autumn color in hanoi
Autumn color in Hanoi

About other seasons, summer is from May to the end of August, and the temperature is really high, up to 39 degrees for some days. The average temperature during these months is around 32 – 33 degrees Celcius. Do you want to cook yourself during Summer when you travel to Hanoi?

Winter from December to January is really cold for most Vietnamese people and Asian guests when it can drop down to 12 degrees Celcius in addition to rain for many days. It becomes wet.

Spring, from February to April, is also a cool temperature, and many tourists also choose this season to travel. However, in a few days, the temperature can go up to 35 degrees with high humidity.

2. Hanoi looks romantic in autumn.

Autumn is, perhaps, the most pleasant weather of the year in Hanoi City when the sun is no longer too harsh. That brings gently chilly winds, easing the sultry of last summer, but not enough to make people feel cold.

hoan kiem in autumn
Hoan Kiem Lake in autumn

The golden sunlight of Hanoi autumn is also impressive. The sunshine of the early morning is beautiful and dreamy, dying a fresh color on the ancient and gentle features of the capital. Not only Hanoians but also tourists are also easy to fall in love with the specialties of the autumn sun.

Autumn in Hanoi changes into new clothes, yellow leaves falling down bring a romantic look, fondly walking through each street. During this season, if you go under the trees of streets, such as Kim Ma, Nguyen Tri Phuong, Hoang Hoa Tham, Phan Dinh Phung, or Tran Phu, you will have to linger to feel the poetic features tinged with the yellow of time.

“… August fall, leaves are yellow yet?
Since you went, remember in secret
Are you Autumn Hanoi?
Age of dew, we also try to find
Is it you, the old Autumn? … “
(Translated from “Are You Autumn Hanoi?” the poem: To Nhu Chau, the musician Tran Quang Loc)

It can be said that the autumn of Hanoi, with its simple and passionate beauty, has created deep emotions and conquered generations that have lived in this city.

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3. Autumn carries typical gifts and fragrances and colors of flowers.

Autumn brings the cold temperature and lucky gifts to Hanoi. Also, this time is suitable for blooming flowers with a nice flavor. It is impressive with milk flowers. When it comes into the fall, the passionate smell of milk flowers creeps through the streets.

The flowers are white, tiny, and clumped in small clusters, creating a white area in the sky. Just a tree of milk flowers is enough for a town corner to smell fragrant.

milk flowers in autumn ha noi
Milk flowers in Hanoi. ©Xuan Duong/Pixabay

People still tell the story of the long streets with the soft fragrance of milk flowers when the fall wind comes as if it is a piece of the soul of Hanoians. When you walk around the streets, such as Nguyen Du, Le Duan, and Quan Thanh, you will clearly feel the specific scent of these flowers.

Besides, this is also the time for daisy, chrysanthemum, heather, and butterfly flowers to bloom to show off their colors and embellish the yellow autumn of Hanoi.

In the early morning, you may see many people carrying yellow flowers along the streets of the Old Quarter to sell them to the locals. Actually, Hanoi people love flowers and autumn.

4. Autumn gives a lot of typical local food.

Autumn comes, not only brings a romantic space but also gives its own specialties. The gift of autumn must be mentioned first is Com and other products made from Com, such as the sweet soup of Com and Com cake. They are soft and delicious.

Com, a kind of young sticky rice, has been considered a specialty of Hanoi autumn. During the fall, all over the streets and the Hanoi markets, everywhere is passionate about Com. The ladies and the girls carry baskets along the streets – that is the classic image of Hanoi.

young rice cake in hanoi
Com Hanoi

Nowadays, Com is sold in many shops and supermarkets, so it is easier to buy. You can come to buy them at famous shops on Yen Hoa Street (Cau Giay District) or Hang Than Street (Ba Dinh District). This autumn specialty that every visitor who has the opportunity to visit Hanoi does not miss to bring home as a gift.

Another fall gift is persimmons. Although persimmons are not a specialty of Hanoi people, they come to Hanoi and become a popular fruit in this city.

Com and persimmons combine each other to create a solemn and sophisticated gift for joyful and filial occasions. These two things are good gifts to parents and grandparents, showing gratitude and respect to them.

Also, one more fruit is mentioned, that is Sau fruit – a little sour and sweet. When the fall comes, people can enjoy the ripe Sau fruits. Hanoi people often use this type of fruit to cook sour soup for the daily meals of their families.

5. The best time to take pictures in Hanoi is Autumn.

Autumn is not only the best month to travel but also a great time to take pictures of the scenery, life, streets, and people in Hanoi. One of the top things to support for beautiful photos is nice weather. The sun is not too bright, so all of the days are almost good for photography.

take photos in autumn
So nice to take pictures in autumn. ©Phat Truong/Pixabay

Many streets with lovely yellow colors cover the footpaths, creating romantic views and an incredible background for the photos. You may find many couples taking pictures along Kim Ma, Nguyen Tri Phuong, Hoang Hoa Tham, and Phan Dinh Phung Street.

Also, another site to have impressive photos is Hoan Kiem Lake in the old quarter of Hanoi. If you come here in the morning, you can find a lot of themes for photographs, such as the lake with the turtle tower, The Huc Bridge on the lake, and the local people training exercise. I like the big scenery of the lake in fog, it looks romantic, both real and dreamy.

autumn flower in hanoi
Flowers in Hanoi streets. ©Xuan Duong/Pixabay

Visiting the flower gardens in Autumn in Hanoi, tourists will find them full of tiny buds and flowers that make people feel strangely excited. Beautiful flowers in the gardens, on the streets, or at the markets are the next topic for taking pictures. The colors of flowers can make our minds feel peaceful and love life more. Flowers and sellers on the street in the old town are loved in many photos of Hanoi. And, now is your turn. Please show us your beautiful photos of Hanoi!

Autumn is the best time to travel to Hanoi. It is gentle but impressive, gentle but profound, making many people when going away anxious to remember it. And, the guests who visit Hanoi once look forward to coming back soon. Even the people who live in the heart of Hanoi tell themselves to enjoy these beautiful days in autumn.

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