10 Exciting Activities To Do In Hanoi For Tourists

Each new destination on your journey to explore the world will always have its own unique and unforgettable impressions. It can include beautiful nature and friendly people, or it can also be exciting activities that have left in your beautiful memories.

In this article, we will introduce 10 outstanding activities in Hanoi. Let’s try them because, possibly, you won’t have the opportunity to find these experiences again anywhere in the world.

activity to do in hanoi
Many exciting activities to do in Hanoi, Vietnam

1. Experience the adventurous feelings at the train street

Have you ever thought you had the courage or opportunity to stand on the side of a moving train? At Hanoi’s Train Street, you will experience this heart-stopping adventure!

taste coffee at train street hanoi
Taste coffee at the train street in Hanoi.

Almost all visitors coming here for the first time are surprised by what is happening. It looks crazy but happens naturally right on the train tracks in daily life. At first glance, it seems like a movie set. You will experience the feeling of holding your breath as the train passes in front of you.

Because of this risk level, the train street has been put on the list of prohibited activities by local authorities many times. However, its attraction is strong enough for visitors to ignore the warnings and participate in the train street experience. Satisfy your curiosity about this exciting adventure activity that will leave you with many unforgettable impressions. But, you have to follow the guide of the local authorities and people here.

2. Try Hanoi egg coffee

Vietnam is considered a coffee paradise of many unique and creative drinks prepared from this ingredient. Each region of the country will stand out with its typical type of coffee, such as coconut coffee in the South, Salt coffee in the Central, and egg coffee in Hanoi in the North. Therefore, stopping at one of the famous coffee shops in Vietnam to try this drink is also fascinating.

egg coffee in hanoi vietnam
Try a cup of egg coffee is an exciting thing to do.

Specifically, coming to Hanoi without trying egg coffee will be a regret because you cannot find this unique flavor anywhere else.

This coffee is made from Vietnamese filter coffee, condensed milk, and fresh eggs. The price of egg coffee is not too expensive, and you can easily find it at almost every coffee shop in Hanoi.

3. Visit famous tourist attractions of Hanoi by motorbike

An activity not to be missed when traveling to Hanoi is visiting famous landmarks. Remember to charge your phone full, add money to your account so that the 4G signal is always ready, and rent a motorbike and a driver. Your journey through crowded streets, immersing yourself in the hustle and bustle of local life to reach outstanding attractions begins.

motorbike in hanoi street
Would you like to use a motorbike on this street?

Your destination can be Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Opera House, Thang Long Imperial Citadel, Ly Thai To Park, etc. Make a list of suitable destinations in advance, which supports your journey not interrupted. Or spend too much time searching and calculating.

Although most of these places are reachable by a private car or another vehicle, using a motorbike will give you different feelings when traveling with a typical vehicle of the Vietnamese for daily life. It’s convenient and can take you to join with the traffic flow on the roads.

4. Pray for love, peace, or education at spiritual spots

In addition to beautiful landscapes, Hanoi is also famous as a city of spiritual prayer spots. Depending on what you are looking for, the destination addresses are different.

tran quoc pagoda in hanoi
Tran Quoc is one of the famous spiritual places for praying.

If you are finding your other half or have luck in love, come to Huong Pagoda. This place is considered the most sacred temple to pray for love in Hanoi, and many people “get what they wish for” a perfect love story after visiting this holy site.

Tourists who want peace, health, and peace for themselves and their families should travel to Tran Quoc Pagoda. This oldest ancient temple in the Capital of Vietnam will help you convey your prayers and wishes to God. Your sincerity may be listened to and shared by the Almighty.

On the contrary, if you prepare to enter a difficult exam and expect to pass it successfully, the Temple of Literature becomes the right place to pray. Hanoi people believe that, before every exam, students should come here to offer incense, and then they will receive good luck.

5. Enjoy cuisine

Enjoying food is always an indispensable activity in tourism. Hanoi’s landmark has never been absent from the map of Vietnam’s culinary quintessence with countless irresistible delicious dishes. When arriving in this capital land, you should remember to spend enough time trying the famous local dishes.

hanoi food to taste
So many flavorful food in Hanoi waits for you.

Some typical suggestions include pho, banh cuon, bun cha Hanoi, or grilled fish La Vong. Click on the link to find tasty local dishes of Hanoi for your vacation!

6. Participate in practical pottery making and painting course at Bat Trang Pottery village

When talking about Vietnamese art for tourists, Bat Trang must be on the list. Bat Trang is a small village with the quintessence of pottery from ancient times and preserved nowadays.

This is a corner of Ba Trang Village.
This is a corner of Ba Trang Village.

Coming to Bat Trang Pottery Village, you can see sophisticated and beautiful ceramic products and directly experience pottery-making and painting activities.

With each block of raw clay, you can make beautiful specimens with your own mark through the dedicated guidance of the local artisan. In addition, you can also take part in a simple painting course on ceramic or paper.

Who knows, the product you make with your hands will become a lovely and valuable gift for yourself or a loved one. Spending a few hours participating in this activity will give you exciting emotions.

7. Stroll around the old town, discovering life in strangely peaceful small streets and alleys

There is a place that encapsulates and contains everything about the culture, lifestyle, and people of ancient Hanoi, which is Hanoi’s Ancient Pho. The unique mark of this land exudes from the old houses to long-standing trading streets.

small alley in hanoi
A small alley in Hanoi City

In particular, mentioning the Old Quarter is reminiscent of small alleys in small streets. According to statistics, these show that about 1,000 narrow alleys currently exist in Hanoi’s Old Quarter. Specifically, some of them have a width of only 50cm – 60cm.

Deep inside the walkway – only enough for two people walking in opposite directions, is the living space of many households, ranging from 5 to 15 households. Try to squeeze into these alleys, you can discover a unique Hanoi culture hidden inside: A place of original Hanoians and a peaceful, quiet life.

Video about small alleys in Hanoi:

8. Enjoy Hanoi beer

After hours of fun and walking around, stop by a small roadside restaurant and enjoy Hanoi beer. Many options are available, from bottled and canned with famous beer brands in Vietnam and Hanoi to typical draft beers of this own region.

hanoi bia
Would you like to try a cup of Hanoi beer?

Among the above, many people affirm that Hanoi draft beer has the most unique flavor. The cold beer has just poured directly from the box, bringing a strangely refreshing feeling. Local people still often sip a cup of draft beer with a plate of roasted peanuts as a cultural feature not mixed with anywhere else.

Trying a cup of Hanoi draft beer becomes one of the pleasant activities not to be missed for all tourists.

9. Shop for souvenirs at Dong Xuan market

The activity that most tourists want to do is shopping for souvenirs for themselves, friends, and relatives. Dong Xuan Market will help you find something worthwhile to bring back from your trip.

dong xuan market hanoi

There is a full range of souvenirs here, from household decorative products to fashionable clothes or expensive jewelry. Local-style gifts are also sold in abundance by traders at the market.

However, when shopping at Dong Xuan Market, you need to learn how to bargain for almost all products. At the same time, this market specializes in wholesale trading, so ask the seller to go to the right store ready to retail the items of your choice.

In addition, you need to protect your bags carefully when entering the market because a few pickpockets can appear mysteriously inside this crowded shopping area.

10. Try a relaxing massage to enjoy the most comfortable time for your body

Finally, after a long day of traveling and doing exciting activities, it’s time to give your body some favors. Choose a neat massage shop where the staff will help you relax. Pamper your feet a little, and enjoy this time to restore energy for the next day’s activities.

body massage hanoi
Massage can make your body feel better.

Prices for one hour of full body massage at high-quality facilities in Hanoi range from 600,000 VND/1 person to less than 1,000,000 VND/1 person. Meanwhile, with foot massage, prices range from 350,000 VND/1 person/1 hour to less than 600,000 VND/1 person/1 hour.

Here are some highly rated massage names in Hanoi to check, such as Alisa Bella Spa, Serene Spa, and Lessence Spa.

With 10 outstanding activities introduced above, Vietnamdrive’s team hopes to give you a valuable fun and leisurely rest in the beautiful city of Hanoi. If you need more advice for planning or arranging all services for your trip to Vietnam, please tell us! Vietnamdrive is always ready to support you with any requests in our ability.

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